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fic search... FOUND

okay, i was doing chores today and was set upon by the memory of a fic i read somewhat recently. i'm practically positive i saw it on 'twisting the hellmouth', but i could be wrong. it was a BtVS-HP crossover. harry and draco were regressed to between 3 and 5 years old and sent to live with xander and spike to have 'normal' childhoods and overcome some of the trauma from their original lives. snape went with them, as he's draco's godfather and spike is a vampire. buffy and anya got pissed about it all, and xander and spike struck up a relationship. they were also in mind to bring snape into it. then 'somebody' cursed spike with a soul, too, with the intention of driving him completely mad, and then the story wasn't updated anymore.

i'd like to take another look at it, because i've got some ideas for my own version. so, yeah. if you know where this is, could you let me know? thanks!~


found! thanks for the help. it's 'due over' by mistress titiana on

thanks again for the help!~
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