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Imaginary Friend chapter 2 (final chapter)

Title: Imaginary Friend
Author: NightmareAhead & WarpedMindedYaoi
Chapter: 2/2
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warning: male/male sex
Summary: When Xander was just a boy he met Spike and was convinced he was his imaginary friend, but Xan grows up.
Disclaimer: We do not own BtVS or any of its characters.
Note: This is a role-play between WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead. Warped = Xander. Nightmare = Spike.


Spike flicked his cigarette out the window of his DeSoto as he drove over the "Welcome to Sunnydale" sign. It's been over ten years since he was last here, but he finally made it back like he promised. He left as soon as Dru was dust on the floor, her last words were to go find his kitten and that’s what he was doing.

Pulling into the abandoned wear-house he parked and jumped out, not wanting to waist any time. He soon found himself at the house he met the boy at so many years ago. Hopping onto the roof he looked inside the window and saw that no one seemed to be in it. Growling, he jumped down and knocked on the door, determined to find his friend.

Xander rolled his eyes as he heard a knocking on his door, "Vampires beware," he whispered to himself.

Xan opened the door and raised a brow, "Isn't it a little early to be trick or treating? And aren't you a little old to do it?" He was trying not to laugh at the Billy Idol look alike. "So… how can I help ya?"

His brown eyes were bright, his hair was shaggy, and had some darker tones in it. His skin was a light tan, from all the outside work he had been doing over the years. He was wearing a shirt, but on the outside, around his neck, was the necklace Spike gave him when he was little.

Spike smiled when he recognized the smell of the boy and the necklace he gave him for his 7th birthday.

"Boy, you have grown, Xan!" he whistled in appreciation and looked then now young man up and down.

Xander frowned, "Uh... do I know you?" He waved his hand up and down, "’Cause you really don't look familiar." 

When Spike had left Xander, Xan told himself that it was never real. That whenever Spike came over it was wasn’t real and he made it all up. So he had forgot about the cute blonde vampire that was in his room every night.

Spike put on a look of hurt. "You don't remember your old pal Spike? I'm hurt, Xan! And after I gave you that necklace and everything," he reached out and played with the pendent of the railroad spike around Xander's neck.

Xander's eyes went wide as he looked at Spike in shock, "Spike?!" he squeaked as his eyes rolled back, his body starting to collapse from him fainting.

Spike quickly caught Xander before he could hit the floor. He carried the boy inside and lay him on the couch, relived that he couldn’t hear the heartbeat of the boy's parents.

"Guess you were surprised to see me," he said aloud and sat down, placing Xander's head on his lap and running his hands through the shaggy brown hair.

Xander groaned as he gained consciousness, "Ugh... I could have sworn I saw an imaginary friend show up at my house," he chuckled weakly as he rolled his head back and forth.

He felt a cool hand touching his head and he looked up. When he saw Spike he let out a terrified yell and fell off the couch, "How are you here?!"

Spike sat back and laughed, "What do you mean 'how are you here'? I told you I would come back. Granted, it took me a while, but I'm here now!" He took a cigarette out of his duster pocket and played around with it, a nervous habit.

Xander started to hyperventilate, "I thought you were just an imaginary friend. I had no idea you were real! Hey! You could have killed me easily." His eyes were wide as he looked at the vampire, "So... are you gonna kill me now that I have meat on my bones... wait, you don't eat flesh, you just drink blood." He started to talk to himself, "Buffy would freak out if she knew I was friends with a vampire when I was little, she will totally stake him for it."

Spike arched a scarred eyebrow and looked at the boy like he was insane. "Who's Buffy? Who the bloody hell names their kid 'Buffy'?" he waved his arms as if to dismiss what he just said, "I'm not gonna kill you, Xan. I'm here to take you with me. I promised I would come back when Dru was cured and she's... well not cured, but gone. So I came back to get you."

Xander shook his head, "Buffy, one of my best friends, is The Vampire Slayer." He slowly stood up and sat down on the couch. "So... you just decide, 'Oh... now I can go get Xan now that my princess is gone.' I was always second then. So, no, Spike. I won't go with you. I can't even trust you anymore. I don't even know who you ARE anymore!" He slapped the vampire hard across the face, "You utter prick! You leave me with my abusive parents, just so you can try to find a cure for a crazy vampire that ends up dying!"

Spike vamped out and grabbed Xander's hand. He growled loudly and snapped his teeth in front of the boy's face.

"Don’t hit me, Xander," he said in a deep voice. "And yes, you were second. She was my sire! Remember when I explained to you what all of that meant? But now she's gone so you move up a rank, to number one."

Xander yanked his hand out of Spike's tight grip, "Fuck you. I don't want to be on your list anymore." He spat on Spike's shoes and quickly started running upstairs to his room, trying to get there before Spike could get to him.

Spike roared and jumped up, chasing after Xander. He caught the boy on the stairs and held him up against the wall with one hand on his throat. He smiled evilly, "That was very dangerous, Xander. Very, very dangerous."

Xander sneered at Spike, "I don't care. I. Don't. Care. You wouldn't, no, you couldn't hurt me if you wanted to. I loved you so much and you left me." He looked away as he tried to pull away from Spike, "I have nothing left to say to you," his eyes were full of hurt from years of being alone.

Spike sighed and moved his grip from Xander's throat to his shoulder. "You're right, I can't hurt you. But I didn’t just leave you, Xan. You were 7 years old! What was I supposed to do, take you with me on a wild goose chase for a cure that doesn’t exist with an insane vampire? You would have been dead in a week! I knew you were safer here and I thought I would be back in a couple of months, tops!"

Xander swallowed as he looked into Spike's eyes, "You could have called me or something. Let me know that you were abandoning me. Did you know that after you left, I broke my window and I was beat so hard I was unconscious for the first time in my life." He shook his head, "Nope... I am not gonna blame you. I was just a weird little kid that got attached, that's how it goes." Xander shut his eyes and leaned his head back.

Spike sighed and let go of Xander before walking down the stairs. He started to pace around the bottom of the stairs as he tried to gain control of the rage he felt building up within him.

"Xan, I'm sorry. If I knew you were in danger like that I would have figured something out. I thought your da' was just verbally abusing you, not physically."

Xander was shaking his head, "No, my mom was the verbal abuser. My dad was the physical. Remember, I showed you some of the bruises on me, and a few cuts, but all you said is, 'Damn mate, you are so clumsy.' I was too nervous to correct you and tell you it was my dad beating me for talking too loud to myself... when I was really talking to you." He rubbed his face, "I don't think I can ever trust you anymore."

Spike could feel the rage building more and more; he had to get out of there. He didn’t want to leave Xander, but he remembered something that Dru said to him once, "Your kitten will follow when you have the milk, my Spike," and although he didn’t know exactly what she meant, he could guess it meant that Xander would come to him when he was ready.

Nodding his head, as if to answer his lost Sire, Spike then looked up the stairs and smiled, somewhat sadly. "I'll be here when you need me, Xan," he said before turning and leaving out the front door, back to the warehouse.

Xander slowly stepped down the stairs and watched Spike walk away from his house. He was so glad his parents left the house, thinking it was haunted a few years ago, giving it up to their son. He smiled as he went and sat on the couch in the living room.

"I would have fallen in love with you if you had stayed."


It was a few days after Spike had seen Xander for the first time in 10 years and he was still waiting for the boy to come to him. When he wasn’t wandering around the streets of Sunnnydale he was drinking and smoking himself to a second death. At the moment he was walking around the town, smoking, and trying to figure out how to hurry Xander along.

Xander was walking outside with Buffy, watching her stake the fledges that just came from underground.

"Good one, Buff," he grinned. His grin faded as he saw Spike head towards them, "Uh... Buffy, let's go home."

Buffy looked towards the blonde heading closer and she twirled her stake, "Nah, I can take this one, Xan."

"No, Buffy, that is a master vampire. Let's just go, please?"

Spike looked up and saw Xander with, judging by the smell, the Slayer. He thought about turning around but decided against it and continued walking forward. He nodded his head to Xander and just walked past them, but swirled around and grabbed the stake that was heading towards his heart.

"That's not nice, Slayer. I was just walking by, not causing any trouble to you and your friend."

Xander's heart was in his throat when Buffy tried to stake Spike. He let out a deep breath as he rubbed his face, "Holy shit."

Spike smirked when he noticed how worried Xander was, but it was quickly off his face when he had to block a punch from the Slayer. "Do you really want to do this, pet? Do you have any idea who I am?"

Buffy tried to kick the vampire but it was blocked as well. "It doesn’t matter who you are, soon you will be a pile of dust!" She tried to stake him again but he pulled it from her hand and threw it down an alley.

Xander reached out and grabbed Buffy. "Seriously, Buff, go home," he was stern and his face was serious. "Do not continue to fight him. I know him alright?" He pushed his friend away, "You go get your stake and go home to Dawnie, alright?"

Buffy was glaring at Xander as she ran over to get her stake and then walked home.

"Spike," he whispered softly, his eyes sad.

Spike put his hands in his duster pockets, smiled, and then shrugged, "I'm fine. Should have expected it from a Slayer. Sorry about that. Next time I'll cross the road to avoid her." He turned to walk away, hopping Xander would stop him.

Xander reached out and grasped Spike's arm. "Please don't leave me again," he begged.
He stepped closer to the vampire and rested his head in the blonde's neck. "I missed you so much," he whispered.

Spike hugged Xander back tightly. "I missed you too, pet. You have to believe me, I wanted to come back sooner but I couldn’t," he whispered back. "Come on, let’s get you home."

Xander nodded tearfully as he started to walk home with Spike. "I don't know about you, but I feel like watching Benny Hill, and a bunch of other, old comedy shows." He leaned against Spike as he sniffled. "You smell good," he laughed softly.

Spike laughed and pulled Xander close to his side as they walked. When they got to Xander's house they went inside and started to watch TV. The vampire kept the human right up against his side, his arm wrapped around his shoulders.

Xander rested his head on Spike's shoulder. "How much do you like me?" he asked casually. His hand was rubbing Spike's stomach and he inched it under his shirt and started rubbing Spike's toned body.

Spike shivered when the warm hand touched his cold skin and he felt himself start to grow hard. He tried to hide his hard on by crossing his legs.

Clearing his throat he answered, "A lot. I like you a lot. Why do you ask?"

Xander had an evil look on his face. "’Cause I am gonna fuck you through the mattress," he purred. He didn't know why, he just felt like this was a way to get back at how Spike treated him.

Spike was shocked, but wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity. He picked up Xander and ran up the stairs to the boy's bedroom and laid him down on the bed. Removing his clothes quickly, he instructed the boy to do the same and asked, "You ever done anything like this before, pet?"

Xander raised a brow and nodded a little, "Yes, just once. But I topped. And I was planning on topping you too." He reached up and smoothed back Spike's hair, which had gone disarray in the run upstairs.

Spike hesitated, not sure he wanted to be topped. "I'm not so sure about that, Xan. Maybe I should just top this time." He climbed onto the bed and placed his naked body over Xander's, kissing the warm naked skin.

Xander frowned and shook his head, "No... I can't. I don't trust anyone enough to do that. I want you to trust me, before I can trust you." He knew that sounded odd, but he had to give it a try.

Spike sighed, but nodded his head in acceptance. "Okay, Xan, just for you," he said before rolling them over so that Xander was now on top. He pulled the brunette into a deep kiss to try and distract himself from over-thinking what was about to take place.

Xander cheered inside, his face broke into a grin. "Thank you," he said softly as he kissed back. He carefully started to stretch Spike with plenty of lube. "Don't worry, baby," he gently pressed into Spike and kept pushing until he was balls deep.

Spike vamped out and growled in pleasure, loving the feel of Xander's large cock in him. "Oh, Xan! Bloody hell!" he yelled out and started to fist his own hard dick.

Xander bit his lip as he moaned loudly. His cock was being squeezed in what felt like was liquid silk, so cool, and smooth. "Oh... fuck," he gasped, his hips moving at a fast pace. "So fucking tight, Spike. Wish I could fuck you forever."

Spike moaned and threw his head back, truly enjoying the fucking. He wrapped his legs around Xander's waist tightly and pulled the boy down for a deep kiss.

Xander started to fuck harder, "You know what, baby?" he gave a sharp thrust. "I. want. you. to. scream. my. name." he purred as he reached down and gripped Spike's cock tightly in his fist, and started to stroke him up and down, "I wanna see you shoot. And I will lick it all up."

Spike couldn't hold back any longer, he yelled out Xander's name as he came hard. His hole clenched around the warm cock in him and continued to cum. He finally finished and lay panting for unneeded breath.

Xander had come right after Spike started to. He whimpered as he slowly pulled his cock out of Spike and he sat up, a grim smile on his face. "You’re gonna have to go. I always have people that are 'beneath me' go home right after sex," he sneered, "How does it feel to have your heart stomped on?"

Shocked and hurt by the words, Spike jumped up and quickly got dressed, the words 'beneath me' running through his head in both Xander and Cecily’s voices. He turned to leave, but turned back around, snarling at Xander in game face, "Beneath you?!"

Xander raised his chin, "Yes. You always will be," he said in a harsh, but blank voice.
Deep down, Xander would never feel that way. In fact... he was in love with Spike, but he had to get him away. "How about you fuck off now."

"No I will not 'fuck off now,' ya prick! I want to know what the bloody hell your problem is! You didn’t think I was beneath you 10 years ago! Or a half hour ago when you wanted to fuck me into the mattress! What the bloody fuck is wrong with you?!" Spike shouted into Xander's face.

Xander frowned, "It was all a game to me. I never really wanted to fuck you, you were just too easy to give up," he chuckled as he turned around and walked to the other side of the bed. "10 years ago, I was left by someone I was loving, now you know what I felt like!"

Spike started to pace the room in anger, his yellow eyes glued to the floor. "What do you want me to do, Xan?! You want me to... to... I don't know, stop killing? Done! You want me to buy you everything you ever dreamed of? Done! Just name it, Xander and it's yours!"

Xander stepped closer, "I want you to never leave me... even if Drusilla comes back from the dead. I want you to stay with me and tell her off." He felt the tears in his eyes. "I was so happy I met you when I was little. If I would have known I was gay then... I would have asked you to marry me when I was 7," he let out a small laugh, his tears falling down his cheeks. "If you stop killing, I would be so proud of you, but... I don't want you to do it cause you have to... I want you to... be willing to do it because you want to."

Spike pulled Xander into his arms and held him close. "I swear I will never leave you again, Xan. I probably would have said no to the proposal from a 7 year old you, but I still would have come back, just like I did," he laughed. "About the not killing thing, we'll give it a try and see how it works out. That sound good?"

Xander sighed softly as he laid his head down on Spike's shoulder. "Okay. I will give you one... just one more chance. The killing thing would be a big plus, and we can give it a try. I will make sure to keep you full of human blood all the time." He kissed Spike tenderly, "I love you."

Spike smiled and kissed Xander back softly. "Yea, I love you too, ya nut," he laughed. He pushed the still naked boy down on the bed and started to tickle him just like he did all the time when Xander was little.

Xander started to laugh and struggle to get away, "No! No!" he giggled as he reached up and tried to tickle Spike back. "No fair! You still got super strength." He stopped and looked at Spike with a small smile on his face, when he realized he said the exact same thing he did when he was little.

"Wasn't fair back then, not fair now," Spike smiled and sat down on Xander's stomach. He looked out the window and saw that the sun was coming up, "Looks like I'm spending the day here. So what do we do now?"

Xander put his hands behind his head, "How about you show me just how talented your tongue really is," he smirked and arched his hips upwards.

Spike pretended to think about it for a while, his eyes raised to the ceiling. Finally he answer, "Nah," before rolling off of Xander and lying down next to him. He started to fake snoring loudly even though he didn’t breathe.

Xander rolled his eyes, "You know... I tend to get smarter as I get older." He remembered a time when he was little begging for a bedtime story and Spike would sometimes do that exact same thing. "Please?" he begged and gave the puppy dog eyes.

Spike sighed, "Fine," before rolling over and taking Xander's still soft cock into his cool mouth in the blink of an eye. He sucked and licked until Xander was hard and leaking precum.

"Mmm, pet, you taste good. And you have such a lovely cock, nice and big and thick."

Xander was shaking as his eyes rolled back into his head. His thighs were shaking as he kept giving aborted thrusts, trying to fuck the cool mouth that was sucking him like a Hoover. He kept breathing through his nose, still moaning, even though his mouth was shut, it was vibrating his throat.

Spike smirked as he bobbed his head up and down on Xander's cock. He started to hum, sending vibrations through the human’s dick, trying to drive him closer and closer to cumming.

Xander let out a wail as he covered his face. His hips thrust up sharply as he came hard into Spike's mouth.

"Oh… holy shit... oh my GOD," he gasped, and was left a panting quivering mess.

Spike swallowed all of Xander's cum hungrily, before licking his dick clean. He moved up the bed and lay down next to the brunette with a cocky smile on his face.

"So... everything you dreamed of?"

Xander's head rolled to face Spike. "Guh," he mumbled, as he shut his eyes and weakly lifted an arm and put it around Spike's chest.

"What did you think of me when I was a kid?"

"I thought you were a snot nosed little brat," Spike instantly answered. After sitting in silence for a bit he admitted, "I liked you. You were... different. But in a good way. I don't know how to explain it, but I felt like you were somehow important to me. To my future. So I let you live. Now I'm glad I did."

Xander gave a sad smile, "I wanted you to be only mine. But I knew Dru had you by the bollocks," he grinned. "I loved you the moment I saw you vamp out. Remember that?" He looked at Spike, "You were talking about making a snack out of me… and I just touched your face."

"How could I forget?" Spike laughed, "Was the first, and last, time someone didn’t scream and piss themselves at the sight of my demon. Not to mention some little bit like you." He wrapped his arm around Xander and ruffled his shaggy hair with the other.

Xander laughed as he kissed Spike's chest. "I remember when I gave you a kiss on the cheek. It never stopped amazing you did it?" he turned his head up to look at Spike.

Spike smirked and ran his hand through Xander's hair. "Nope. You were one amazing kid. You still are," he whispered before leaning down and kissing the human lightly on the lips.

Xander sighed in the kiss, and he opened his mouth happily. His tongue moved over to Spike's mouth and he teased the vampire's tongue. "Mmm," he moaned into the kiss.

Spike moaned into the kiss as well before pulling back and smiling. "Mmm. Your mouth tastes good. Your cock tastes good," he kissed Xander's shoulder, "And your skin tastes good. I bet your blood tastes as good as I remember."

Xander shivered as he reluctantly turned his head to the side. On his neck, near the shoulder was a very light vampire bite, one that Spike did not do.

Spike vamped out and jumped off the bed, growling louder than he ever had before. "What the bloody fucking hell is that?!" he roared and pointed to Xander's neck.

Xander quickly reached up and touched his neck, thinking something deadly was on it. He got a sad look on his face when he felt the scar. "That... is a vampire bite." He looked away from Spike, "I-I got it when I turned 14. It was dark, and I was running home, ‘cause I figured that there was crazy shit going on. But a vampire grabbed me from behind and bit into my neck. I was in such shock I couldn't move my body to fight against it. Then when I started to feel dizzy I started to struggle and the vampire stopping drinking and laughed at me. I pulled away and kicked at him, and he fell back onto a tree branch and was dusted," he said it all in a soft tone.

Spike had stopped growling as Xander talked but picked it right back up when he was done. His demon seemed to take over as he climbed back onto the bed and started to lick the human’s neck, still growling. After giving Xander's neck a tongue bath, Spike growled out, "Mine!" before biting deeply over the scars that were already there, claiming Xander as his own.

Xander let out a gasp of pain, but it slowly melted into pleasure and contentment. He sighed softly as he ran his fingers through Spike's blonde hair.

"It's okay, I will always be yours," he whispered soothingly.

Spike's growl turned into a purr when Xander's blood hit his tongue. He swallowed a few mouthfuls before he reluctantly forced himself to stop drinking. He removed his fangs gently and licked the wound clean. Nuzzling Xander's neck, he started to laugh, "Damn. That is even better than I remembered."

Xander laughed breathlessly, "It felt like I found the perfect thing for me. Or perfect person." He looked up at Spike shyly. He shut his eyes and moved to lie down, "I am getting a little tired now. Gonna sleep, alright?"

Spike pulled Xander so that his head was on his chest and ran his hand up and down his body. "That sounds like a good idea, pet," he sighed as he closed his eyes and soon fell asleep with a warm, full belly.

The End.

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