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Hope House

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Primarily S/X with a very minor S/OCs.
Rating: NC17 Adult Reading
Disclaimer: The Bee has no claim on any of the characters or
products named in this story and receives no profit from anything.
Warnings: Adult language, Prostitution, Violence, strong sexual
content. NOTE: All the boys working in Hope House are over
the age of 18. The Bee does not do underage!

Summary: Long after the final battle of Sunnydale, Xander is
alone, his life in shambles. Is there anywhere he can go and anyone
who can give him hope? There just might be.

As always, kudos to Petxnd for the wonderful banner.


Xander sat regally at the head of the table in what used to be Spike's chair. It
was early morning and all the boys that had just returned from the night on the
stroll now sat in their assigned seats patiently listening till it was their turn to
talk. For now, all conversation had ceased as every eye stared at the intruder.

"I said, OUT!"

Spike stood in the doorway and squinted, zinging what he thought was his most
frightening scowl towards the young man who was pointing and ordering him away.
The showdown ended they way they both knew it would when the vampire grumbled,
turned and stomped off. The sun was still not up so he opted on the courtyard for a cigarette or ten. Before lighting up the first one, as a show of defiance, he shouted
to the closed door.

"S'my bloody house ya know!"

When he felt that an appropriate amount of time had passed and the horizon
threatened him with a streak of glorious gold, Spike slipped back in and marched
directly to the spot he had just been exiled from. Who the fuck ever heard of boy
whores forming a union any way? What would they call themselves? The
Brotherhood of Butt Fucks?

He grudgingly did have to admit that Xander's house meetings did seem to
keep things running a bit more smoothly than his punishments, but where
was the fun in that?

"Now see here......!"

The table was empty with the exception of his lover who was calmly gathering up
a stack of papers and placing them neatly in a leather bound folder.

"Oh, you're back. Good. Andre has an issue with Hunter stealing his shoes. It
seems Hunter's were torn at the seams so I have written up a purchase order to
buy him some new ones. Steve finished the night school classes and got a job
so we have an opening but I already have four boys who have expressed an interest
in working here. Angel finally signed that ownership transfer agreeing to all the
stipulations. Beanie must finish school and if he is not allowed to work outside,
Angel will pay him a small salary. We had to renegotiate the pay per fuck clause
because considering the number of times a day Angel uses him, it would be

Xander paused as his face lit up with humor.

"Ha ha. I made a funny. Ass-tronomical!"

Spike just rolled his eyes and moved closer, taking the folder from his boy's hand
and dropping it down on the table. The last few months of regular meals spiced
with a few drops of the Master's blood had caused Xander to fill out and bulk up
beautifully. Spike could never get enough of touching him. The warm, living skin,
the strong, beating heart, it all combined to make even Spike feel alive again.
Reaching up Spike wrapped his arms around his lover's neck coaxing his face

With a smile, Xander leaned and placed his warm soft lips against Spike's cool ones.
The second skin touched skin, both men felt the snap, like static electricity, that
passed through them. It charged them, tickling in their nuts and causing their
cocks to stir, fatten and fill.

With a low groan, Xander pulled the smaller body tight, pressing one hard on
against it's mate and he deepened the kiss forcing his hot, wet tongue into Spike's
mouth where it shoved his out of the way and licked and sucked till Spike wondered
if it were possible to suck the taste buds out. In truth, he didn't care.

The six months they had been together had not been near enough time for either
man to feel their passion wane at the touch of the other. Reluctantly releasing
Spike's mouth, Xander tipped his head to the side as the hot rush of passion flooded
his body. Like an orgasm, Xander craved Spike's bite. The feel of the razor
sharp fangs as they split and slid into him both filled a need and caused an itch
that no amount of biting could satisfy.

Spike licked and nibbled the pulsing artery in a maddeningly antiseptic imitation
of a carnivorous assault. Then he stopped, nipped the earlobe and chuckled.

"No, no, Pet. No quicky today. You promised me a bit of the bubbly before we
retire for the morning. Remember?"

Xander whimpered in desperation, but, yes, he did recall something along those
lines. Wasting no time in argument, Xander scooped a laughing Spike up and
threw him over his shoulder, running through the lobby, down the hall, into their
rooms and dropping him back on his feet in the bathroom.

"Come on, come on, come on, time's a wastin'"

Xander was already fumbling out of his pants and starting the flow of the water in
to the tub. He dumped in a handful of crystals and was naked before the water
had started to foam. He then licked his lips and watched hungrily as Spike slowly undressed. Button by button, and piece by piece.

"You are a tortuous prick, you know that?"

Spike smirked.

"Evil vampire, here."

By the time the tub was full and the bubbles were high, the vampire was finally
naked. Xander watched, bouncing on the balls of his feet as Spike lowered
himself in, hissing and moaning at the hot water that immediately raised his body temperature from corpse cool to horny hot. Quickly, Xander followed suite and
settled, facing the naked, soapy vamp.

The tub was huge and both men had ample room to lean back as their rigid cocks
poked out of the layer of bubbles and their warm wrinkled sacs floated, bobbing
just below the surface. Still, relaxing and washing were not Xander's main objective. Snatching up the soap, he rapidly coated the bottoms of both his feet then stretched
his legs till he was able to wrap his toes around the vampires cock.

Spike's eyes popped open and he grinned.
"Well, well, playing a bit of footsies are we?"

Xander grinned as his toes continued to work together to tug the uncut foreskin down
and finally rub and bop the vampire's thick meat on it's fat, swollen head. Spike watched, intrigued. It would seem that his Xander was a man of many talents, but then Spike
already knew that and right now he was more than ready to let his human display
one of those skills for him.

Spike coated his hand with Irish Spring and stroked his own cock slowly as he stared
into his companions eyes with a heat that rivaled the skin scorching water they sat in.
When he spoke, his voice was low, rumbly and demanding.

"Enough games. Come here, Love and ride me. Squeeze my fuckin' cock with
that tight hot hole and show me how good you feel."

Xander's breath hitched and the fine hairs raised all over his body at the erotic order.
He had wanted tonight to be slow. He wanted to suck cock and be sucked. He
wanted kisses and hugs. He wanted finger fucked till need and frustration drove
him mad, but when Spike used that voice, it was as if they had done all that and
time shot them forward to the moment of desperation where nothing short of an
apocalypse could stop their craving for release with the body of the other.

Immediately, Xander got on his hands and knees and squiggled forward. He
anxiously stroked himself as he gave a few orders of his own.

"Yeah, fuck, yeah, sit up some more, spread your legs, no, no, scoot back, yeah,
like that. Hold your dick up so I can sit on it. Yeah, like that. That's good,
that's.....Oh, fuck!"

With his hands braced on the tub behind Spike's head and his knees folded under
him, Xander waited while Spike pulled his cheeks apart, lined the slippery cockhead
up against his tight, wrinkled entrance, and then he dropped.

The delicious, now familiar, burn of being split open shot through Xander's bowels
and he involuntarily clamped his internal muscles around the intrusion. It was a
feel, just this side of pain that zipped up his back and down through his nuts
causing his own thick flesh to harden and ache even more.

"Fuck, Spike wait. Give me a min...."
"Bloody, hell, Xan. So tight. So fuckin' tight."
"Better. It's better. Let me....."

Slowly, experimentally, Xander leaned forward and lifted his ass. The thick, thrumming meat inside him moved back smoothly so he dropped back down. Spike grunted
his approval and Xander did it again. Past practice made perfect and Xander knew
by tipping his hips a little more, his angle should be right to......

"Fuck! Jesus Fuck!"

Xander slammed down, each time Spike's long snake would bump and rub that
hidden hot spot inside him that sent shock waves of pleasure past his bladder to
his cock. When Spike saw Xander's eyes roll up, he knew neither of them would
last. With one hand on his boy's hip and the other stroking Xander's cock in time
with his thrusts, Spike laid his head back, closed his eyes and allowed the force
of the fuck to sweep him away.

Held in place by his strong, powerful thighs, even those muscles began to quiver
as Xander set a punishing pace of pumps, riding the vampire toward an orgasm
that would rattle both their teeth and curl their toenails. The cooling water and the
deflating bubbles splashed over the porcelain rim and onto the floor. At some point,
Mrs. Gessel had hustled in and laid down mats. Neither man slowed or cared.
She had seen worse.

Spike felt it first. The sizzle down his spine and the numbing in his hands signaled
the coming of a cumming that would knock his socks off, if he were wearing any.
"Xan.....I....Come with me......Fuck, I....."

Xander understood perfectly. He had become fluent in the language of Fuck.

His own rigid cock had already started to swell as his nuts drew up. Every
muscle in his body strained, begging him to stop moving and urging him on.
He wanted to hold off. His body screamed "NOW!" while his need was not
yet fulfilled.

Dropping even lower, Xander whined as he offered his neck to his lover. Luckily,
the words he was unable to form were not necessary, Spike's face had already
changed, his fangs dropped and he craned his neck. The instant the thumping
artery was within reach, he bit.

It was a move that sent them both spiraling, crashing and exploding in a joined
orgasm that rang in their ears and flashed colored lights behind their closed eyelids.
As Xander's cock pulsed, it shot thick pearly strings that blended with the last of
the white floating foam on the surface of the water. When he came, each jerk
of his dick caused a responding contraction of his internal muscles that, almost
painfully, clamped around Spike's cock and milked it dry.

As they came, he drank. It felt like a second orgasm. A second cumming and
they rode it out as long as they could, till their bodies were weak, limp and as
boneless as their deflating erections. They fell into the aftershocks, coaxing just
one more, just one more until, at last, with a shared sigh of satisfaction, they
slumped into the chilly, scummy tub water.

"Can you pull it out without me moving?"
"Um, no, don't think so."

Xander laid his cheek on the vampire's wet chest and yawned.

"Oh, o.k. Spike?"
"Love you."
"Love you too, Pet. Love you too."


So ends another Bee story. Did you read? Please take a minute to leave
a comment. Big Bee thanks and gratitude to all who stuck with me during
this story. The Bee loves you all!!!!!!!!

Our next tale will begin on Monday October 5th with an introduction
an explaination and a preview. It is a very short story entitled 'Therapy'

See you then!!

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