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Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: Adult NC17
Warnings: M/M sexual situations, adult language, reference of violence.
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing in this world but her own peace of mind.
I have no claim on any of the characters or products named and make no profit
from my stories.

Summary: AU (Human? Vampire?)
This is the simple tale of a successful psychiatrist with a busy practice.
Dr. Alexander Harris lives and works in the rich and colorful area of the Florida Keys
and everything about his life seems right on track. Then, one day a man comes to
him for help. He is troubled with a history of violence that he hopes therapy can
teach him to control. Clear cut? Maybe not.

As always, thanks to the wonderful Petxnd for the amazing banners and loyal friendship


"Dinner. I just proposed that since you have so unceremoniously dumped me,
that the least you could do was have dinner with me just one more time.
Of course, since you are no longer my therapist, you are not allowed to analyze
me or critique my life choices. And to be fair, the flip flop also goes.
I cannot ask you anything of a professional manner. It has to be simply
two blokes sharing a supper and a bit of the old chit chat."

Alex was flummoxed. He shouldn't......he couldn't.......he.....

"Um, o.k?"

"Lovely, lovely, so, how about giving a mate a hand up and then we shall be on
our way. Tell you true, I'm very nearly starved. I can't remember the last time
I sank my teeth into a hot juicy piece of meat."

Spike held his hand out for Alex to pull him to his feet. It struck Alex as extraordinarily
odd that a man with such an aversion to being touched was now the instigator of
the physical contact. Without knowing what else to do, Alex extended his hand
which Spike firmly grasp.

The minute the blond was standing, Alex snatched his hand back.

"Christ! Your skin is cold as ice!"

Spike chuckled, a sound that came from deep inside him, rumbled out and
caused a violent shudder to run through Xander's body.

"You know what they say. Cold hands, warm heart. Often made me wonder.
If a bloke has warm hands, does that mean he has a cold, dead heart? What
do you think, Alex?"

Alex was stumped. As he tried to think of an intelligent answer, he allowed
himself to be led down the street. Before he realized it, they were standing in
front of Hog Heaven BBQ. Without pause, Spike held open the door and Alex
stepped in.

Immediately, a cute waitress in a skimpy cowgirl uniform appeared and took
their orders. Spike was relaxed and cordial to the point of being flirtatious.
Alex was having great difficulty in reconciling this man with the one who
poured out his tale of tragedy and violence just two days ago.

When Spike ordered the first round of beers, Alex finally found his voice.

"No. No alcohol for me. I'm trying to cut down."

Spike pouted and suddenly, Alex couldn't tear his eyes away from the pink
lower lip that protruded perfectly in such a persuasive manner that no one
on earth could have refused him.

When the second round came with the promise that their dinners would follow
shortly, Alex felt the buzz warm and relax him. It also broke through the barrier
that stood between his brain and his mouth and he began to speak.

"I have to confess, Spike that I really did enjoy the last time we had dinner together.
I must admit, I don't get out too often."

"You and the little woman don't step out much?"

Alex drained the last of the bottle and smiled as the waitress handed him a third.

"Your wife. You know, the lovely smiling face that sits on the corner of your desk
The little lady who is out of town on business?"

Unexpectedly, Alex barked out a laugh that caused a mouthful off beer to spray
across the table and dampen the front of Spike's shirt. Quickly, Alex grabbed
a napkin and started dabbing his companion's chest. It didn't take long to
register that it was the firmest, tightest, most appealing chest he had ever touched.

"Oh, fuck, Spike, I'm sorry. It's just that it struck me as funny. To be honest,
there is no wife. When I bought the picture frame, that was the picture already
in it and I put it on my desk because it gives me a look of stability. Patients
like that."

Spike nodded and it seemed to Alex that it was exactly the answer that Spike

"So then tell me, Xander. What type of women do you like. Or is it men?"

Everything about that question threw him of kilter.

"What? I don't think I'm comfortable discussing.........."

"Oh, well, of course not. Sorry if I overstepped. Besides, it really doesn't
matter does it? I mean, the ins and outs are just the plumbing. It's what is
inside the person that matters, innit? I guess I'm just a romantic at heart.
I believe that there is someone out there for every one and when you see
them you just know. That ever happen to you, Xander? You ever meet someone
that you recognize even though they are a stranger? Maybe you knew them in
a past life or some such."

Alex drained his third bottle and he belched. The words Spike was spouting were
dancing around the top of his head. He could hear them but something else was
blocking their path to his brain. Finally he found it and swatted.

"Xander. You called me Xander. That's the second time you did that."

Before he could respond, Spike's face lit up and he grinned happily as the
Annie Oakley of Hog Heaven brought two huge plates piled high with meat
and fried potatoes. She also collected the empties and set down fresh beers.

Spike sliced off a chunk and lifted the fork to his mouth. As it approached
his lips, a stream of blood dripped from the corner. Immediately, Spike's
tongue darted out and caught it before it could hit the plate. Alex's eyes
stared as his brain screamed at him in some unintelligible language.

Something about that sight stirred a panic within him that had no name.
Stumbling backward, Xander leapt to his feet as his chair fell over. He didn't
care that the other customers were looking at him curiously. His chest
heaved and hyperventilated as too much oxygen rushed into his lungs and
made him light headed and faint.

He had to get away. Now.

"Bathroom. I've gotta go to the.......I'll be back......I just..."

Spike watched in alarm as his dinner mate disappeared into the crowd.
He shoved his plate aside and tossed his napkin down before running
after. When he reached the men's room, Spike crouched and slowly
stepped down the row of closed doors, peeking at the feet under each one
till he spotted the familiar loafers.

He then tapped lightly on the stall door.

"Xander, are you all right?"

The shaky small voice that answered him was concerning.

"I don't feel so good. I think I want to go home."

Spike laid his forehead against the cool metal door and he mentally cursed himself.
He knew this was a mistake. He knew he was moving too fast.

"No problem. Give me a mo and I'll have a taxi brought round. I'll take you
home, Alex. I'll make sure you get there safe and sound."
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