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Lady Ivy

LFS - Spander Slash, hurt comfort

So for some reason I am on a kick to read stories where Xander has been abused by his parents, and Spike helps him out.

I have read Waiting Here, the Fiends!verse stories, Mercy, and Broken in the past week.

I would like to reread two stories that I can remember snippets of, but searching the Hurt/comfort stories on the Spander files is not helping me find them, and I don't have them bookmarked in my delicious bookmarks.

Story 1 - the snippet I remember happens after Spike gets hurt (on patrol?) He ends up aware, but unable to move - totally paralyzed (demon poison maybe?) At any rate, Xander takes him to the basement to recover. Xander shoves Spike into a closet when he realizes his dad is coming down to the basement. Spike hears (and maybe sees, not sure about that, but he definitely hears) Xander get raped by his dad.

Story 2 - Xander's Mom is actually the really bad one. The part I remember is dear old Mom all dressed up fancy in the kitchen directing Dad on how to hurt Xander. Spike interrupts, and takes Xander away.

Can anyone tell me where to find these stories?
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