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I Bark, You Hiss

Title: I Bark, You Hiss
Author: WarpedMindedYaoi & NightmareAhead
Chapter: 1/1
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warning: none
Summary: Spike, the kitten, welcomes the new puppy, Xander.
Disclaimer: We do not own BtVS or any of its characters.
Note: This is a role-play between WarpedMindedYaoi and NightmareAhead. Warped = Xander. Nightmare = Spike.


The white kitten looked up with his blue eyes when the front door to his home opened up and his owners came in. His favorite owner, the teenager, Dawn, bounced over to him and picked him up from where he was laying on the couch.

"We got you a new friend today, Spike!" she said excitedly as she carried him over to the door where her sister stood with a puppy in her arms.

Buffy put down the small chocolate Labrador as Dawn put down the white kitten. The two girls went to go sit on the couch to watch their pets meet for the first time.

Xander shivered as he looked nervously at the white cat sitting in front of him. He took a step closer and went to smell the cute kitten.

"Hi, I'm Xander."

Spike eyed the puppy that was sniffing him and hissed when he got too close. "I'm Spike. And this is my home, so you'll listen to me, got it, whelp?"

Xander whimpered as he gave a tiny nod, "Yes, Spike." He smiled brightly now, his tail wagging side to side.

Spike eyed the puppy with disgust, imagining all the things he would have to teach him. He started to walk away and looked over his shoulder, "Follow me, I'll show you around."

Xander yipped and got up so fast he tripped and ran headlong into the white cat. He cringed away and cried, "I'm sorry! I won’t do it again." His eyes were scared and filled with fear that he would get hit.

Spike turned around to look at the scared puppy and sighed heavily. "It's fine, no harm done, pet. Just be more careful," he said as he rubbed up against the small animal to reassure him.

Dawn and Buffy 'awwed' at how Spike accepted Xander. Xander smiled and licked Spike gently.

Spike hissed playfully at the two girls, knowing that they were thinking he was cute. He ran up the stairs and waited at the top for Xander to join him.

Xander laughed as he ran up to meet Spike up there. "Wanna play ‘master and pet’? You or me be the human and the other is the pet," he looked at Spike innocently.

Spike smirked as he led Xander to Dawn's room, where his bed and toys were. "I'll be the master, luv. So how does this work? You do what I say?"

Xander bounded after the kitten and panted as he sat next to the other. "Yep. That's pretty much it. Except now you have to feed me and pet me, and all that fun stuff. So you got the bad part," he giggled as he nudged the white kitten playfully.

Spike growled under his breath and sat down next to Xander before he started to pet him. He slowed his strokes down when he realized how soft the puppy's fur was under the pads of his paw.

Xander sighed blissfully as he was petted and rubbed, "This is perfect. You’re so good at this." He smiled as he leaned up and licked Spike's whiskered cheek.

Spike froze when he was licked. Licking for cats was something that only family and mates did, so he was confused when Xander licked his cheek. Before he could over think it he leaned in and licked the puppy's cheek, purring loudly as he did so.

Xander decided to confess everything to the kitten. "I never will steal their attention away from you. If I had know that might happen, I wouldn't have let them adopt me." He nuzzled the furry neck.

"I'm not worried about it, luv," Spike said as he nuzzled back.

Xander let out a small yip, pounced on the kitten, and licked his face all over. "I love you, Spike. You’re the bestest friend anyone could ever have." His tail thumping against Spike's tail and the floor.

Spike was thankful that his white fur covered his blush when Xander jumped on him. "Yeah, I love you too," he chuckled and leaned up to lick the puppy's cheek again.

The End.

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