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The Crossing

Title: The Crossing
Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X
Rating: NC17
Disclaimer: The Bee owns none of the characters or products named and
makes no money off anything. Sad state of affairs.
Warnings: Bad language, strong sexual content between M/M.
Second warning: Although I did do a lot of research, this story is not intended to
be an exact historical account so please don't scream and pounce on a detail or
two that may not be entirely accurate.

Credit: The snippets at the tops of the pages are from a web site entitled "Titanic,
A Time Line of Events". Earl Chapman on the Titanic Discussion List originally
published this chronology of events. Chapman modified it slightly in 1997. The
1997 version formed the basis of this timeline.

Summary: AU. It is the spring of 1912 and Xander Harris, who has been living
with relatives in Ireland, is heading home. As a gift of love, he was booked
passage on the maiden voyage of the Titanic with the promise that it will be the
adventure of a lifetime.

Author's note: This story is NOT a retelling of any of the Titanic movies.
It is the tale of one man and one vampire forgotten by history and the destiny they
both find on this doomed crossing.

Spelling checked by the gracious Silk_Labyrinth

As always, thanks to Petxnd for the wonderful banners and the valued friendship.


There was nothing in the universe but pain. There was no existence of consciousness
or physicality. There was no Alexander Harris either past or present. There was nothing
but the ripping agony of every atom in his body being split and exploding like a bomb
as his cells reformed and remade him into the new creature he was becoming.

His face cracked and continually shifted from human to vampire and back again.
His gums ached and bled as the brand new fangs cut through and grew to startling
lengths causing him to slice his lips and tongue, and every muscle in his body tensed
and convulsed as the magic spun its evil web throughout his being.

The instant Spike realized that his childe had awoken, he threw his body prone
over top of the larger one in an attempt to still the violent thrashing. His own turning
had been so long ago that he had all but forgotten about this moment of true torture
and fear. On the plus side, Xander had not had to claw his way out of a dirt grave
in a gothic church yard, hungry, frightened and alone because his sire had forgotten
about him.

No, Xander would never know loneliness. Not if Spike could help it. Spike
was thrilled to be his sire and would do his best for his young childe no matter what.
Right now, Spike's best was to assure that they were not discovered.

Against all odds, they had made it this far and it would not do to have George or
Whiny or any other crew member accidentally notice one of the corpses flailing
about under the tarp that served as a death shroud. Spike needed to get his boy
under control. Fast.

Lying flat on top of the young, crazed vampire, Spike clamped his fingers around
the boy's wrists and held them high over his head. It got Xander's attention and the
yellow, cat eyes glowed in the dark and looked imploringly for help. Spike's own
demon face stared down, silently answering, then, without hesitation, Spike's
face dropped and he bit, sinking his fangs deep in to the throat of the newly formed
creature. Instantly, Xander mewled and stilled.

The feel of the powerful jaws clamped at his neck and the fangs in his throat flooded
him with comfort and a feeling of home, safety and belonging. The waves of pain
ebbed and slowly faded back. Xander relaxed. His legs eased down and he sighed
as the man at his neck seemed to suck all the hurt and terror out of him.

Spike knew there was very little blood in his boy's body so the suckling was simply
more of a bonding than a feed. It told him he was loved and cared for. What came
next was the cement that would bind them for their own private eternities.

Releasing one of his boy's lax arms, Spike quickly swiped his wrist over the brand new
clawlike fingernails opening a gash that bled freely and he placed it at Xander's lips.
He heard a small squeak as the lips latched on hungrily and the first sloppy feeding
began. Xander had a hard time working around the new fangs and he slurped and
snuffled messily, dribbling blood from the corners of his mouth. Even with his own
fangs still deep in his boy's neck, Spike smiled proudly at his childe's attempts.

Knowing he still needed blood of his own, Spike released his bite and he pulled his
wrist away. Immediately, Xander whimpered imploringly and grabbed for Spike's arm
trying to bring it back again. Spike spoke quietly but firmly.

"No Xander. That's enough."

Xander did not agree and decided to take another tack. He made what he thought would
be his best, scary face and he snarled, spitting and snorting. The left side of his lip curled
up and down an a move that looked more like Elvis than monster. Spike chuckled. It
was the cutest thing he had ever seen and his heart swelled with love and pride.
Still, dominance had to be established.

"Now you stop that, boy. Do you hear me? I am the Master and you are the childe.
You will do as I say and you will behave yourself. Now, I know you don't understand
a lot just yet, but we are going to fix that. The most important thing is that you must
be quiet. We are not safe here. Do you understand danger?"

Xander's eyes grew huge and he nodded, his hair flopping wildly and throwing
small chunks of ice everywhere.

Spike continued, keeping his tone low and confident.

"Good. Good. It will be alright if you just do as I say. Now, I know you are still hungry
and we will feed but first we need to finish the bonding. For you to be whole, to be
cognitive and not just a stupid fledge, we need to bond."

The entire time Spike was whispering to his boy, his hand was slowly unbuttoning the
wet, ice crusted shirt and britches beneath him. He hated that this had to be done in
such harsh inhospitable conditions but it couldn't be helped. The sooner a childe
is bonded after he awakens, the sharper he will be.

When Spike's hand finally reached Xander's rigid cock, the new vampire eeped
and squiggled, spreading his legs and offering himself up submissively. His flesh had
been so cold and numb, he was unaware of his own erection until his master's fingers
brushed the head. Now it was the only part of his body that he could feel.

Quickly, Spike rolled off him and laid back beside his boy, struggling to remove
his own frozen trousers, all the time trying to keep the movement of the tarp to a
minimum. Xander laid flat, dressed only above the waist, staring at Spike's cock
and wringing his claw hands in anxious anticipation.

He was overwhelmed with the need to be fucked. Everything inside him begged
for that long, pale stake to pierce his anal cavity and bring him relief and satisfaction.
He didn't want sweet talk, flowers or candy....well candy was always nice, but right
now all he wanted was to be fucked.

By the time Spike had wrestled off the wet boots and trousers, Xander was panting,
his butt bouncing off the wooden deck and licking his lips. Spike wrapped a hand
around the boy's twitching hard-on and he began to stroke.

"This isn't going to be the way I want it Xander. I wanted the first time to be
warm, private and special. I wanted........"

"Fuck me!"

Spike just grinned. Xander always could cut to the chase.

"Roll over!"

Immediately, Xander did as he was told and Spike wondered if he could get the same
reaction from sit, stay or heel. He decided later on to give it a try. For now, he soundly
smacked the raised bubble butt and gasped as the flesh rippled and reddened. He wanted
to devour it, bite it, lick it and stick his tongue deep between those wonderful round
pillows, and he would, later, when they were off this damn ocean.

Before going further, Spike gingerly lifted a corner of the tarp and was thrilled to see that
it was still dark out, instinct told him probably an hour or so till sunrise. Odds were, no
one would come around till then, still, their activity would have to be muted and controlled.

Xander was impatient. His hips humped up and down as his hole clenched and relaxed
repeatedly waiting for an intruder to come knocking. Finally, Spike climbed on.
His weight pressing down on Xander's back was heavenly. It fed his need to be owned,
possessed and controlled. Resting his face on the ice covered deck, Xander sighed as his
ass raised a bit higher in offering.

Spike's hand slid down between them and his fingers worked apart the tight, muscular
cheeks. He wished they had lube but knew that this time the pain and blood were
what mattered. Only in that would they find true pleasure and satisfaction.

"Are you ready, Baby? Listen, Xander, this is going to hurt but you have to stay quiet.
No matter what happens, don't scream."

The positioning was awkward. It didn't allow for the deep satisfying thrusts that would
bounce his nuts off those wonderful butt cheeks but it would achieve penetration and
for now, it was the best that they could hope for.

When he felt the head of his dick pressed at the tight, wrinkled opening, Spike pushed.
The forced entry tore the delicate tissues and Xander's blood allowed his Master's cock
to shove in. The pain was agonizing and Xander fingernails clawed deep gouges in the
ship's planking. He whined and squirmed, but somewhere, past the hurt and the
need was another growing feeling.

It started faintly in the back of his head and spread down his spine. It was warmth.
It was a heat that, despite their unbearable conditions, slowly moved and filled every
inch of his body. Like a heart beat, each pump of Spike's cock in and out of his ass
thrust the heat another inch further. It warmed his arms and legs and back. It melted
his toes and caused a tingling in his fingers. It was the heat of love and acceptance.

It was a heat born of magic that caused all the ice to melt under the friction of his sliding
cock and within minutes, they both felt their orgasms niggle in their nut sacs. This time it
was Spike's turn to moan and grunt as his hips moved erratically. He jerked back and forth
trying to get deeper, trying to screw himself in as far as he could.

Within seconds, all motion stopped as his dick spasmed and unloaded into his companion's
welcoming vessel. When Xander felt it, it triggered his own body to react. The cum that
spurted from both their cocks pooled in a wet, sticky puddle that again quickly froze
around them.

Xander sighed as Spike pulled out and flopped off to the side. Xander laid still on his
stomach. He turned his head to face his Master and he smiled; his deep brown
eyes were now clear and bright. Spike was thrilled. His boy was back. The fog that had
glazed and hung over his childe was lifted and Spike was finally certain that everything
was going to be all right.

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