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Captain's Pet

Title: Captain’s Pet
Author: WarpedMindedYaoi & NightmareAhead
Chapter: 1/1
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warning: mentions of male parts
Summary: Captain Spike decides to take a young man and keep him trapped as his own.
Note: This is a role-play between NightmareAhead and WarpedMindedYaoi. Warped = Xander. Nightmare = Spike.


Captain William the Bloody stood in his cabin, looking over the map of his newest destination, Port Sunnydale.

A few days ago his first mate, Clem, came up to him and informed him the rest of the crew was getting restless, they wanted to cause some trouble. So Captain William found a place they had yet to journey to and said it was their next destination.

"Land ho!" he heard one of his crew yell out.

Captain William smiled. They had arrived.


Alexander was with his best friend Lady Willow and her personal servant and also lover, Lady Tara. He couldn't help but smother a smile as he looked at them. Nobody but him and a few others knew that Willow and Tara were closer than just servant and master. 

"You know, Father says that Lady Buffy is to be married off to Sir Riley Finn. She wasn't too thrilled and she threw a fit. Her room was trashed, the mirrors broken, her vanity upside down. I feel sorry for the poor girl," Alex said as he laughed shaking his head. 

"I am so glad I haven't been married off," Willow looked nervous. Tara rubbed her ankle inconspicuously.

Alex sighed, "I have to go to the market to get food for mother, she wants to have the servants make a special stew for us tonight." He waved at his friends as he quickly left Lady's Willow's family mansion.


Captain William smiled as he stood on the dock, watching his men disperse after explaining to them that they weren’t to cause trouble until he gave the word. First came business, he told them, then pleasure.

He made his way into the busy town, looking for a place to buy the things he needed to restock the ship. That was the business. Once that was taken care of he would send word to Clem to start causing mayhem.

As he walked through the town he noticed that the people made sure to keep away from him, some staring. It seemed they could tell he was a pirate and weren't quite sure what to do. He mockingly bowed to a group of women, who quickly walked away. Smiling and shaking his head in amazement, Captain William didn’t see where he was going and bumped right into someone, sending them to the ground.

"Sorry, mate," he apologized and held out his hand to help the person up.

Alexander 'oof'ed as he fell to the ground in embarrassment, "No, sir, really it’s my fault. I should have been paying attention to where I was going." He graciously took the hand held out to him and stood up. He let out a small hiss of pain as he felt his back, but he smiled up at the person who nicely helped him back up, but when he saw what type of person it was he immediately frowned and backed away a bit.

"Sorry, sir, but I must be going now. Thank you for your help." He quickly tried to walk past the pirate.

Captain William quickly grabbed the boy's wrist before he could get pasted. "Now, now, luv," he said as he pulled the brunette to his side and put his arm around the broad shoulders. "I'm in need of a bit of assistance. Need to find a place to restock me ship, I do. Any ideas as to where I can do that?" he asked as he steered them down the street, ignoring the people whispering and staring.

Alexander's shoulders were tense as he gave a terse nod, "Yes, there is a quaint little shop down the street." He swallowed nervously as he eyed his captor with anger. "I am sure you will not need me to assist you anymore, sir." He glared as he tried to pull his body away from this... this ruffian! "I would like you to unhand me now, good sir!"

Laughing, Captain William pulled the boy into an empty alley and pushed him against the wall. 

"Names not 'sir', luv, It's Captain William the Bloody. And I'll let you go when I'm good and ready to, you hear me?" he growled. "Now what's your name, pet?"

Alex glared for all it's worth. 'I have to get away from this pirate before he capture's me.' His heart was pounding as he looked into the light blue eyes of his captor. 'How could someone so beautiful be so cruel?'

"My name is Alexander, not that it is any business of yours," he growled slightly, his brown eyes flashing angrily. "Now, you pirate," he spat, "I want you to let me go now, or I will scream for the officers."

"Well, Xander," Captain William emphasized his nickname for the boy, "you leave me no choice." Before Xander could do anything, the Captain grabbed the front of Xander's shirt, pulled him forward, kissed him hard on the mouth, and then bashed his head against the wall, knocking him out. Before the brunette fell to the floor Captain William threw him over his shoulder and carried him back to the ship. Once safely back on his ship, Drusilla, he placed the boy in his cabin on his bed.

"What the bloody hell am I doing?" he wondered as he looked down at the lovely boy on his bed. Signing, he went and sat at his desk, trying to figure out what the hell he was going to do now.

Alex smiled in his dream. He was sitting on a bench with Willow and Tara was sitting at her feet.

'What am I doing here? I should be getting food for mother.' 

Willow shook her head, 'You have a different purpose now.' Then they both disappeared.

Alexander groaned as he turned his head to the side and whimpered when he hit the sore spot. He opened his eyes slowly. Alex felt as if he was going to vomit from the pain. He shakily sat up on the bed.

Captain William looked up from where he was looking over a map when he heard the whimper from his bed. Quickly getting up, he rushed over to the bed with a bottle of rum in hand and helped his captive sit up.

"Here, luv, drink this, it will help with the pain," he said gently as he held the bottle to Xander's lips.

Alexander coughed as he tried to spit the horrid stuff out of his mouth. He tried shaking his head but that only made the pain worse. "I must get home..." He looked around but didn't recognize anything, "Where am I?” Xander gasped as he noticed who was talking to him, and he tried to scramble out of the bed. "Please let me go. I will even give you money!"

The Captain shook his head and held Xander down, "I can’t let you go, Xan. It's too late, we're already out at sea. I'm sorry."

While Xander was unconscious in his bed, Captain William had gathered his men quickly and left the port. He didn’t know why, but he felt the need to take Xander with him and he knew he would escape if they were still on land.

Xander felt tears prick his eyes, "Why would you do such a thing? I had family and friends there!"

'What an atrocious thing to do to someone! I have to find a way back home.' He swallowed, but it felt as if a lump was in his throat. Alex did the only thing he could think of, he begged, "Please... please take me back. I won't tell anyone what you did. I just want to go back home." He couldn't look at the pirate anymore, so he looked away and turned around on the bed, to face away from Captain William the Bloody.

"I know you don’t believe me, but I am sorry, Xan," the Captain apologized. Sighing, he lay back on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. "I don’t know why I'm doing this. I just saw you and something in me snapped! Telling me to take you away from there, that you belonged with me. I'm sorry."

Xander looked at Spike sharply. "What in God's name made you think you could choose what's right and wrong. Kidnapping someone is wrong!" he yelled as he scrambled out of the bed and ran out the door. He gasped when ruthless pirates began laughing and pointing at him. His cheek turned bright red with shame. "Y-You freaks!" he cried as he ran to the side of the ship.

"Get back to work, ya slackers!" the Captain yelled to his men as he walked out of his cabin and to the side of the ship where Xander stood. "And you! Get back to my cabin, boy. Now!" he yelled before grabbing Xander's arm and dragged him back into the cabin. "Do not leave this room without me! Do you understand?"

Xander couldn't control the tears that fell as he nodded morosely. "I understand," he whispered softly, his head down.

'Maybe he doesn't understand because he doesn’t have a family, except those baboons which sure as damn are not good adults to look to.'

When they got in the cabin he walked out of the pirate's grip and sat on the bed again, away from the captain.

Captain William leaned against his desk as he watched Xander. He felt bad for the boy, but it was too late to do anything about it.

"Call me Spike," he mumbled before he realized he was even thinking it.

Xander glared at Spike and hissed, "I will call you what you are, and that will not be Spike, you pirate." He looked back down and drew shapes on his hand with his other one. "And I never gave you an option to call me Xander. It is and will be only Alexander to you," he replied in an uppity voice.

Suddenly angry, Spike yelled, "I'll call you whatever I bloody want! This is my ship and you are my captive!" before rushing over and forcing Xander back onto the bed. Climbing on top of him, Spike held down Xander's arms above his head and leaned down to whisper harshly in his ear, "You're name's Xander."

Xander whimpered as he nodded. "Okay!" he cried, his eyes full of fear, tears rolling down his cheeks. "Okay... my name is Xander," he whispered sadly. 
He shut his eyes and turned his head to the side. "I'm sorry," he gasped out.

Sighing, Spike let his head drop onto Xander's chest, suddenly tired of all of this.

"What do you want me to do, Xan? What can I do to make you forgive me?" he asked, willing to do anything but bring him back to Port Sunnydale.

Xander shrugged and looked around the room. “I suppose food wouldn’t hurt.”

Spike got up and walked to his door. Opening it, he called out to his first mate, "Clem! Bring food to my cabin!" He shut the door again and walked over to his desk, sitting down.

'Now what do I do? The boy bloody hates me.'

Xander sat on the bed and looked around the cabin. He saw the beautiful portraits of woman and men kissing, and another he gasped at, it was of two men kissing with their shirts off'! He looked at the pirate with a shocked expression.

"How could you have such a taboo portrait there?"

The brunette looked up when a older man with slightly wrinkly skin walk in with a kind smile and held out a platter of foods that made Xander salivate.

Spike smiled as he dismissed Clem and sat on the bed next to Xander, picking up a grape and popping it into his mouth.

"'S not taboo, luv. They just want you to think that. Two men together can be a beautiful thing. I promise you."

Xander looked at the picture again and he could see the love between them. ‘That was why I felt so awkward around my family and some friends of mine. They wouldn't understand what it was like to appreciate the same sex.’ He felt comfortable around Willow and Tara because they know what he is going through... even if he doesn't say anything about it.

"Alright. So... you approve of it because you are that way... or because you know people like that?"

"I enjoy both women and men, luv," Spike said simply, "I do tend to like men more though," he trailed off when he spotted Xander looking at the picture again. "And I have a feeling you do too, don’t you, Xan?" he asked gently.

Alexander frowned, "We are not to talk about subjects that could result in someone’s death, because it offends others." He sighed softly and looked back at Spike, "But yes. I tend to go towards the male form more often then not."

Spike cautiously put his arm around Xander's shoulders, "It's okay, you know. No one on this ship will judge you."

Inside his head, Spike was cheering, 'He's gay! He's gay! I have a chance!' He didn’t know when his thoughts of the boy turned to that but there was nothing he could do about it now. And it was different this time, he didn’t want to just get into Xander's britches, he wanted Xan to like him, maybe even lov- he quickly cut that thought off before it got too far.

Xander moved from under Spike's arm, "I don't know about you, but I don't steal people and then expect them to care about me." He glared hurtfully at the pirate, "It will not end that way for you. Terribly sorry, 'sir'," he replied slightly sarcastically.

Spike arched a scarred eyebrow but decided to let this one slide. "Fine by me, luv. But when you change your mind, I'll be at the wheel," and with that, Spike left the cabin and went back to his post at the wheel, trying to think of ways to win the boy over.

Xander didn't have the energy to do anything but sob in bed. He was probably going to be used as a whore if he doesn't comply to Spike's wishes. But he doesn't want to shame his friends and family by fraternizing with a pirate. He wiped his eyes and slowly curled up into a ball and sung a tune his mother used to sing to him when he was little, and kept singing it until he fell asleep.


Spike didn’t return to the cabin until early the next morning after setting up one of his men at the wheel. He spotted Xander asleep on the bed and felt a pain shoot through his chest. He felt horrible for kidnapping the boy, but it was to late to do anything about it now. Removing his affects and his shirt, he lied in the bed next to the boy and soon fell asleep as well.

Xander felt a shift in the bed and turned towards the new warm body and cuddled against it. If he had known it was Spike he would have kicked himself 7 days from Sunday. But he was out of it and keeping warm in the slightly chilly cabin was all he was thinking about.

Spike gladly cuddled back with the figure in his bed, moaning aloud at the feeling of someone warm in his bed, something he hadn’t felt in a long time. He slowly began to fall into a deep sleep, deeper than he had slept in ages.

Xander woke up hours later. Feeling more rested than he had in a long time. He let out a groan when he noticed Spike was cuddled against him. He rolled his eyes. 'Why me?' he thought to himself. 'I don't know about you, Spike, but I am really trying to not fall for you,' he added to his own thoughts again. He squirmed and tried to get out of the blonde captain’s grip. But when the captain moved Xander pretended he was still asleep.

Spike woke up when he felt the boy in his arms moving. When he opened his eyes he found that Xander appeared to be sleeping, so he figured the boy was having a nightmare. Running a hand through the brunette's hair, Spike tried to lull the boy back into peaceful sleep, "Shhh, luv. Spike's here. I wont let anything hurt you."

Xander frowned and slowly opened his eyes. "What happened?" he wanted to know why Spike was saying that to him all of a sudden. He carefully pulled out of Spike's grip and looked away, his stomach growled and he blushed lightly.

Spike ignored Xander's question, embarrassed he had been caught trying to comfort the boy, and hopped out of bed.

"Let me get you something to eat, pet," he said as he grabbed his shirt and put it on before grabbing his affects and rushing out the door.

As Spike stood in the kitchen waiting for the chef to make something for Xander, his first mate Clem walked into the room and stood beside him.

"How are things with the boy going, Captain?"

"Not too well, mate. Not to well at all," Spike sighed and rubbed his face.

"Give him time, Captain, and he will learn we aren’t as bad as the stories say," Clem said and clapped Spike on the shoulder reassuringly.

"Yeah," Spike waved the topic off, "How long until we reach me island?"

"Should be there by nightfall, Captain."

"Good. Make sure everything is ready."

Spike was looking forward to seeing his island again. It had been months since he was on the small, uninhabited island he found when he was just starting out as a captain. He now used it to store his treasure as well as where he kept his ship when the weather was bad. They had built a small town on the island so that his crew's family could happily live there and Spike also had a home there, although no family to await his return. Spike was brought out of his musing when the chef came over with a tray of food. He thanked the man and brought it back up to his cabin for Xander.

Xander looked up when Spike walked in with a plate of yummy food. "Is that mine too, or just yours?" he asked softly as he got more comfortable on the bed. He closed his eyes blissfully when he smelled the food. It was way better than some of the food he had in his life.

"How long until we reach land of some sort?"

Spike placed the food onto Xander's lap and sat down next to him. He picked up a slice of cheese and bit into it before replying, "We should reach my island by nightfall. You'll like it there, it's bloody lovely."

Xander smiled, "Do you live on the part where you see the sunrise or sunset?" He took a small bite of salami, and then grabbed a piece of cheese and ate them together.

Spike laid back and watched Xander eat. "I can watch the sunset from my bedroom in that house. It's beautiful," he said as his hand started to softly rub the boys leg.

Xander felt sad that he would never be able to share it with Willow and Tara, "I... is there anyway we could bring some of my friends here? I-I don't want to be friendless there. And I only want my friends." He looked down at the plate. "If you can't or don't want to... just tell me, please... just don't give me hope you might and then don’t."

"We'll do that some day. When I trust you wont run from me. I promise. You have the word of Captain William the Bloody," Spike sat up and took hold of Xander's hands, placing a small kiss on both of them.

Xander nodded, and blushed at how well he was being treated even though he was a total prick to the captain. He ate some more before groaning and laying back. "I ate too much," he chuckled softly, his eyes showing how tired he was after having a nice full snacking meal. "Thank you... I will honestly try to be good."

"I'd appreciate that." 

Seeing how tired he was, Spike laid back down and pulled Xander up to his side, resting the brunette's head on his chest. "Get some sleep, luv. I don’t have to be out on deck for a while yet and I could do with a nap."

Xander smiled, "Yes, Spike. Sleepy tiiiime." He let out a deep breath that ended up as a light snore as he automatically fell asleep.

Xander started having an erotic dream about him and Spike. He whimpered and lightly thrust his hips against sleeping Spike's hip.

Spike slowly started to wake up when he felt something moving against his hip. He opened one of his eyes and looked over to Xander, fast asleep, and seeming to be having a sex dream, if the thrusting was any indication. The Captain continued to lie there as he debated whether to wake the brunette or not.

Xander nuzzled Spike's neck and gasped softly. "Please... fuck me," it was breathed almost silently. He was still lightly thrusting against the captain, but he slowly stopped, falling into a deeper sleep.

Spike growled as his cock grew hard. He wanted nothing more than to wake Xander up and fuck him through the mattress, but he knew if he woke the brunette up he would probably just yell at him.

Xander woke up a couple of hours later, hungry as a horse. "Spike?" He opened his eyes and looked at the blonde sleeping beside him. He leaned down and gently kissed the man's forehead, then crawled out of the bed. He smiled at Spike sleeping, then stepped out of the cabin and over to Clem.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna do anything rash. How far are we from land, sir?"

Clem gave a relieved smile and point West, "Not far, maybe 7 more hours."

Xander nodded and turned around and started looking at all the stuff on the ship. He smiled at the carved words 'William the Bloody' on the wheel of the ship.

Spike woke up a half hour after Xander left and was pissed when he didn’t find him in the bed with him. He jumped out of bed and grabbed his affects before storming out onto the deck. Looking around he spotted his first mate, who pointed to the helm. He looked over and spotted Xander. He smiled and walked over stood behind him.

"Having fun, luv?"

Xander jumped and flushed as he looked away, "I'm sorry. I just needed some air. I promise I wasn't going to jump or anything." He stepped toward Spike tentatively and held out his hand, "Forgive me? Also, seven or so hours ‘til land."

Spike took hold of Xander's hand and used it to pull him to his side. He wrapped his arm around the brunette's waist and kissed his cheek.

"I forgive you, pet. I can't wait to show you my island. You're going to love it, I know you will," he smiled out at the island fondly.

Xander watched Spike with awe. The captain seemed so peaceful and happy. He felt his hand move up and cup Spike's cheek as he looked at him affectionately, "I never thought I would be glad to go to your island and home." He leaned forward and kissed the blonde tenderly.

Spike was surprised, but gladly kissed back.


A few hours later they arrived and docked at the island. Spike's men eagerly awaited on deck for their Captain's order.

"Well men, we're home," Spike said and waved to the plank for the men to disembark. His men ran off the plank to greet their families and Spike stood back and watched. It was always an upsetting time for him, not having anyone waiting on the dock for him.

Xander smiled as he leaned against Spike, "It's beautiful. You weren't joking." He took a step down the plank then stopped and held his arm out to Spike. "Come on, show me to your house," he grinned.

Spike smiled and took hold of Xander's hand before leading him down the plank. It took about half an hour to walk up the hill that Spike's house sat atop. Once through the gates, Spike lead him to the front door and handed Xander a key. "This is your house too now, pet. So you open it."

Xander bit his lip nervously then slowly pushed the key into the lock and turned it. He pushed the door open and gasped when he saw the interior of the house. "Oh... my God." He stepped into the home and then turned to Spike, "You live here? It's brilliant!"

Spike stepped inside and closed the door behind him before walking up to Xander and taking him in his arms.

"Glad you like it, pet. You know my favorite room? The bedroom," he whispered into his ear and led him up the elaborate staircase and to said room.

"Well what do you think?" he asked and gestured to the room with two walls made of windows that overlooked big backyard and the ocean. The bed was centered in the middle of the room with eloquent pillows and blankets.

Xander's eyes got even bigger, "I have never seen such a room!" He ran over and jumped onto the bed and lay on his back, just breathing deeply. "I love it here," he sighed blissfully. He turned over and raised a brow at Spike, "Well? Gonna get comfy on here too?"

Spike smirked before kicking off his boots and joining Xander on the bed. He pulled Xander to his side and ran his hands through his hair. He started to kiss Xander on the lips, gently at first and then deeper.

Xander blushed and pulled back. "I-I... just give me a little bit to get used to this please."
He rested his head on Spike's shoulder. "I bet you wanted someone easy to have sex with huh?"

Spike shrugged his shoulders. "Doesn't matter to me, pet. As long as I'm with you, that's fine," he answered honestly. "Now get some sleep, luv. I'll show you the rest of the island tomorrow."

Xander chuckled as he kicked off his shoes and curled his feet under the cool covers.

"You don't want anyone else, do you? I am coming with you when you travel. I'm not gonna leave you, unless we need a little space to do things we have fun with." He smiled drowsily as he laid his head down on a pillow and faced Spike, "You’re beautiful, Captain."

The End.

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