gaia_nyx (gaia_nyx) wrote in bloodclaim,

Fic Search

Ok, this has been driving me insane. I just cannot find this fic. Actually, I think it was two fics. The first one, if I am remembering right, had Xander with two OCs. The second fic was a Spander, although the two OCs from the first fic visited at one point and there was some partner swapping going on. It was a Daddy kink and Xander was brought into that particular kink y the OCs, I think while he was in Oxnard. Then he goes back to Sunnydale and uses Giles' bathroom while Spike is chained up in the tub (he didn't know Spike was there?). Spike makes a (dirty?) comment and Xander says something back about not having just anyone for his Daddy. And then somehow it goes from there and they end up getting together. Help?
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