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fiction search (again)

Hi! I am looking for two stories. Both are short if that helps.

1) Spike plans a trip with Xander making Xander thinkk that it is his idea. Everyone tries to convince Xander not to go because Spike is evil. Spike sits throught their arguements without saying a word; he thinks back to learning to do this with Darla and Angelus. They go on the trip, Spike drugs Xander and turns him. As Spike is waiting for Xander to wake he wonders what kind of vampire Xander will be given Spike's memories of Dru and the others.

2) I have been trying to find this one for a while. I apologize for posting this search again: Xander has been missing. Drusilla finds him and "waltzes into Slayer Central" with him. Dru gives Xander to Spike as a pet. The Scoobies want to Xander to be like they remember him, but he has been kept as a demons' pet for too long. Eventually, Spike realizes that this isn't good for Xander and takes him away.

Thanks a million!
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