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Hope House

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Primarily S/X with a very minor S/OCs.
Rating: NC17 Adult Reading
Disclaimer: The Bee has no claim on any of the characters or
products named in this story and receives no profit from anything.
Warnings: Adult language, Prostitution, Violence, strong sexual
content. NOTE: All the boys working in Hope House are over
the age of 18. The Bee does not do underage!

Summary: Long after the final battle of Sunnydale, Xander is
alone, his life in shambles. Is there anywhere he can go and anyone
who can give him hope? There just might be.

As always, kudos to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.

Spike raced through the dark, deserted streets at a rubber burning speed.
He disregarded stop lights, went the wrong way on one way streets and used
the shoulder of the road as if it were his own personal lane.

Blinking back the tears he refused to shed, Spike's skin crawled more in panic
at what he would find back at Hope House and less in fury at the boy's foolish
betrayal of him, although the fury was still very much there.

Spike vowed to painfully slaughter his loyal customer if Wendell had so much
as laid a fingerless paw on his boy. He was certain the demon would not take
Xander in Jacks place, but if his Scoobie tried to foolishly come between
them, there was no telling what means the Wendeego would resort to.

Slamming on the brakes, Spike threw the car into "P" and leapt out, not bothering
to close the driver's door. He rushed through the back door and was immediately
assaulted by the smell of blood. Thankfully, he knew it wasn't Xander's but it
only confirmed his fears that violence had visited his house when he was out.

Following the scent, Spike found the first victim, his loyal friend and housekeeper,
Judy Gessel.

"Bloody hell!"

Rushing to her side, Spike laid a hand on her back, closed his eyes and forced
himself to be calm. Within seconds, he found what he was looking for. In tandem,
her two hearts beat softly, slowly and almost silently. Nothing less than a vampire's
enhanced sense of sound would have picked it up. He knew, like most demons, she
had just shut herself down to heal. There was nothing he could do for her right now
and, fact was, even if he could, he had no time to spare for her.

Hurrying from the pantry, Spike stopped at the doorway and his head snapped
back in the direction of the chubby prone body on the floor. Deeply he inhaled,
allowing the smell, as individual as a fingerprint, to pass through his nose and
stir in his brain.


The smell was adrenalin. Hot, desperate, rank like old tires thrown on a huge
bonfire. It smelled of fear and exhilaration. Jack had done this to Judy. He had
tried to kill her. It made Spike sick to his stomach to think there was a time he
used to love it when the boy gave off that smell.

Knowing too many minutes had already been wasted, Spike ran for the small
basement doorway. If Wendell had arrived on schedule, and it was a known
fact that although stupid as fuck, Wendeego are punctual bastards, the place to
start looking was there.

When he reached the area under the grand staircase, Spike immediately flipped
up the deadbolt lock and swung open the door. He was nearly knocked off his
feet at the combined human odors that whiffed up the damp, dark entrance way.

Fear, horror, blood, urine, it was all he hoped he wouldn't find but knew in
his dead heart he would. Overwhelmed, he stopped breathing in an attempt to
halt the onslaught to his senses and he dashed down, taking the steps two at a
time till he reached the landing.

Once there, he cocked his head to the side and listened. THERE! He heard
it! Relief washed through him as the first tha thump of Xander's heart beat
bounced off his eardrum and he ran toward it. It was weak and weedy, but there.

"Xander. Xan, hold on, I'm coming."

The second he entered the dank room, he knew why his boy hadn't answered.
Xander was clearly in shock. He was strapped to the small cot by Spike's
own straps and chains. Chains that rattled loudly as wave after wave of body
wracking shudders ran through the boy's thin frame.

His eyes, although open and staring straight up, were unfocused, the pupils
huge and dark. The leather straps that held him were smeared with his blood
where they had cut deeply into his wrists indicating his boy had struggled frantically
and his jeans were soaked.

The rest of the story was in the details of the room. The splintered door, the
claw marks on the walls and Jack's one shoe lying on the floor.
The deal had been completed.

Fearful of traumatizing him more, Spike approached him slowly keeping his voice
low and gentle.

"Xander? Xan, Love, it's me. It's Spike. Can you hear me. Love?"

Xander gave no response so Spike silently moved closer.
Gingerly, but quickly, Spike unbuckled the leather cuffs and let them fall away from
the injured flesh. Xander appeared not to notice. When the boy was no longer
bound to the cot, Spike sat down beside him placing a cool hand on his quivering
cheek and tilting his face toward the vampire.

"Xander. Xander, look at me, Love. It's Spike. It's your Spike, Love."

One blink. Two blinks and the pupils slowly contracted. Xander looked into
Spike's face as Spike petted him lightly.

"It's alright now, Love. You're safe. It's all over."

Xander's dull expression never changed. When he tried to respond, his voice
was hoarse and raspy from screaming. Spike cringed, knowing all this was his fault.

"He's gone Spike. The Wendeego got him and it's my fault again. They will take
me back to jail and throw away the key."

Spike shook his head in confusion. He knew the boy was still foggy from the shock
but he wasn't making sense.

"No, Love, no one will put you in jail. None of this was your doing."

Suddenly, it was very important to Xander that Spike knew all the terrible things
he had done and that he was willing to give his own life as punishment.

"It is, Spike. It's all my fault. After you left Sunnydale, I killed a Wendeego and
in revenge, he slaughtered my father. I was arrested but they let me go. Tonight,
because I set Jack free, I am responsible for Mrs. Gessel being killed and Jack dying.
Everything! Everything is my fault because I am a total fuck up!"

All the reality of his life suddenly crashed down on him and Xander began to sob.
He knew it was too much. The guilt and the grief had overwhelmed him and only
in death would he find relief. His body curled into a fetal position and he continued
to cry.

Immediately Spike scooped him into his arms and he spoke directly into the boy's
ear. He spoke clearly and firmly enough to assure that Xander would understand.

"Listen to me, Xander. There is no such word as revenge in the Wendeego
language. They are solitary demons that don't give a hoot for each other. That
is not the reason he killed your father and it is not the reason he took Jack instead
of you."

Xander continued to cry, but Spike knew he had the boy's attention.

"Wendeego, like vultures are only attracted to the most vile and rotten of living
things. Most likely, he was just passing through town and the scent of your old
man lured him in. The old boy must have been a piece of work, Love. If he
was disgusting enough to attract a Wendeego, he must have been hell to live with."

A small corner of Xander's brain tasted the truth in that and he sniffled. Still silent,
Xander was listening so Spike went on.

"Jack had crossed the line. His soul had turned too black to be salvaged and if
allowed out in the general population, he would have been one of those serial
killers America's Most Wanted is so fond of profiling. I knew Wendell wouldn't
take you because you are one of the good ones, Love. One of the one's with a
pure soul, so full of sunshine that sometimes I think I will burst into flames if I stand
next to you. That's why I love you, Xander."

Xander pressed his face against Spike's chest trying to understand and digest
it all.

"But I'm not good, Spike. I'm a whor......"

"Don't you say it! Don't you even think it. Whatever you had to do to bring
you here to me, I thank God for."

Xander sighed and curled as close to the cool, hard body as he could.

"You said that was why you loved me."

Spike grinned broadly as he continued to hold and rock his boy.

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