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Title: Home
Author: forsaken2003
Fandom: BtVS
Rating: PG 13
Characters/Pairing: Spike/Xander, Willow/Tara
Disclaimer: Characters belong to the one and only Joss!
Warnings/Spoilers: season 4. Mention of Child Abuse.
Summary: Xander’s home life isn’t that great. Lucky for him, he has a blonde vampire
Beta’d by: Mulder200

Part 1

Xander was stumbling through the park, trying to make it to Willow’s house. He
Went home after patrol to find his dad was drunk again. His dad started yelling at him for being too loud. Xander had tried to apologize but Tony didn’t give his son a chance. He punched Xander in the face hard knocking him into the wooden table, making it shatter under the unsuspected weight. His father continued to beat on his own flesh and blood for another fifteen minutes. Kicking him in the stomach and back, punching him in the face and anywhere he could strike. Tony finally told him to get out of his sight.

Now a nineteen-year-old Xander was making his way through the park at midnight with no weapons to protect him. When he came to the big oak tree in the middle of the playground, he fell to his knees. He had been trying to make his way to his best friends house for the last half and hour. The walk should have only taken ten minutes.

The boys’ head snapped up when he heard a branch snap. "Who ever you are just keep walking." He tried to sound as threatening as he could.

"That was almost scary pet. Got to work on the tone a lil more though," Spike responded walking out of the shadows.

Xander let out a little sigh of relief but ended up coming out as a loud moan.

"What’s wrong with you?" The vampire kneeled in front of his ex-roommate.

"Nothing I am perfectly fine. Just taking a rest," Xander refused to tell Spike the truth. He had started having feelings for the blonde when they were living together and he couldn’t stand the thought of him thinking he was pathetic.

Spike stood. "Good then lets get off the ground." Spike went to help the boy up.

"Spike no!" However, he was too late Spike grabbed his hands to pull him up but they both ended up on the ground howling in pain.

"Bloody hell!" Spike had his hands on his head rubbing it. "What the hell just happened?" He demanded to know looking at the pain stricken brunette.

"My shoulder, I think it’s dislocated." Xander whimpered as he tried to sit up.

Spike crawled behind the boy slowly helping him stand up on unsteady feet. "Come on lets get you to the hospital. Then you can tell me what kind of creature did this." The vampire put his arm around Xander’s waist starting back the way he had just come.

"No! I am fine! I just need to get to Willow's."

"Xander you really need a doctor." Spike said worriedly.

"Willow can patch me up. Now help me to her place or leave." Xander was trying so hard to stay strong and not appear weak in front of the vampire.

"Whatever you say pet." Spike started walking the direction of the witches’ house, carrying all the boys’ weight by the time they reached her house. The blonde pounded on the door making the glass shake.

Willow throw the door open her hair a mess and ready to give who ever it was a piece of her mind. "Spike?" She looked confused. She saw Xander unconscious. "Get him in here." She ordered getting out of the way. "Take him upstairs second door on the right, I'll be right there."

When Willow made her way back to her room she saw Spike gently taking off her best friends shirt, revealing bruising, "What happened Spike?" She asked as she knelt on the bed, lightly touching one of the forming bruises. Xander let out a low groan.

"I don't know he was trying to make his way here. I told him he should go to the doctor but he got all panicky." The vampire saw the redheads eyes go wide. "What?" He asked knowing she knew something that he did not.

"Later, right now I need your help. His shoulder is dislocated and we need to get it back in. Help him sit up and sit behind him." Willow said a quick spell.

"What was that?" Spike asked not liking to be around magic.

"Just a little spell to give me strength, I'd ask you to do this but I don’t want to have to be worrying about both of you. You ready?" Spike nodded and Willow took a deep breath, she did a small prayer to the goddess of strength before snapping Xander’s shoulder back into place. The boy screamed so loud making Spike flinch back.

"Shh, take it easy pet." Spike rubbed the boys back.

“It’s okay Xander.” Willow said stroking his hair.

“Willow I don’t want to go home. Can I stay here?” He asked in a child like voice. Just like, he used to say when they were kids.

“Of course hun, you know you are always welcome here. Go to sleep and you will feel better in the morning.” After she heard his light snores she stood up not looking at the vampire and left the room

“What the hell was that about?” Spike demanded answers as he trailed the witch down the stairs. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs staring at her as her hair started to turn black. “Um… pet?”

The witch turned to him her eyes pure black, “Shut up.” She said in a frightening voice. He shivered as the air becoming cold, making him see his friends’ breath. He jumped when all the light bulbs exploded.

Willows eyes and hair suddenly turned back to the original color. “Sorry Spike.” She said embarrassed, going into the kitchen to grab the broom and dustpan.

“Not a problem luv, but want to tell me what that was about?” He stayed in the living room almost afraid to follow her.

“I shouldn’t tell you, it’s not my place. But you saved his life and I owe you an explanation.” Willow said sweeping up the mess. Spike stood there waiting for her to continue. “Xander wasn’t attacked by a demon.”

Spike looked confused, “Well, what else was it?”

“It was his dad.” Spike saw the redhead trying to control her anger black streaks making there way through her hair again.

“Calm down pet.” Spike said soothingly taking her hand and guiding her over to the couch. “His dad did that to him?” Spike tried to stay calm; he didn’t need to be upsetting the witch.

“Yes, its’ been happening since as long as I’ve known him and that has been along time. Maybe not long to you since you have been around forever but for a human it has been long.” She babbled.

“I get it pet.” Spike replied.

“He used to sneak into my room at night, sometimes Jesse’s room at night. His parents would fight all the time, which I am sure you heard.”

“Why doesn’t he move out?” The blonde began to get mad.

“Spike, Xander doesn’t really have a job that can get him out of the basement. He has been saving up but it’s kind of hard to do when his dad keeps raising the rent.”

“Why didn’t you let him move in here?” He growled.

“Don’t you dare blame this on me!” The redhead all but yelled at the chipped vampire. “I’ve done all I can to help him! I have taken care of him since we were six; I’ve brought him lunches and invited him over for supper three times a week. I’d bandage up all his cuts. This is my parents’ house and they do not even know that Xander use to sneak into my room and sleep on the floor. They would stop paying for my tuition out if they found out I had a man living here. And I can’t afford it on my own.”

“I’m sorry red; I know it’s not your fault.” Spike looked at the stairs. “He has to move out,” Spike said.

“I told you he doesn’t have the money.”

“He can move in with me,” The vampire stated.

“In to the crypt?” Willow wrinkled up her nose.

“Hey!” Spike sounded insulted.

“Sorry it’s nice and all, but Xander is human.”

“We’d fix it up a bit. My crypt is a lot better then that basement.” Willow nodded in agreement.

“I don’t know if you could convince him though.”

“I’ll drag him kicking and screaming if I need to.” Spike said threatening.

Willow knew Spike would do anything to get the brunette out of the basement. She looked at the clock and saw it was already two o’clock. She rubbed her eyes.

“Spike, I have to get up in a few hours for class. Xander is in no shape to be going to work or being alone. Could you stay and um… look after him for me?”

“Sure but only as a favor too you.” he said trying to save what was left of his reputation not wanting to admit his feelings for the boy.

“Sure, just a favor for Me.” the redhead said with a knowing smile as she made her way to the stairs. “You can either sleep on the couch or climb in with Xander. I’m sorry I don’t have any blood here. I can pick some up after class though. Will that be okay?” Spike saw she felt guilty.

“No problem red, ate before I found Xander, so I’ll be good.” He reassured her. He did not like his friend feeling guilty especially under these circumstances. She nodded giving a small smile before disappeared around the corner.

Spike waited an hour before climbing the stairs and going into Willows room, noticing the lack of the redhead he assumed she was in her parents’ room. Spike growled when he saw a bruise forming around the boys left eye, he would not be surprised if it was swollen shut by morning. He closed the drapes before kicking off his shoes and climbed into the bed. He watched the sleeping brunette before falling asleep.

Part 2

Xander woke up gasping in pain. {Oh god, dad did a good job this time.} He tried to sit up but failed miserably. “Willow?” Xander called out. No answer, he frowned. {She would not have gone to class leaving me here alone, would she?} “Willow!” He called louder in a panic.

Xander jumped at the small growl beside him. He turned his head slowly, only seeing a lump under the covers. {Oh, god there is a demon in the bed!} The brunette panicked, he could hardly move and his friend left him.

Spike heard the boys’ heart beat increase, frowning in confusion. He lifted the blanket from his head and looked at the boy that had his eyes shut tight and his body was vibrating fiercely. “Pet, its okay you’re safe.”

“Spike?” Xander turned his head to look at the sleepy vampire. “I thought you were a demon,” Seeing the look on the blonde’s face he tried to back track, “I mean a demon that would kill me…. Not that you wouldn’t kill me if you could!”

Spike chuckled at the boy that was trying to make him feel better. “I know what you meant pet.”

“Where’s Willow?” Xander asked.

“Had class, asked me to stay and watch over you.” Spike got up to get his smokes from his duster.

The boy eyes became sad thinking he was a nuisance to the vampire, “You can go, and you don’t need to sit around here all day with me.”

“Can’t really leave with the sun up and all,” Mutter the blonde as he was looking for his cigarettes. {Where are those damn things? I am sure I had them last night.}

“Oh right, don’t want a crispy Spike.” Xander said. “Well, Willow’s parents have digital cable, tons of channels you can go downstairs.”

{Found them!} Spike cheered inwardly. “What was that?” Spike asked not hearing the boy. He heard the boy sigh and turned to see a sad Xanpet.

“I said Willow’s parents have digital cable downstairs, tons of channels for you to go watch.”

“Promised the witch I’d watch you, can’t really do that if you’re up here and I’m down there, now can I?” He went to light his cigarette but stopped not wanting to irritate the boy.

“You don’t have to watch over me, I have to get to work anyway.” The boy struggled once again to get up. “A little helps if you don’t mind.”

Spike walked over just to push the boy back down. “Not going to work like this.” He said sternly.

“Got to, no work, no pay, no food,” He tried again to sit up.

Spike growled, “Not going to work.”

Xander sighed, “Fine no work, and help me up so I can go home then.”

The vampire growled louder making Xander flinch, “Not going back there either.”

“Um, Spike? Why are you holding me hostage at Willow’s house?” Xander asked confused. He winced just noticing his left eye was swollen shut.

Spike sighed, lighting up the smoke moving to the other end of the room, “Pet, Red told me.”

Xander looked confused, “Told you what?”

The vampire shifted his weight, “About your dad.”

The brunettes body became tense, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Xander, she told me everything, the beatings, how you’d sneak into her room at night.”

“Shut up.” Xander became defensive.

Spike rolled his eyes at being told to shut up for the second time that day. “You need to move out.”

“Oh yeah sure, let me just pull the money out of my ass and then I can be on my way.” Xander said sarcastically. “Why do you even care, fangless?”

Spike growled threateningly advancing on the boy. He stopped when he saw the total fear in his eyes. {Boy is scared of me.} Xander saw the hurt in the vampires’ eyes before he stomped out of the room slamming the door shut.

Xander sighed, “Way to go you idiot!” He could hear the vampire stomping around downstairs, cursing up a storm.

“Stupid excuse of a human,” Spike vented knowing he did not mean it. “All I try to do is help the sod and he throws it in my face. For all I care he can go back to his parents place, get his sorry ass killed, and serve him right!” The vampire stomped around the kitchen trying to find something to make the human for lunch, never realizing he was talking loud enough for the human to hear.

Xander had been as strong as he could but when he heard Spikes’ harsh words, and couldn’t help but cry {Yeah Xander. What a man you are, crying over something so stupid.} The brunette took a deep breath trying to prepare him for the pain. He jerked himself into the sitting position feeling dizzy and queasy. He forced himself to fall forward on to the floor on his knees instead of backwards onto the bed. He grabbed the side of Willow’s nightstand using it to brace him to stand up. He spotted his shirt but did not want to chance hurting his shoulder more. Instead, he just grabbed his jacket sliding it carefully.

He leaned against the wall breathing heavily. {Now all I have to do is make it down the stairs with out breaking my neck.} He made it to the stairs gripping the railing as hard as he could as he made his way down. He could hear Spike in the kitchen. He slowly made his way to the front door.

”Where the bloody hells do you think you’re going?” A low growl came from behind Xander.

“Home, you know the place I belong?” Xander said not turning to look at the blonde.

“What the hell are you babbling about?” Spike asked annoyed.

“I heard you Spike,” Xander slowly turned trying to ignore the wave of nausea that came.

“Oh,” Spike said looking somewhat guilty, cursing himself for not realizing he was talking that loud. “I’m sorry.”

Xander held his ribs. {Getting out of bed was not the move Xan-man} “Whatever. Tell Willow I said thanks for the help and I will see her later.”

“Where are you going?” Spike walked closer.

“I told you, home.” Xander didn’t move though closing his eyes tightly. {I am not going to puke. I am not going to puke.}

“You’re in no condition to go anywhere.” Spike walked over to Xander slowly guiding him to the couch. “Just relax and I’ll fix you something to eat.” Spike turned and went back to the kitchen.

A few minutes later, the vampire returned with a cheese sandwich and a glass of milk. “Here you go pet.” he handed the plate to Xander.

“Thanks,” The brunette said before taking a bite.

“I am sorry that you over heard my rant. I didn’t mean it you know.” Spike sat on the coffee table.

Xander shrugged, “I had it coming.”

“I know you didn’t mean it, I don’t blame you for being defensive.”

“I shouldn’t have said it. I don’t like to treat my friends like that. I just freaked when you found out.” Xander said blushing with embarrassment.

“Friends?” Spike asked {When did that happen? I mean I have had feelings for the boy but I did not realize we would become friends.}

Xander frowned, “Maybe not.” he mumbled.

“No, it’s just I didn’t realize we had become friends. Kind of a shock is all.”

“I know, never thought it would happen. I know that once the chip is gone its fair game right?” Xander said sadly.

“If I ever get this chip out of my head, I’ll talk to the watcher and slayer. See if we can work something out. Maybe stay and continue to help. If not I’ll leave... for good.”

“You’d really want to stay?” Xander asked hopefully.

“If I could, I’ve got friends now and I protect what’s mine.” Spike smiled a real smile.

Xander grinned back before taking another bite of the sandwich. “This is really good.” He said with his mouth full.

“Xander?” Spike asked wanting to mention about moving in with him.


“I want you to move in with me,” Spike stated.

“Huh?” The brunette asked confused.

“I want you out of the basement.” He saw that the boy was going to refuse, “I told you I protect what is mine. Think of it as doing me a favor.”

“How does that work?” Xander said still looking confused.

“I will be worried about you; one day if you got injured again I would blame myself.” Spike replied and Xander saw that the blonde really believed that.

“Okay.” Xander agreed after several minutes.

Spike sighed; he knew he could get the boy to do it for him. {Couldn’t do it for himself though could he?}

“After the sun sets we will go get your stuff and take it back to the crypt.” Xander made a face. “I know it’s not the best place especially for a human. I will have to phone my sire and ask for my account number.”

“Y-you’re going to phone Dru?” The boy asked slightly scared.

“No, Angelus set up an account for me when I was first turned, and don’t worry about Dru. I wouldn’t let her hurt you or Red if she ever came back.”

“What about Giles?” He asked worrying about the man, he considered a father.

“I’d protect him as well, but I think if it came down to it the watcher could win.” Spike rolled his eyes, “Also the slayer if she couldn’t defeat her.”

“I hope she doesn’t come back.” Xander asked seriously, yawning,

“Why?” Spike asked.

“Because she wouldn’t make it out alive…undead, and I don’t want to see you hurt.” Xander said honestly, before closing his eyes and falling asleep, leaving the vampire speechless.

Part 3

Just before sunset Willow walked into her parents place, carrying a bag. She smiled as she saw Xander’s head resting on Spikes lap, stroking her friend’s hair.

“Are you hungry? I picked up some blood,” the redhead whispered not wanting to disturb her friend.

“Yeah luv thanks.” The vampire replied not looking up from the sleeping form.

Willow came back several minutes later with a mug of pigs’ blood. She handed it to him. He switched hands so he could continue to stroke Xander’s hair.

Willow sat on the chair opposite of the couch, “Were you able to convince him?”

“Yeah, told him he would be doing me a favor.”

“Good. Before we go to the Magic Box we should stop off at the basement to grab what Xander needs.” Willow said. She looked at the clock seeing it was quarter to six.

“Sounds like a plan, boy needs some clothes.”

At six-thirty, Spike roused Xander awake, the three of them making their way to the basement of doom. Xander saw his dads’ car parked in front. “Shit, Spike stay here with Willow I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Xander dashed into the basement ignoring the pain, not giving Spike a chance to reply.

“What was that about?” The blonde asked confused, not liking the fact that Xander was in the same house as his abusive father with no back up.

“He is protecting me,” Willow replied becoming uncomfortable. “I haven’t been in his house since I was sixteen.” Spike looked at her more confused. “He didn’t like the way he dad looked at me.”

The vampires’ eyes became hard when he realized what she was saying. {When I get this damn chip out, he is the first one I come after!}

Xander walked back to them with a duffle bag in his hand, “Alright, Let’s go.”

The trio walked into the Magic Box. Willow smiled and sat beside Tara. Giles walked out from the training room Buffy right behind him. “Xander, what happened?” Giles came over lightly putting his hand on Xander’s shoulder.

“Oh, Um…”

“Saved my life didn’t he?” Spike said around the smoke that was in his mouth.

“What? What happened?” Buffy said handing Xander and Willow each a bottle of water.

Xander looked at Spike, “He was walking home from work last night, lucky for me. Bunch of frat boys were drunk and decided to attack me. With my chip and all I couldn’t do anything. One minute I was trying to protect my face the next Xander is pulling them off of me.”

“You’re a hero.” Tara said quietly still getting use to be part of a group. Xander smiled at her.

“She is right. I’m proud of you Xander,” Giles said a smile on his face.

“Thanks,” Xander smiled, feeling bad that Spike had to make him seem defenseless to help him.

Buffy came back out carrying a mug of blood, “I don’t know if I got it the right temperature.” She said apologetic.

“Thanks pet.” Spike slipped it, it was not warm enough but the slayer doing something nice for him was seldom, made him wonder if an apocalypse was under way.

“Well I think maybe Spike and Buffy should do a quick patrol, if you spot any demons please inform me. Willow, Tara and Xander I can give you all a ride home.”

“Actually Xander isn’t staying in the basement anymore,” Spike said.

“Really?” Buffy asked.

“After last night we decided that it would be better if we moved in together. He’d protect me from humans and I’d protect him from demons.”

“Good idea, I don’t want anything to happen to either of you,” The ex-watcher replied.

“Hey Spike, I think I moved your axe from its spot. I’ll help you look for it before you head out for patrol.”

Spike followed Xander into the back room, “Everything okay pet?”

“Yeah… no, thank you Spike. You didn’t need to do that.” Xander hugged the vampire. “I don’t like you having to make yourself feel vulnerable for me.”

Spike lightly wrapped his arms around Xander’s waist, nuzzling his neck. “Don’t worry about it luv.” Spike stepped back and lightly kissed Xander’s lips before turning and grabbing the axe and leaving the stunned brunette alone.

Once he heard the door chime, he made his way back to the front seeing Giles up in the loft organizing some new books. He sat beside the two witches. “X-Xander? Are you okay?” Tara asked.

“Um… yes?”

“What happened? Spike was all smileys when he walked back in.” Willow grinned having an idea of what happened.

Xander blushed, “He kissed me.”

Willow and Tara grinned at each other; they had both known that the two had feelings for each other. Willow stood grabbing Tara’s hand, “Want to head back to the dorm?”

“I thought you were staying at your parents place?” Xander asked confused.

“Just last night, there was a major party going on and I couldn’t concentrate for the finals.” Willow replied.

“Oh okay,” He kissed both girls on the cheeks and walked them to the door. “Be careful you two!” He called out after them.

Xander slowly lowered himself on to the couch. Giles was beside him handing his aspirin and a bottle of water. “Try to rest. I’ll have Spike wake you when he comes back.”

Xander smiled after swallowing the pills his eyes closing, “Thanks Giles.”

Part 4

It was quarter to midnight when Xander was lightly shaken. “Come on pet, time to get going.”

Xander sat up running his hand over his face, “Find any vampires?”

“Yeah a nest,” Spike grabbed Xander’s bag waving Giles a goodbye before dragging the half a sleep boy out of the store. “I killed more then the slayer.” Spike said puffing out his chest.

“And if I ask her tomorrow will she agree or say she got more?” Xander asked, leaning against Spike.

“The slayer lies luv.”

“Says the big bad vamp.” Xander replied, looking to see the vampire smirk.

Spike opened the door to his crypt ushering the human inside before closing the door. “Bedrooms downstairs,” Spike said before dropping down to the second floor.

“Show off.” Xander muttered hearing Spike chuckle as he made is way down the ladder.

“Easy there Xan.” Spike watched as Xander made his way slowly down the ladder impressed that he made it down on his own with his injuries.

Xander walked over to the king size bed pulling out some fresh clothes. “I’ll leave you to get changed.” Spike climbed back up the ladder to give him some privacy. He returned with a mug of blood and Twinkies. “Should have picked you up from food, I’ll head out and get some for you. You should probably get some sleep though.”

“Um, where am I sleeping?” Xander asked.

Spike looked at him as if he grew a second head, which was always possible in Sunnydale, “The bed where else?”

Xander blushed, “Um… with you?”

“It’s a big bed.” Spike said enjoying making Xander blush. “I’m going to go out and do some more hunting. Also pick you up some food for the morning and for lunch cuz I am assuming you will want to go back to work tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I’ve already missed five days this month and I just started.”

Spike nodded, “You should get some sleep then, I don’t have an alarm clock but I will be awake.” He walked over to the corner pulling out a battery-operated heater turning it on high. “If you could pick up a paper after work we can start apartment hunting.”

“I can do that.” Xander said climbing under the covers. “Do you need some blood picked up?”

Spike thought for a minute, “No, I have a few bags left. Thanks though.”

“Be careful,” Xander, said knowing Spike could handle himself but felt that Spike should know he cared.

Spike smiled, “Don’t worry about me luv.”

“I want to worry about you though,” Xander said slightly embarrassed.

Spike sat on the side of the bed, “Not going anywhere Xan,” He kissed the boys’ temple.

Xander smiled, “Just wake me up when you get home okay? Just so I know.”

“Alright luv,” the vampire stood up. “Be back in a few hours.” With that, Spike was gone.

Part 5

Spike woke Xander up as soon as he came back. He also woke him up for work as much as he didn’t like that fact that Xander wanted to go to work in the condition he was in.

Spike was back in bed after talking to Angel about getting his account. Angel called him back after locating the account number. The blonde then transferred a large chunk into Xander’s account, since Spike technically didn’t exist.

Not being able to sleep Spike got up wandering around the room, spotting Xanders’ bag. {Should see how he is doing on clothes, may need to do some shopping.} Grabbing the duffle bag he set it on the bed. He pulled out all of the items. Three pairs of worn pants, five hideous hawaiian shirts, six pairs of boxers and eight pairs of socks. He picked up the only item that wasn’t clothing. Inspecting it, he realized it was a battered teddy bear, dirty and smelled horrible.

He didn’t hear Xander come in, “What are you doing?”

The vampire jumped startled, looking embarrassed, “Sorry pet, just wanted to see how you were doing on clothes. Don’t have much, you should have grabbed more.”

“Grabbed all the clothes I own.” He replied pulling his shoes off.

“That’s it?” Spike frowned, “What about clothes from school? Its’ been less then a year and you haven’t grown much since then.”

“Two pairs of pants, three shirts, three boxers and five pairs of socks.” Xander answered. “Oh and one pair of sneakers but I had to toss them out because the got drenched in demon goo.”

“Course they did,” Spike said thinking of ways to kill Xander’s parents.

“So you met Mr. Binkey.” Xander said sitting beside the vampire.

“Mr… Binkey?” Spike said blinking.

Xander laughed, “I didn’t name him.”


Xander took the teddy bear from Spike. “Jesse.” He smiled sadly.

Spike had heard some stuff about Jesse. The boys’ name never really came up. He knew Darla had killed and turned him and used him as bait for the slayer. And Xander had ended up staking him, his best friend.

“It was a birthday present. Willow was away at camp, so it was just me and Jesse. My parents forgot about my sixth birthday. Jesse invited me over for supper. His parents made this huge dinner, even though money was tight for them at the time.” Xander smiled at the memory. “Even baked me a cake from scratch not one from a box. After supper, Jesse and me watched movies. That’s when he gave me Mr. Binkey. It was his favorite toy.”

“Sounded like a great kid, wish I could have met him.” Spike replied honestly.

“I think you would have liked him.”

“I probably would have,” Spike agreed. “Why are you home so early?”

Xander shrugged, “Got fired, shocker huh?”

“Sorry luv, you deserve a better job, then a pizza delivery boy. Once we find a place to live you can start looking for a better job.”

Xander wrapped his arms around the vampire pulling him into a hug, “Thanks for everything Spike.”

“Told you I take care of what’s mine,” Spike said wrapping his arms around Xander’s waist loving the warmth.

Part 6

Two weeks later Xander made his way down the ladder smiling at a sleeping Spike. It was only noon and he knew that the vampire didn’t get in till just before dawn, he felt bad about waking him up but he had good news to share.

“Spike,” Xander nudged the vampires’ leg. “Come on Spike,” he nudged harder. Laughing when Spike growled softly, “Spike, get up!” Xander whined.

Spike grabbed Xander’s arm dragging him onto the bed snuggling against his warm body, “Too early, pet.” Spike whined back, nuzzling his head into Xander shoulder.

“I know and I wouldn’t wake you if it wasn’t important!” Xander laughed as Spike started to purr. “I found us an apartment!”

Spike looked up his eyes still tired with sleep, “Really?”

“Yeah it’s great! Two bedrooms and the master bedroom have its own bathroom, large living room and the kitchen is kind of small but I figure since you don’t really eat and I don’t cook it works, also minimum windows!” Xander said excitedly. “Want to check it out tonight? I can phone Sherry and set it up if you want.”

“Sure pet, I trust your judgment though.” Spike mumbled into the brunettes’ neck. “How much is it?”

“I didn’t ask,” Xander replied running his hand through Spikes hair unconsciously.

Spike began to purr, he always loved when Dru would run her fingers through his hair, “Why not?”

Xander shrugged, “Figured it wasn’t my business. I’ll go phone Sherry and let you get back to sleep.” He went to sit up earning a growl from the vampire, “Spike?”

“Stay,” Spike demanded. Xander snuggled back down, “Suppose to tell you we have a Scooby meeting tonight and Giles would like you there.”

“Kay, sleep now.”

Spike and Xander walked into the Magic Box a little after eight. Xander was bouncing he was so excited. Spike had agreed that the apartment was perfect.

“Hey girls! Hiya G-man!” Xander’s smile made everyone smile.

“What has you so happy Xander?” Giles asked coming from behind the counter.

“We found an apartment!” Xander bounced again. “It’s great. Right Spike?”

“Yeah, Xander did a great job finding a place,” Spike praised the boy.

“Awesome when do you guys move it? You have to have a house warming party!” Willow said excitedly.

“We can move in at anytime, so in the next few days since neither of us have much stuff to pack. We will need to go do some furniture shopping though.”

“Shopping?” Xander shuddered while Spike smirked at him.

“You can always order offline. Sunnydale Mall has a website.” Buffy said helpfully.

“Thank god! Demons I can deal with, pushy sales people I can’t.” Xander said shuddering again making the group laugh.

“So what’s up Rupert? New big bad?” Spike asked leaning against the counter.

“I’m not quite sure, a friend phoned me today saying he thinks a ‘Cepress’ may be headed this way.”

“Cepress? I don’t think I’ve heard of that kind of demon” Spike said.

“I was afraid of that,” Giles sighed. “My friend didn’t have much information on them either. Perhaps Tara, Willow and I can find something on the demon. You, Buffy and Xander do a patrol.”

“Sure thing, we will check back in a few hours,” Buffy told her ex watcher as she made her way to the backroom. She tossed Spike his axe and a cross and stake to Xander. He pocketed both afraid he would hurt Spike.

The trio made it to the third cemetery it had been a slow night and Xander was bored. “Is it just me or is it just a little too quiet?”

“Seems to be pet.” Spike, said lighting a cigarette.

Just on cue, Xander was grabbed and tossed to the side. Twenty vampires surrounded Spike and Buffy. {What am I? Chop liver?}

Ten of the vampires went for the slayer while the other ten went for the vampire. Buffy dusted five of hers before she was kicked into a headstone. Her remaining vampires pulled her up. Spike dusted three of his; the vampires that went after him were more then new fledges. The pinned him to the ground, one holding a stake just over his heart.

“Don’t dust him yet,” a voice came from behind Xander. “He can’t pay me back if he is dust now can he?” A demon that had a head of a hammerhead shark came out from the night.

Spike sighed, “Franklin,” he greeted.

“Spike, you seemed to forget that you owe me some kittens.” He motioned for his vampire minions to drag Spike up.

“Didn’t forget, just been busy.” Spike growled when one of the vampires tossed holy water on him.

“You know the rules,” the demon said. “I’m not going to kill you, I want my kittens. But I can’t let it slide, can’t have others thinking I am soft now can I?” He made another motion the same vampire dousing Spike in holy water again.

Xander pulled out his stake, sneaking up on the shark; he wrapped his arm around his neck sticking the stake against its neck, “Tell them to back off.” Xander demanded.

Franklin barked a laugh, “William the bloody has his pet fighting his battles, truly pathetic!”

Xander dug the stake in harder, “Do it!”

“What makes you think that will kill me boy?”

“I don’t but I’m willing bet it’ll hurt like a son of a bitch.” He added more pressure, feeling the demon flinch at the force. “Now let my friends go.”

Franklin sighed and rolled his eyes “Let them go.” He commanded.

The vampires released Buffy while the other vampires pushed Spike to the ground before walking away.

“I still want my payment!” Xander pushed the demon away, watching him follow his minions.

“Buff you okay?” Xander asked pocketing his stake again, before making his way over to the vampire.

“I’m good thanks Xan,” She dusted herself off.

Xander held his hand out for Spike, to help him up. Spike smacked his hand away standing up on his own. “I didn’t need your help whelp!”

Xander looked hurt and confused; it had been awhile since Spike called him ‘whelp’. “Spike…”

“It’s one thing to help me with humans but to make me look like a pounce in front of demons,” Spike growled his eyes shifting to a yellow tint.

“Spike,” Buffy warned.

“Shut your bloody trap slayer!” His eyes remained on Xander. “You made me a laughing stalk in the demon world! It would have been better if it had been the slayer to have threatened them. Hell it would have been better if it was one of the witches or even the damn watcher!” He saw the boy flinch.

“I was just trying to help.” Xander said meekly.

“Don’t need or want your help.” Spike pushed the boy out of his way stalking out of the cemetery.

Buffy put her hand on her friends shoulder, “Xander…”

”Don’t Buff, please,” his voice cracked a little. “Let’s just get out of here.” He picked up the axe that Spike had dropped before leaving the graveyard, the slayer trailing behind him.

Part 7

After they filled in the rest of the group about the nights events Xander left heading to the bronze, glad he remembered his fake I.D. Xander was the last one to leave the Bronze being all but dragged out. He stood outside breathing in the night air, trying to clear his head from all the beers he had consumed. He started his way towards the cemetery but switched directions and headed to Giles place. He pulled out the key that Giles had given him for emergencies. {Not really an emergency but I doubt he will mind me crashing on his couch.}

He opened the door walking in and closed it quietly before locking it. He toed his shoes off making his way to the couch. Laying down he was asleep immediately.

He woke to the smell of coffee. He groaned pressing his hand to his head. His mouth tasting like cotton. Prying his eyes open, he saw Giles standing over him with a glass of water and a bottle of aspirin. “Thanks.” Slowly he sat up, taking the glass and tossing back three aspirin.

“I can’t say I’m surprised to see you here.” Giles said sitting on his coffee table.

“I’m sorry about that, didn’t really have many opinions last night.” Xander said closing his eyes hoping to block out the light.

“You’re opinion of drinking wasn’t necessary,” Giles said in a fatherly voice, Xander just shrugged. “Xander, about last night, I know Spike was out of line. But you have to understand that his ego was damaged.”

“I get that Giles, I really do. But what was I suppose to do? Stand there as they tortured him? And what if they had decided to finish off Buffy? They were more then just fledges.”

The older man put a sympathetic hand on the boys’ shoulder, “He just needs to cool down. But you shouldn’t be using alcohol to numb the pain. You should know the effects of that better then anyone.” Xander looked at him. “Xander it was never my place to bring it up. You are far too proud to ask for help.”

“I always wished you were my dad.” the boy admitted.

“Xander, you are my son. Just as Buffy, Willow and Tara are my daughters. And I am always here for you.” Xander nodded. “Now why don’t you go take a shower and I will make us some breakfast.”

When Xander exited the bathroom scrambled eggs were already sitting at the table. “Thanks Giles.”

“Eat up then we will phone the girls. We still need to find out more about this demon.”


That afternoon the girls came in, smiling at Xander, “You doing okay Xan?” Willow asked giving her friend a hug.

“I’ll survive,” He reassured her. “So, anything new on the demon?”

“Yeah, it is definitely headed this way.” Tara said sitting beside Willow.

“How can you be sure?” Buffy asked.

“It’s looking for its mate,” Willow said.

“He lost his mate?”

“No trying to find one actually. And it’s a she.”

“Oh, so how do we kill it?”

“Well… the demon is usually harmless.” Tara started.

“Usually? What does that mean?” Xander asked.

“They only get violent if someone tries to keep them from the one they decide that they want to erm… mate with,” Giles said.

“Okay, but we don’t have to worry about that cause it will be another demon, right?” The slayer asked.

“Um… yeah usually,” Willow squeaked.

“Again with the ‘usually’,” Xander asked.

“They don’t know who there mate is until they you know, see them.” Tara explained.

“So it could be anything or anyone?” Buffy understood.

“Exactly, that’s why we need to find the demon. It may be harmless but we can’t chance it.” The watcher replied.

“Well. do we know what they look like or how to kill it?” Xander asked.

“Cut off its head, but they have razors on the arms. Not poisonous but deadly none the less. No description of it either but they usually stay close to water, lakes or rivers.”

“Lucky for us we only have one lake then.” Willow said happily.

“Yeah but it’s pretty big.” Xander said.

“So we divide into groups,” Giles replied. “We have to wait until tonight that is usually when they come out.”

“Of course it is,” Xander muttered.

“Xander, why don’t you go lay down in the spare bedroom, we will wake you before we head out.” Giles suggested.

“Yeah I think I will, thanks,” Sending the man he considered his father an appreciative smile, his hangover still not quite gone.

Part 8

Two hours later Xander woke to a knock on the closed door, Tara popped her head in, “H-hey you awake?”

He sat up, “Yeah, time to go?”

“No we still have a couple hours, but I thought we would go pick up some food. Feel like a walk?”

“Sure, can’t let a pretty girl like you walk around this town alone.” Xander smiled when the blonde witch blushed.

“Come on Casanova.” She said has Xander stood up stretching.

They decided to pick up Chinese food. Buffy phoned in the order before Tara and he headed out.

They were waiting in line, the restaurant busy for a Wednesday evening. “Well if it isn’t my loser of a son.” Xander tensed as he heard his fathers’ voice. Tara looked at her friend.

He turned, “Hey dad.” Xander said politely.

Tony ignored his son, “Is this your girlfriend?” He asked leering at Tara.

“No just a friend,” Xander said pulling Tara behind him.

“You seem to have a lot of girl friends, never any male ones though.” His dad said in an accusing voice. “Makes me wonder.” His eyes still on the shy blonde.

“If maybe I’m gay? I’m not gay dad, bisexual but not gay.”

Tony snorted, “Should have figured, you were always a pansy.”

“Think what you want, I don’t really care.” Xander nodded at Tara that their food was done. She went to the counter paying for the food.

“You don’t care that you are an embarrassment to your family?” His dad growled.

“Not really, no. I’m out of your house so it doesn’t matter any which way to me.” He took the food from Tara’s hands leading her out of the building.

They were a block away when Xander fell to his knees, as his dad punching him in the back of the head. “You always were a mouthy little shit weren’t you?”

“I guess it runs in the family,” Xander staggered to his feet. He handed the food to his friend pushing her toward the Giles place. Tara looked at Xander warily. “Go.” He turned towards his dad, his head snapping to the right as Tony punched him in the jaw. Xander swayed from the attack but stayed standing. “I’ve been dying to do this for years.” Xander reared his arm back punching his father square in the nose, hearing it break, blood gashing instantly. “Stay away from me and from my friends! You see me walking in your direction you turn and walk away. Understood?” His dad nodded shocked that his son had stood up to him. Xander pushed him away and made his way to Giles place.

When he walked in he ignored everyone’s stares as he made his way to the kitchen pulling out an ice pack from the ex watchers freezer. Xander leaned against the counter placing the cold pack on his jaw, his whole body trembling. {I can’t believe I actually did it!}

A few minutes later he put the ice pack back before rejoining his friends. “When do we leave?”

“As soon as we are done eating supper,” Buffy replied. He nodded grabbing a plate.

They were packing weapons when Spike strolled in, “What’s the news?” He asked.

The girls ignored him and Xander got up and went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. “We are going after the Cypess, its here looking for a mate. Grab an axe. We will be handing out in the next fifteen minutes.” Giles answered him.

Spike nodded and followed Xander into the kitchen watching him as he took a healthy gulp of water. “You didn’t come home last night.”

“And your point would be?” Xander asked.

“I was worried,” Spike admitted.

“I have to say again, and?” Xander finished off his water tossing it with the rest of the bottles.

“What happened to your face?” Spike asked stepping forward.

“None of your business.”

“Xan…” Spike said frustrated,

“You don’t have any right to be frustrated! No right to feel hurt or angry!” Xander’s eyes were hard.

“Look I’m sorry about last night,” Spike sighed.

“Forget about it, we really don’t have time to deal with this. There is a demon out there that needs to be taken care of.” Xander stepped around the vampire. “And don’t worry if it attacks you, I won’t help.” He stated before entering the living room.

“We are splitting up, Willow and me, Spike and Tara and Xander will be with Buffy.” Spike started to protest but stopped with the looks he received.

Spike was walking with Tara, looking around for the demon. He really needed something to kill. “What happened to Xan?”

“I don’t know if it’s my place to say.” The witch replied.

“Please, tell me.” Spike asked his tone almost begging.

Tara looked at the vampire shocked that he had said please, “His dad. He ended up at the same restaurant.” Spike growled. “Xander was brave though and stood up to him. Even punched him back, you should have seen the blood.” Tara told him she hadn’t been that far away when Xander hit his father.

“Yeah?” Spike asked.

“Yeah, it was kind of cool.” She said shocking the vampire, she blushed, “His dad is a creep.” Spike nodded.

They continued walking, “We’re getting closer to the slayer. Maybe they found something.” Spike said. Immediately following his words he saw Buffy fly through the air hitting the ground. “Looks like they found it,” He ran to the slayer grabbing her hand hauled her up.

“We have a problem,” She said picked up her weapon.

“What else is new?” The vampire said sarcastically.

The slayer threw him a nasty look, “It found its ‘Mate’”.

Spike had a bad feeling, “Where’s Xander?”

Buffy ignored him running back at the Cypess. Spike followed with Tara right behind them. “Bloody Hell,” He cursed. {Of course it’s Xander. It’s always Xander!}

Xander was backing away from the demon, “Look, I’m sure you’re nice and all. But see I already you know like someone.” The Cypess tilted her head at him, not completely understanding. “So you know maybe we can just be friends?” The demon snarled and grabbed Xander’s arm yanking him away from the lake.

The demon stopped when she heard a low growl behind her. She turned to see a game faced vampire. She rolled her eyes at him.

“Sorry pet, he is already taken. But I can’t really blame you, he is a nummy treat.” Spike said. The Cypess raised its eyebrow amused. Her blow skin heating up, burning Xander’s arm.

{What the hell? Giles didn’t say anything about this. I have to remember to tell him about that.} Xander began to pull frantically away from the heat. He was pushed away by the demon as it went after Spike, roaring.

“That’s it. Show me what you’ve got.” The vampire said swinging his axe. The Cypess swiped the razor across Spikes jaw, forming a large gash. “Bloody hell!” Spike kicked his leg out taking the demon down hard. He seized his axe that he dropped swinging it down taking the demons head clean off.

Xander made his way to the blonde, “You okay?” he asked, lifting his hand up to touch Spikes’ cheek but let it fall to his side.

“Yeah, nothing a little blood would cure.” He wiped the blood away. “What about you?”

“I’ll live.” He looked at his arm a blister already forming. “Should let Giles know that they also burn.”

“Pet, I really am sorry.” Spike said softly.

“I know you are Spike.” Xander said as quietly. “But it doesn’t make the fact that you through my insecurities back in my face.”

“I didn’t mean it. I was just pissed and embarrassed.” The vampire admitted.

“I get that but, what about the next time?” Spike looked at Xander perplexed. “You honestly don’t believe this will be the last time a demon will want to beat you up do you?” Spike grinned sheepishly. “What am I suppose to do? Just sit back and watch? I can’t do that it’s not my nature.”

“I know luv, I let my pride get the best of me last night. I never wanted to make you feel like that. Can you forgive me?” The blonde asked hopefully.

Xander nodded, “But if you ever do that again, I will get Buffy to beat you up,” He threatened.

“Really?” Buffy asked excitedly.

Spike rolled his eyes. {Of course the bint heard that part.} “If I do it again I will find the bloody slayer myself.”

Xander grinned before pulling his vampire to him kissing him soundlessly.

“Eww, get a room you two.” The slayer said laughing.

“Come on luv, got furniture we need to get.” The vampire leaned in kissing his human before taking his hand and walking him back to town.

“Uh, guys? We drove.” Tara called from behind them.

“We’ll walk,” Spike called over his shoulder.

Xander wrapped his arm around Spikes waist. “See you tomorrow!” Xander said cheerfully, leaving the two girls giggling by the lake.

The End


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  • The Love of the Bullied 1/?

    Title: The Love of the Bullied 1/? Author: Forsaken2003 Pairing: S/X Rating: R Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss…

  • Two Valentines

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