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James at Hallowhedon

I've been getting updates from some friends from my yahoo groups. I dont know if anyone has heard but James injured himself about a week and a half ago not allowing himself to go to Hub 3. The trooper that he is forced himself to go to this weekends convention. Possibly not the best thing he could have done. From what I understand a flag pole fell on his head and neck, I'm not completely sure it was during filming. He has injured his spine, he's having trouble sitting and has had to stand through most of it. FOr the signing of autographs he has had lay on the table to do so. Also the stubborn man doesnt seem to be taking any time off to recover because he has work. Not sure if he is still filming Caprica. You have to admit the man is dedicated to his fans. I just wish he would give himself time to recover. He had also broken his collar bone a ways back and last I heard it wasnt completely healed.

Unfortunately I dont have any real info on Nick, I'm not part of any Nick Yahoo groups. If anyone knows of any I'd love to join. But last night he did do Karokee. I've also heard he is super sweet.

Any  updates I get I'll post if anyone is interested =)
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