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Let It Snow

Title: Let It Snow
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: S/X
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to God himself!
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: It snowed in Sunnydale and Xander wants to play.
Warning/Disclaimers: None
Beta’d by the wonderful FeelsTheMagic

Xander was one happy Scooby. Normally he wouldn’t be happy about the demon of the week, but this was an exception. The demon may have been bad, trying to open the hellmouth, not very original, but what do you expect from a demon? Anyways, this specific kind of demon didn’t just bring destruction with him, but also snow!

It hadn’t snowed in Sunnydale since that time the First Evil came to Angel, trying to get him to kill himself. Not really a fun time to be had. Xander may not have liked the guy, but when he wasn’t going all evil, he was useful to have around… annoying, but useful.

So now Xander was pulling on his boots, waiting impatiently for his lover. “Come on, Spike! By the time you’re done it’s all going to be melted!” Xander complained.

“Hold your bloody horses,” Spike grumbled. He loved his Xanpet, but he could be bloody annoying at times. “I don’t see why we have to go out in the sodding snow. You know you are twenty years old, right?”

“Shut up,” he pulled his jacket on. “It has snowed here a total of one time, and I didn’t get to make a snowman! I’m taking advantage of this while I still can. Who knows when it may snow next?”

The vampire was in love with a man child, he could act mature on occasion, but he would prefer to act like a kid. He really couldn’t blame him; he didn’t have the best childhood. So now he was going out in the snow to build a snowman. He told Xander that he refused to make a snow angel.

Once outside, Xander rushed for the biggest pile of snow and started to roll it into a ball. “I’ll start on the bottom part of him you can work on the middle. Make sure it is smaller than mine, but not too small. We don’t want the head to look like one of those shrunken voodoo heads.

Spike began rolling snow into a ball, keeping an eye on his mate to make sure he didn’t make his too big.

“Alright, I’m done!” Xander said excitedly, rushing over to Spike. “That looks great! Let’s get it on top.”

“You want my ball on top of your ball, luv?” Spike asked leering.

Xander rolled his eyes; his vampire’s brain was stuck on sex, “Snowman first, sex later.”

“Fine,” Spike groused. “So now what?”

“We need a head,” Xander ignored the leer that his vampire gave him. “Then we give him eyes, a carrot for a nose, a mouth, and arms. We don’t want the other snowmen making fun of him.”

The vampire snorted, “Course not, we don’t want to make him feel inadequate.”

“Mock if you must, but I want the perfect snowman!” He started on the last snowball.

Twenty minutes later, the snowman officially had a face. Spike tried convincing Xander to make it a vampire snowman and put blood around the mouth, but the brunette said no, not wanting to traumatize his neighbours.

“This wasn’t too bad,” Spike had to admit it had been pretty fun. And the look on Xander’s face was worth the childish action.

“It was fun. I built my very first snowman with my guy.” Xander grinned.

The blonde pulled him into his embrace, “Glad you enjoyed it, pet.”

“Now I think it is time to go inside and warm up.” The human replied, kissing his lover. “Thank you, Spike.”

“Anything for you, nummy.”

The End


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