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Fic Search - Please Help

I have been looking for some stories for a while without any luck & was wondering if anyone can help me. I only remember brief scenes so if any of these are not spander I apologize in advance.

1. Xander helped someone (maybe a fae?) years before and calls on them to help spike. Spike is scared of them & I believe that Oz lived with them.

2. While staying with Xander, Spike notices submissive tendencies in him. I believe that at one point Xander was hurt severely (maybe by dad) & Spike takes him to an oriental Demon to heal him.

3. Any fics where either Spike or Xander is severely injured (even disabled) and the other one takes care of them. I prefer long fics but will take anything I can get.


P.S. Can anyone recommend a good group where I can inquire re:gen fics (Feel free to send me a private message if this would violate group rules.)
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