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Xander And The Beast

Title: Xander And The Beast (With a nod and a wink to the Fairytale Beauty And The Beast)
Warnings: AU, Fantasy, M/M sex, some humour, mild violence, swearing, angst, OOC, varying chapter lengths, animal deaths. UNBETA'D. Original Writing,
Rating: NC17 overall, various chapters PG-NC17
Pairing: 100% S/X
Author: Naughty_Fae
Comments: Comment if you want to, though it would be nice to know someone is reading it.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to someone who is not me. I write for fun not profit.

AN 1: Although Sunnydale character names have been used they are NOT necessarily in their Sunnydale persona's. William = A version of Spike NOT human William as in BTVS.

Note 1: This is AU/Fantasy and the concept of 'Vampire' expressed here may not be what you expect.

Note 2: My heartfelt thanks go out to my dear friend Bmblbee, for holding my hand through the writing process. *Hugs*

Note 3: This is a plot driven story. What sex there is happens in the natural course of the plot and as part of Spike and Xander's relationship.

Written in 8 chapters. 1-4 will be posted throughout today (1/12/09) and 5-8 throughout tomorrow. (2/12/09)

Summary: Lord William is handsome, vain, proud, arrogant and foolish but not intrinsically wicked, cruel or unkind. When he turns an old beggar woman away from his castle, he sets in motion a chain of events which see him transformed into a beast, a Vampire. Can he find one person in all the world who will look without fear on the face of the beast and declare their true love and break the spell.

Chapter 3/8

Rating: NC17 Overall

Chapter 3/8

Rating: NC17 Overall

"Every move you make
Every step you take,
I'll be watching you."

Xander's first night in his new home was peaceful and pleasant, the only thing which disturbed him was a niggling feeling that he was being watched and even that wasn't unpleasant; besides if anything were amiss Hero would alert him to it. So he pottered about in the darkness of his cottage and shared with the hound a fine supper of pigeon pie from his overstocked larder, courtesy of Willow and Daniel and made plans.

It was important that he showed his dear sister and her new husband that he could manage perfectly well on his own, only in that way would they stop worrying and fussing over him. And it was true, he was a grown man and despite being blind could manage perfectly well, or he would once he found his way around.

He had planned everything from the moment he had first visited the cottage. It was small and well laid out, but not too small for himself and his oversized hound. It had a spare bedroom which meant Willow and Daniel could stay if they wished. The kitchen had a wood burning stove for cooking, the living room was cozy with a decent sized fireplace and perhaps most important of all, the cottage had a neat workshop attached where he could work in peace and the wonderful scents drifting enticingly from the rose garden had clinched the deal. Xander had his heart set on it. Willow and Daniel had protested, said that they loved having him live with them and it was only when he drew Daniel aside and pointed out that as a man, this was important to his self-esteem that he try this, they reluctantly consented.

Now he was here, Xander was convinced he had done the right thing and that he had set his feet upon the path he was meant to travel.

Xander tumbled between the crisp, white sheets of his single bed and snuggled down into the feathered mattress and pillows. Hero made himself comfortable on the rug by the bedside, resting his head on his great paws. Tomorrow would be a momentous day, Xander had resolved to walk the short distance into the village and make the acquaintance of his new neighbors. Friendly and gregarious by nature he was looking forward to it, he sincerely hoped they would see a happy, confident, friendly young wood carver and not a blind man to be coddled and pitied.

Spike spent a restless night in the forest. Images of the young man ran constantly through his mind as did scenarios of how they might meet and become friends. The young man's blindness, though sad, was a Godsend; he would be unable to see Spike's hideous form, he would be unafraid and judge Spike only by his words and deeds. He sat at the foot of a tree and leaned back on it's stout trunk, he sat unmoving, unnoticed by the animals who passed close by. Several wolves appeared and the leader regarded him balefully with pale, green eyes. Spike curled his lip to reveal his fangs in a silent snarl, the wolf did the same and then the pack went on it's way. It was an agreement between predators made long ago to leave each other in peace, Spike shared the same agreement with the bears.

Spike closed his eyes and let images run riot in his head. The young man laughing, walking beside him in the moonlight, pottering in the rose garden under the stars, sitting by the cottage fire deep in conversation, sharing a simple meal, Spike reading to him, a hand reaching out and resting on his arm; the last image made Spike shudder and moan softly. When the image changed to one of Spike kissing the soft, sweet mouth he was momentarily lost, then the young man raised his hand, ran it over Spike's face and recoiled with a look of disgust and horror on his face and Spike gave a howl of anguish as the image abruptly ended. That must never happen, he must never allow the young man to touch his face or kiss his lips, for then he would know Spike was a beast.

Spike was too restless to return to the castle and so looked about for something to distract him. He picked up Angelus's trail and keeping to the shadows and cover of the trees followed the huntsman as he laid his cruel traps. Spike tore up and pulled down the wire snares designed to catch the unwary around the leg or by the neck. The metal jawed traps he set off with a stone or piece of wood and then mangled them beyond repair. It wasn't new behavior, Spike often did it and that along with Spike's kills that he found and glimpses that he caught, fueled Angelus's belief in a blood drinking monster in the forest. One that slaughtered the animals and drank their blood leaving the flesh untouched, one that would fall upon the village one night and murder them all in their beds, one that they should hunt down and destroy before it destroyed them. The villagers took his tales with a pinch of salt, thinking them born more out of his consumption of ale, than fact.

Satisfied he had spoiled Angelus's hunting for the night, Spike made his way to the castle.

Xander spent the early part of the morning putting off his walk into the village. When he could think of no more excuses or chores to do he gathered a small canvas bag to hold his purchases, made sure he had copper enough in his pocket, grasped Hero's collar firmly and the pair set off. He barely set foot inside the village proper when there were delighted squeals and he found himself surrounded by the village maidens. Laughing, giggling voices introduced themselves, Elizabeth and Tara, Anya and Cordelia, Dawn and Faith and Winifred, Jenny, Harmony, Kennedy and Darla, Kendra and a strange boy called Andrew who immediately looped his arm through Xander's whilst Anya took the other. Xander struggled with names and voices, whilst introducing himself. Seemingly blindness was no bar to his prospects as a future husband!

Spike awoke at mid morning and made his way to the kitchen, stripped off his nightshift and stood naked on the stone floor his morning erection jutting out from dark blond, crispy curls. His body was muscular and compact, with powerful arms and chest, the skin pale and unblemished, the waist and hips narrow, the legs well shaped and the thighs strong. He curled his slender fingers around his throbbing cock and stroked himself to greater hardness, he widened his stance and cantered his hips. His eyes closed and images of the boy appeared behind his eyelids, hair wet and dripping, rivulets of water running down his honeyed chest. Spike curled his fingers tighter and stroked harder, he breathed through his mouth, short breathy pants and moaned. Pre cum dribbled from the mushroom head and the foreskin pulled back, he rolled his lightly furred balls between the fingers of his free hand and swept his thumb across the glistening, purple head. The image changed to the boy on hands and knees under him, Spike arched over him hands gripping the slender hips as he pistoned in and out of the boy's tight pucker, his hand moved faster and his moans changed to soft growls. In his mind he hunched further over the boy, hands moved from his hips as his arms twined tight around the boy's waist, the thrusts became slower but harder, deeper, then with one thrust he held himself deep inside the boy as he emptied jerking and snarling into him. He tensed, his eyes rolled back and his hips jerked as he came with a snarl, ropes of cum splashed against the stone sink and coated his abdomen, it ran down his shaft and dripped onto the floor, his knees went weak and he staggered grasping the sink to hold himself up and he slumped against the cold stone.

It was several minutes before Spike gathered himself and could move. He was amazed, it had been years since he'd had such a satisfying orgasm and images of the boy refused to leave his mind. He used the night shift to clean up his spunk and then filled the sink with water and washed himself completely. He changed the water and rinsed off and then changed it again and washed his hair and dried himself on a rough towel. He threw the night shift into the sink and left it to soak, before heading back to his bedchamber to dress.

The girls and Andrew propelled Xander along the street, Hero followed looking perplexed as they dived in and out of shops and Xander was introduced to everyone they encountered, it seemed confusion was being heaped upon him. Angelus stepped out of the tavern and was immediately attracted by the group of giggling, laughing girls and Andrew. As the most handsome, admired and eligible bachelor in the village he was used to that kind of attention himself. In fact women threw themselves at his feet and Angelus was more then willing to catch them, repeatedly. His eyes narrowed, just who was this upstart? Elizabeth saw him and with a squeal rushed towards him, Angelus braced himself. Elizabeth looped an arm through his and began to steer Angelus toward the giggling throng. "Now this is Xander," she informed him. "he's bought rose cottage," they reached the group. "and you must be nice to him because..." She hesitated.

"He's blind as a bat." Anya finished. The silence was immediate. Xander's mouth twitched, it seemed Anya called a spade a spade. "Anya!" Elizabeth remonstrated. "What?" Anya blinked. "Well he is." She gripped his arm tighter. "Xander this is Angelus, the village huntsman, Angelus this is Xander." Elizabeth introduced them. Angelus raked his eyes over the young man, he had to admit he was quite something. Nearly as tall and broad as him, but with a lighter build and not so good looking, but nevertheless probably the second most handsome man in the village. He sniffed. "Hello Xander." Xander smiled. "Pleased to meet you." He extended his hand which Angelus shook briefly. "So you bought Rose cottage? Pass by there a lot going to and from the forest, how will you manage? Being blind and all?" Angelus asked.

"I manage quite well once I get the layout of a place and Hero helps me move around when I get stuck." Xander explained. On cue the hound pushed his way in beside his master, Angelus looked at him. "That's a fine, big dog."

"Thank you." Xander smiled and fondly patted the hound's head.

"Best keep him chained though don't want him loose in the forest, might step into one of my traps." Angelus warned.

"Traps?" Xander frowned.

"Aye, I use traps to hunt."

"Most huntsmen I know use bow and spear."

Angelus snorted. "Slow and inefficient."

"But aren't traps cruel and indiscriminate?"

"Beasts don't feel pain as we do."

Xander opened his mouth to protest and then thought better of it. He was the newcomer, it was not his place to criticize. "What is it you do?" Angelus continued. Xander hated this question, it was so hard to explain. "I'm a wood carver, I carve things out of wood."

Angelus snorted. "A wood carver? But you can't see."

"Nevertheless, it's what I do."

"But, but how?" Angelus protested. "You can't see anything to carve."

"I have a gift from God I suppose." He shrugged. "People tell me I'm quite good."

"Quite good? His work is amazing!"

"Daniel?" Xander smiled. "Daniel what are you doing here?" Daniel stepped forward. "Willow wanted me to ride by and see you'd settled alright."

"Ladies, Andrew and Angelus, this is Daniel, my brother-in-law."

The girls curtsied and the men nodded. Daniel took Xander's elbow. "I'm sure you won't mind, I need to speak to Xander." There were disappointed groans and the girls and Andrew took their leave. Elizabeth dragged a reluctant Angelus away in the direction of the cobbler's. Daniel chuckled. "You looked like you needed rescuing." Xander grinned. "Everyone is so kind, but it was a little overwhelming."

Daniel gathered the reins of his horse. "Have you finished your shopping?" Xander nodded. "Yes just some fresh fruit."

"Then I'll walk back with you and you can tell me how your first night went."

Xander nodded and grasped Hero's collar.

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