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Suggestion & Beta

Hello people! ^^

# The suggestion first, 'coz it's probably a stupid idea.
I've been trying to come back into the writing world this month, using tamingthemuse's prompts.
It made me think that it would be great if there was a writing table (that's the right name, isn't it?) available for this community.
Some coms have them listed in the profile and it might be useful to help us all to write. Kind of like a challenge, but without deadline (and I don't exactly make sense, do I? ^^;;;)

# That said, I wrote two fics/ficlets this week for the BtVS fandom.
One is a 800 something ficlet written for the 'I walk through the valley of the shadow of death' prompt
and the other is a 14 000 words monster that I wrote in a week for the October Challenge at tamingthemuse

Both need to be beta-read, and obviously the second one will need a lot more work/time/sweat before I can publish it on the net.

So, is there anybody willing to be my beta-reader? Pretty please and I will even give you a virtual cookie if you agree ;p
If you only want to beta one or the other, it's good too ^^ (And I would prefer if we could work on the short one first.)

More about the fics:
(both were written for the October scary challenge so... not for the faint of heart ^^;;
Another thing: it was the first time I tried to write horror fic, and I'm not sure I'm very good at them ;p)

- It's All About Revenge, 850 words, characters death, angst, vampires behaving like evil monsters, rape, Spike/Xander
I wrote this one when I realized that I might not make it with the other: the deadline is nov 5th XDDDD
It's set after the season 4.
Summary: "Would he go to the Bronze for a couple of free meals? Or should he head straight to the Watcher's place, to thank the Scoobies for their selfless help?”

- Untitled Monster For Now, 14000 words, characters death, angst, vampires behaving like evil monsters, rape, torture, Spike/Xander somehow
It's actually kind of gory. I let myself go on this one and I'm crept out by my own writing ^^;;
Set in the season 6, right after the episode 17 (the one where the moronic Trio made Buffy think that she was really in an asylum and didn't have friends, to push her to kill them.)
Summary: Buffy realize that taunting her enemies might not be a so great idea.
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