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Dance For Me

Title: Dance For Me
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: As always, the Bee has no claim or ownership of these characters
or the concept of Dancing With The Stars. However, the plots and the words
around them are mine. Thou shalt not steal.
Warnings: Bad language, pre slash. That's right, no actual sex.
Summary: The boys have been captured by demons who watch far too much
television and freedom comes at a cost. Can they pay it?

As always, thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banners and the valued friendship.

After another hour of straining, grunting and sexless moans, both men decided it was time
to take a break. They had pushed and pushed until they were exhausted and frustrated.
Xander had made major strides and Spike went out of his way to lavish praise on the
insecure boy but he still had a long way to go. To his surprise, Spike found that he enjoyed
every touch, brush of the hand and physical contact between them and his directions became
more instructional and less critically demanding.

Xander's body was hot and musky from exertion and, to Spike, smelled fucking delicious.
The repetition of the beat of the music coursing through him and the grabbing and bouncing
of their bodies against each other had Spike's cock matching Xander's and he wanted
to scream. He thought about suggesting a wank break to find some relief, but considering
it was the Swing, a dance of energy and electricity, it made more sense to do it with rigid
dicks and tingly balls.

They settled for the bottled water that had been delivered.

Finally, Spike set his bottle down and checked the clock on the wall. They had just ten
more minutes. He came up behind where his partner sat and he dug his fingertips in,
deeply massaging Xander's tight neck muscles. Xander moaned at the amazingly
wonderful pain and he arched like a cat. Spike stopped before the urge to fuck the
boy became overwhelming and he faced him.

"Well now. What say we go through the whole routine, start to finish? Remember to
smile and count the steps. When it comes time for the lift and dip, do it exactly like we

Xander was encouraged. Their session had seen great strides in improvement and he
felt ready. He wiped the sweat from his palms, adjusted his persistent hard on, and
nodded. Spike started the music that ruled the country in the era of the second World
War and they faced off, slapping their hands on their thighs, they strutted toward each
other and began to dance.

It was flawless. It was American Bandstand quality and when it ended they embraced,
dicks bumping and heart pounding. When they pulled back a fraction of an inch, Spike
stared at the boy's sweet, soft puffy lips and he leaned in to kiss them. Xander had
no objection and closed his eyes to wait. Before they could, the Munchkin waddled in.

"Time, Gentlemen. You can't keep the Bor-E waiting."

The two quickly jumped apart, shocked at what they had nearly done. Flustered frustrated
and flummoxed, they quickly composed themselves and tried shifting their thoughts from
their cocks to their feet. Spike suddenly wanted this whole thing done so he could get
Xander out of here and explore, in depth, what was building between them.

This time when they stepped onto the floor, it was with self assurance and confidence
in their partnership. They knew the steps and Xander had mastered the lifting tossing and
twirling of the smaller man. It was a cinch. Nothing could go wrong.

Sadly, Xander Harris never did test well.

When the music ended, the paddles came up and the vote recorded.


Xander walked over to where Spike had landed in an undignified heap. He grabbed
the vampire by the pant leg and dragged him back to the spot where the trap door would
transport them to the practice room below. The slip of paper that followed them read:


Spike moaned. He was beginning to think they would be here forever. Like a soccer
player in the Andes, he would have to eat the boy as his only means of survival. It wasn't
how he wanted to eat him, but hell, a vampire has to look out for himself, doesn't he?
When he finally rolled over, he was shocked to see the vastly different expression on
his partner's face. There was no defeat, no apprehension or hesitation.

Xander Harris was ready to dance!

He would not be beaten! He was going about this all wrong. He had been fighting his
attraction to the blond and trying to conceal his body's urge to slither, press and move
against him when what he should have been doing was just the opposite. Walking
slowly around the room, Xander was entranced by the reflection of the sensuous, cat
like body of the vampire and, for now, he was all Xander's.

This was an opportunity not to be taken lightly.

"Get up, Spike! Get your ass over here and show me what to do. I've seen the
Tango before and I know it is sex to music. I don't know about you, but right now
that sounds pretty damn fine to me."

Spike jumped up, energized and thrilled. He stripped off his own shirt so that they
could feel skin to skin and he slowly prowled toward his victim. Xander's hand
ghosted down over the aching tent in the front of his pants and he breathed.

"Oh, yeah. Let's go, Baby. Teach Papa to dance."

Spike flipped on the music as he passed and his tongue curled behind his teeth. When
he reached the strong masculine body, he crouched low, placing his palms on the front
of Xander's strained jeans then his slowly rose, running his cool hands up the boy's hot
bare chest. When the music thumped, he grabbed Xander's hand and they snapped
their heads to the left, arms extended straight out and they took a long step forward.

This time, the practice hours flowed smoothly as they dipped, slid and sexually ground
themselves against each other in perfect time to the music. Their moans and whispers
of promise and encouragement in the other's ear, fueled them and had them moving
as one body.

On one step, Spike turned to face Xander, wrapped a leg around him and slowly slid
down till the vampire's nose was pressed against the cock that so desperately wanted
out, then he would dramatically be spun away. It was tremendously erotic and Xander
made no promises about not coming in his pants.

Unlike the other dances, this time, Xander stopped thinking and let his body take over.
He followed Spike's instructions and he allowed the power of the music to rule and
control him. It was incredible. They stepped, slid and glided as though their feet
never touched the ground. As practiced, the big finale had Xander dipping Spike
nearly in half, twirling him three times around and then slamming Spike's back flat
against Xander's chest. On the last practice, as they stood stock still in that position,
Xander heard his partner whisper.

"When we get out of here I'm going to fuck you into the middle of next week."

Xander blinked owlishly but before he could respond, the door flew open and the
refugee from Oz led them away. This time they shoved the midget aside and hurried in.
In the shadows, they could make out the outline of spiky hair on the judges and they felt
no hesitation.

Stepping into position, Spike winked at his partner and Xander answered with a smile
and a nod. The music started and the crept towards each other. When they snapped
and took that first step, Xander knew this was it. He had it and he didn't care what
the fuck the judges thought. He and Spike together were a score of 100.

They were flawless. It was sinful and erotic and when they glanced over, they could see
that the munchkin was on one of the judges lap bouncing in time to their moves. When
the last strains of the heady tones signaled the final move, Spike spun perfectly as
Xander jerked him into position. Then, with one hand on the vampire's chest and one
on his stomach, Xander leaned down and bit him firmly on the throat.

Spike gasp and shuddered violently as his hard cock unloaded in his tight black jeans
and the room fell silent.

When they looked over the paddles flew up.


Before they knew what was happening, the trap door again flipped open and they plunged
down, further than before and when they hit bottom, it was in the damp, muddy grass
of Restfield cemetery.

Xander rubbed his sore ass where he had landed and he looked over at Spike.

"What the fuck just happened?"

Spike jumped up and knocked a clump of dirt from his knee.

"No idea, Pet, but I've got an old Victrola in the crypt and some vinyl on the shelf.
What say we do a bit of the old twirl and spin?"

Xander climbed to his feet and grinned.

"Sounds good. Maybe you can teach me to dance the mattress mambo."

"Maybe I can, Pet. Course it's a complicated move. Requires lots of practice. You
up for that?"

Xander looked down at the erection that valiantly stood by.

"Why yes, I do believe I am up for it."

So, arm in arm they two stepped their way to paradise and danced happily ever after.

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