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The Cost of Butterfly Kisses

The Cost of Butterfly Kisses
Fandom/Pairing: BtVS, Spike/Xander
Rated: TEEN (we're still in the manipulation stages here)

Summary: Spike is furious that Xander would do something as stupid as summoning Sweet, the singing demon whose ability to tap into their emotions nearly killed them all.  However, the fact is that Xander isn't that stupid, and there is a whole other story behind Xander's willingness to take the blame for that.  But when Spike goes poking into Xander's life, he may find more than he expects.  And Xander will do anything to protect his secrets.

A/N: The title is an allusion to THIS song, which will totally ruin the surprise for you if you haven't read the first chapter.

(Chapter One... )  ( Chapter Two... )  Chapter Three... )  ( Chapter Four... )
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