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LFS: Season 5 AU fic and kid!Xander later Spander


I'm looking for 2 fics:

- the 1st one is a Xander/Spike/Angel fic, but it was mainly a Spander. It's some kind of AU fic of Buffy's season 5 and the fic Playing Games by Jenn. In the end of the 1st part of Playing Games, Xander and Spike decide to go live with Angel in LA. In the fic I'm looking for, the very night they decide to tell the Scoobies about them leaving, the weird snake that was sent to find Dawn finds her but this time Buffy can't stop it. I think Buffy is killed by Glory, Giles is killed trying to stop Glory's minions to get Dawn and the others flee to LA.

- the 2nd fic was at ffnet I think: I don't remember why/how but a kid!Xander is kind of adopted/raised by Spike and when he is of age they become lovers?

Please, help!

EDIT: Both found! See comments
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