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My computer crashed last week and I lost a bunch of my links. Can anyone help me find these fics? I know the first two were on LJ, but I'm not sure about the others. It's kinda long, so click on the cut thing (which is hopefully working).

1) I think this one was called Higher Learning. Xander was Spike's teacher and they got together while Spike was still in school. I remember the final chapter was at Spike's college graduation and he was teasing Xander about his doctorate.

2) I can only remember this one scene. Xander was with Spike while he was in high school. Buffy had pretty much accepted it, but Willow was really resistant about it. I think Xander was on the swim team. They were in a locker room with Buffy and Xander were talking about Spike and Willow freaked out about it. I can't remember what was said, but Willow was really angry about Buffy accepting the relationship between Xander and Spike.

3)This one might have been part of the third one, but I'm not sure.Again, Xander was with Spike while he was still in high school. All I can remember is that Buffy and Willow wanted to give Spike a soul and Xander was really angry about it. He said that giving vampires a soul was unnatural and that ,if they did, he would make Spike as happy as he could and let him loose on them. There was also something about nobody ever finding the bodies because Spike wasn't like Angelus and wouldn't play mind games.

4) Any other good Consort!Xander fics set while the Scoobies are in high school. I love fics where Spike actually takes Xander after Angel gives him to him (I think the episode is School Hard) . I've read pretty much everything on Spanderfiles. No dark fics, rape, or overwhelming angst please.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!
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