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Fic search?

Hey! I don't know if I'm doing this right and if I'm not I apologize but I've been trying to find this fic to reread it.I'm not sure if I have this to rights or if I'm mixing two fics ANYWAY.

It's essentially a Hyena!Xander fic that takes place after the final season of Angel. Angels dead I think and Spikes living with Cordy on an apartment. Xanders been hunting some demon that kills kids(I think?) anyway he meets with Cordy and Spike and Cordy goes out and he and Spike end up having a fight that turns into something unexpected. Anyway... Spike ends up following Xander to his motel room and they end up doing the sex thing again (for some reason I feel theres mutual claiming/biting involved...) but something happens and Xander thinks he's just being a replacement for Angel. After catching the demon thing and healing Xander leaves and goes to another city and Spike shows up and they make up. They have to go back to Cordy for Chrismas I think or something. There's an Epilogue with a funny bathroom smut moment and a bad joke about making it to the plane on time...

Anyway if anyone can help me find it, I remember other than this and maybe one or two others the author mainly wrote Spuffy if that helps...

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