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Notice Of Posting ~ Xander And The Beast

I will begin posting my next story 'Xander And The Beast' tomorrow 1st Dec. It is my entry for Fall For S/X and is 8 chapters long. The first 4 will be posted tomorrow throughout the day and the concluding 4 throughout the day on the 2nd Dec.

This story is written with a nod and a wink to the Fairytale Beauty And The Beast. It is original writing and has nothing in common with the movies and very little with the actual Fairytale. Overall Rating : NC17 (M/M sex)

Summary Lord William is handsome, vain, proud, arrogant and foolish but not intrinsically wicked, cruel or unkind. When he turns an old beggar woman away from his castle, he sets in motion a chain of events which see him transformed into a beast, a Vampire. Can he find one person in all the world who will look without fear on the face of the beast and declare their true love and break the spell
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