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Title: HAMUNAPTRA (An S/X adaptation of The Mummy)

Warnings: HAU, M/M sex, humor, mild angst, things coming to life, scarab beetles, OOC, varying chapter lengths, Unbeta'd, blatant use of movie dialogue.
Rating: NC17 Overall Individual Chapters PG-NC17
Pairing: 100% S/X
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

Note1: The characters may have BTVs/ATs names but they are NOT necessarily playing their Sunndydale characters, hence OOC.

Note 2: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for holding my hand through the writing and posting process. *Hugs*

Note 3: This is a plot driven story. What sex there is happens in the natural course of the plot and as part of Spike and Xander's relationship.

Note 4: This is a human/1920's Spike and Xander etc. and behave as such.

Summary: Over 3,000 years ago Angelus the high priest of Seti I, was given the assignment of preparing the recently dead for their journey into the afterlife. Angelus made one terrible mistake - he became smitten with Xan-uk-amun, the male concubine of the Pharaoh himself. Driven mad by jealousy and love, Angelus and Xan-uk-amun murdered the Pharaoh. Angelus's punishment was to be buried alive and suffer the torment of an eternal life in his wretched tomb. In 1925, a band of adventurers seeking fame and fortune - led by William (Spike) Barstow, an English expatriate who had joined the foreign legion, and Xander Harris, an amateur archeologist - find a previously unknown burial site in Egypt. The team starts to dig, hoping to find lost riches, but instead they disturb the tomb of Angelus, and soon the cursed priest rises from his grave to wreck vengeance on them and humanity.

Chapter 14/31 + Prologue

Rating: NC17 Overall

Chapter 14/31 + Prologue

Rating: NC17 Overall

Xander made his way back through the camp, it was early evening and the campfires burned and the diggers sat round them near their tents. He'd been to take a piss and was now making his way back to where Spike had made their campfire and pitched a couple of tents, 'borrowed' from the Americans. As he passed Giles tent he saw the Egyptologist sitting outside, struggling to open something in his lap. Xander had gone a couple of steps passed when he stopped dead and his head jerked round as he recognized what it was Giles was holding, his jaw dropped and he gasped, the black Book of The Dead! He looked quickly around to see if he was being watched and then squinted at the book in the man's hand, there was a lock in the cover exactly the same shape as on the sarcophagus and coffin! He stared. Giles looked up and saw him staring, hurriedly he made an elaborate show of attempting to hide the book, Xander sighed. "I think you'll find Mr Giles," Xander quipped. "you need a key to open that book."

Oz sat close to Spike, he'd migrated from the American camp to their's believing that Barstow offered more protection. Wes glowered at him and Spike idly stirred the fire wondering if he ought to go in search of Xander, then he caught sight of him coming through the tents, he turned to Oz. "That's his seat." Oz made no attempt to move. "Now!" Spike snapped, Oz scrambled away. Xander sat down and Wes smiled as he saw his brother inch closer to Spike. "Look what I found." He opened his hand. "Scarab skeletons," he said excitedly. "flesh eaters. They were inside our friend's coffin." Wes moved in for a closer look. "They can stay alive for years feasting on the flesh of a corpse." Spike took one. "So somebody threw these in with our mate?" Xander nodded. "Unfortunately he was still alive when they began eating him."

"Bloody Hell, are you saying they slowly ate him alive?" Xander grinned. "Very sloooowly." Spike raised an eyebrow. "I'm beginning to think I ought to worry about you, dreaming about dead guys, now this." They grinned at each other.

"Say Barstow," Mears grinned walking up. "We heard you guys found yourself a nice, gooey mummy. Uninvited the three Americans sat down. "Dry that guy out and maybe you can sell him for firewood." Wells grinned. "What you think this baby is worth?" Levenson brandished a Canopic Jar gilded with gold. Wes ignored the interruption. "Our mummy certainly doesn't appear to have been very popular when they planted him." Spike shook his head. "No, probably got too frisky with the Pharaoh's daughter," he chuckled. Xander sighed. "I translated more of the hieratics, I don't think he'd have been interested in the daughter." Spike looked at him. "He was..." He raised an eyebrow and began to grin. "Apparently." Xander cut him off and ducked his head. "According to my translation he appears to have suffered the Hom-dai, the most awful of Ancient curses, one reserved only for the most evil of blasphemers, In all my studies I never heard of it being used before."

"That bad?" Spike scowled. Xander nodded. "They never used it because they feared it so. It was written if a victim of the Hom-dai should ever arise they'd bring with them the twelve plagues of Egypt." Spike snorted. "Then it seems to be asking for trouble to use it, why risk a guy like that coming back from the dead?" Xander shrugged. "I guess they really wanted to make him suffer."

Xander tossed and turned in his sleeping bag, beside him Wes snored and muttered. Unable to sleep he sat up, his mind filled with the book the Egyptologist had, what he wouldn't give for just a quick glance inside; carefully he scrambled out of the sleeping bag and slipped out through the tent flap. Outside all was quiet, everyone apparently asleep, he looked at Spike's tent and could just make out his form laid asleep, occasionally there was a soft snore. Xander crept silently through the camp, Giles had fallen asleep outside his tent, the book tucked under one arm and a Canopic Jar clutched in his other hand and an empty whisky bottle nearby on the ground. Xander crept stealthily up to the Egyptologist and looked quickly around, gently he raised his arm and pulled out the book. With the book safely in his hands, Xander quickly made his way back to his own campfire. He sent the book down and searched his belongings for the key.

"That's called stealing you know?" Xander spun round to see Spike emerge from his tent. "I thought you were asleep." Spike looked at the book. "So you thought you'd go on a stealing spree?" Both eyebrows rose and he gave Xander a hard look. Xander huffed. "According to you and my brother, it's called 'borrowing'."

Spike inspected the book. "I thought the book of Amun Ra was made out of gold? That's not gold," Spike pointed out.

"It is, this is something else, I think it may be the Book of The Dead." Xander opened the key. Spike laid his hand on his arm. "The Book of The Dead? Pet, that sounds ominous, even to me, are you sure you should be messing around with this thing?" His face reflected the concern in his voice. Xander looked at him. "It's just a book," He matched the key to the lock and inserted it and he turned the key, there was a mechanical, clicking as he turned it and a soft hiss as the book unsealed. "no harm ever came from reading a book." Xander opened the heavy black cover, a wind whipped up around them and both Spike and Xander shivered, as quickly as it started the wind subsided and they looked at each other. "That happens a lot around here," Spike muttered. Spike looked from Xander to the book. "What does it say?"

Xander began to read in Ancient Egyptian. " 'Ahm kum Ra. Ahm kum Dei.' It speaks of night and day." He continued reading.

Far below ground in the subterranean chamber below Anbuis's feet the mummy's head moved and crusty eyelids snapped open revealing empty eye sockets.
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