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Fic search Time Travel/Sweet William

Hello people ^^

So, another fic search. This one I remember pretty well, but I check several categories at Spander Files and couldn't find it. Since I have no idea where I first read if it wasn't at SF, I have to ask you ^^

The fic I'm searching this time is a set during Angelus' time in Sunnydale. Xander goes to Spike (gets captured and gave to Spike?) and is used as sex-toy, until Spike needs his help to fight Angelus and turns him. Spike dies in the fight and Xander makes a wish and gets sent back in time where he meets William. They senp the next century together, until Xander is called back in his human body and then meets vampire William who just moved next door. They get back together when Xander's 17 or something, and gets back his memories.

Does anyone remember where I can find it?

It's the chapter 5 of Spikedluv's Five Ways Spike and Xander Didn't Meet

(thanks Dabby ^^)

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