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Small Imperfection - 14/? Spike/Xander Mature

Small. Imperfect. Lovable.

And a lot sooner than y'all expected to get the next chapter. Comments are worth their weight in gold. Granted, pixels on the screen don't exactly weigh anything but it's the thought that counts.

Warnings: A man, a bed, a box of tissues.

Extra warning: Xander wasn't raped or drugged or drafted into a Fight Club or staked naked to any anthills while coated in honey but a bad thing happened to him when he was a slave in Mauritania. If you're concerned this might be something you don't want to read and want to know what it is before deciding whether to read further, leave a comment at my journal and I'll give you a screened spoiler because Spike's about to find out about it.

Previous parts are here.

In which there is snot
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