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New Banners for my stories!

I got so tired of looking at the choppy banners I made for my two main fics: The Fall and Catching Me.  So I decided to make a couple new ones!!! And here they are!.  I'll give a little explanation on each to explain why I did them the way I did.  I hope you like!

I really like this new one for The Fall because it shows how Spike's the darkness to Xander's light and how Xander is slowly letting the darkness in and falling.  However, there is still light there, however small, because we all know Xander will never quit being the white hat he is.

The Fall banner

I'm not sure everyone will get the idea behind the artwork in my banner for Catching Me.  First Spike and Xan are together, obviously ^_^ The background is meant to be the fires of hell.  And to the right there is what I decided to be a representation picture of Heather. it'll become more obvious as to why I'm trying to represent the fires of hell as I start to complete the story.

Catching Me Banner

So these are the banners I made.  I think they turned out fantastic! I hope y'all like 'em, thanks!!!!

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