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What It Takes

Title: What It Takes
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: S/X
Rating: NC17 on the safe side
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: Xander meets a mysterious man but is he who he appears to be?
Warnings/Spoilers: Human verse. First time with semi descriptive sex
Inspired by: Bmblbee
Beta’d by: Madame_Mary

Part One
Usually Xander was excited about long weekends. It was a time to hang out with his friends and catch up with them on what happened through out the week, but this Labor Day weekend his friends were in Los Angeles doing a girls weekend which consisted of shopping, shopping and more shopping. Now Xander was stuck at Willy's, a run down bar listening to AC/DC classics.

“This is the life,” Xander muttered to himself before tossing back the rest of his beer.

“Do you usually talk to yourself mate?” A blonde man said, startling Xander.

Xander’s eyes widened when he realised he had been caught, “I’ve been known to on occasion.”

“Well how about you talk to me and then you won’t look nearly as crazy? The name’s Spike by the way.” Spike motioned to the bar tender for another round of beer.

“I’m Xander, and sure why not. Have a seat,” Xander watched as Spike sat across from him at the table. “So on a scale of one to ten how crazy did I look?”

Spike smirked and ignored Willy when he brought the drinks over, “An eight but since you were so adorable while doing it I’ll knock it down to a five.”

“Wow a whole three points,” Xander laughed. “Well I guess it isn’t all so bad, got you to come over didn’t it?”

“I’m known to be attracted to the loons,” Spike laughed back. “None quite as gorgeous as you though pet.”

A blush crept over Xander’s cheeks, “I bet you say that to all the guys.”

“Only the really good looking ones, and trust me when I say there hasn’t been many,” Spike ran his tongue over his teeth.

“So Spike,” Xander decided to switch the topic, he wasn’t known for just jumping into bed with some random guy no matter how yummy they were. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before, small town, and I'm certain I would have remembered you.”

“Course you would, I’m bloody magnificent.” Spike boasted about himself. “Actually I’m not from around here, I’m from England. I've got some business in town.”

Xander frowned and cursed his luck, some hunky stranger gets his attention and he isn’t even a local. “Damn can’t say I’m not disappointed.”

“I have a feeling we’ll be spending more time together,” Spike reassured as he grabbed Xander’s hand. “Now why don’t you tell me about yourself? You live in Sunnydale your whole life?”

“Yeah born and raised,” Xander replied curling his fingers around Spike’s hand. Never had a simple gesture caused butterflies to flutter in his stomach before.

“Is your family still in town?” Spike asked.

Xander took a swallow of his beer; talking about his family wasn’t high on his list to do. “Dad died a few months back.”

Spike frowned at that information, “Sorry to hear that pet.”

“Don’t be, he did it to himself, drank himself to death. Mom moved to Phoenix to be closer to her sister after he died.” Xander explained. “Took his insurance money and split leaving me with the mortgage on the house.”

The frown remained on the blondes’ face, “How old are you, twenty-one?”

“In a couple months, it’s cool though. I've got a decent paying job as a construction worker, so I get by.” Xander replied and decided to turn the questions on to Spike. “What about you? I’m assuming you come from England?”

“Yeah, London to be precise, and before you asked my parents were killed in a car accident when I was twelve and my uncle took me in.”

“God, I am so sorry.” Xander raised his free hand to Spike’s face stroking the sharp cheek bone, “Must have been tough on you.”

Spike placed his hand over Xander’s leaning into the touch, “It was hard but Uncle Ethan helped me out a lot. He used to tell me stories about them from before I was born.”

“I’m glad you had someone around that could help.” Xander replied honestly, he had only known this man for a short time but there was a connection he could feel it in his gut.
“Alright so enough of this chick flick moment.” Spike took Xander’s hand placing a kiss on his palm, “I think we could find more interesting things to talk about don’t you agree?”

Xander gulped, “Oh yeah, plenty of other things.”

Part Two
Xander slammed open the front door to his house dragging Spike in with him kissing him on the mouth. Spike closed the door with his boot, and pulled Xander’s jacket off. “I don’t usually do this you know,” Xander stated while peeling Spike’s shirt off. “I’m more of an old fashioned kind of guy.”

“No need to worry,” Spike replied unzipping Xander’s pants, “Not many guys can resist my sexy body, now bedroom.”

Xander laughed pulling Spike up the stairs to his bedroom, “Awfully cocky aren’t you?”

“Course I am. A body like this does that you know.” Spike pulled off their remaining clothes, “Now less talking more fun.”

“Whatever you say baby,” Xander responded arranging himself on the bed. “Now hurry up!”

Spike kissed Xander’s lips and down his neck and chest. “Is this your first time?”

“Fuck no,” Xander shuddered under Spike.

“Good, can’t wait got to have you.” Spike said. “Turn over.”

Xander did as he said getting on hands and knees, “There’s lube in the drawer.”

Spike didn’t comment as he ransacked the drawer until he felt the tube, “You ready for me luv?”

”God yes, please hurry!” Xander begged he couldn’t wait anymore his cock hard and aching.

Slicking up his cock quickly Spike lined himself up with Xander’s hole, “Hold out Xan.” He pushed in moaning at the sensation. “Fuck me Xander.”

“Next time, fuck me first!” Xander ground out.

Spike chuckled as he buried himself into Xander, “You feel amazing.” He began to pump himself in and out. “Don’t think I’ll last long.” He replied truthfully, it had been so long since he fucked someone.

Xander grabbed a hold of his own cock and began stroking himself, “That’s alright baby. I won’t last long either.”

It only took a few more minutes before Spike was cumming in Xander’s ass. A few more strokes and Xander followed. Panting heavily he waited until Spike pulled out of him before he collapsed. Xander rolled over and draped himself on Spike, their legs tangled. “That was amazing.”

“Bloody right it was,” Spike replied and wrapped an arm around Xander. “Hope you don’t plan on kicking me out because I don’t think I can move.”

“Nah, think I might want another round after we rest,” Xander answered as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Spike stayed awake cursing himself six ways from Sunday. This was not in the plans at all, and could easily ruin everything. He looked down at Xander’s still form the only noises were quiet snores. “May have complicated things but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the bloody world.”

Part Three
Spike was woken by the ring on his phone, gently making sure he didn’t wake Xander he rolled him over before getting off the bed and finding his phone. He cursed when he saw the familiar number. “Hello?”

“William, you didn’t come back to the hotel last night.” The other man on the line accused.

“I was doing what you told me to Ethan,” Spike answered grabbing his clothes and sliding them on.

Ethan sighed on the other end, “You didn’t do anything to screw this up did you?”

“No,” Spike lied. “Just had a few too many, Xander insisted that I stay on his couch and sleep it off.”

“So you’re in his house right now?” Ethan asked.

“Yes,” Spike replied rolling his shoulders to work out any kinks.

“Good, plans are on schedule then, not exactly the original plan but it will work.” Ethan said sounding pleased. “I’ll be there in the next half hour.” Without waiting for a reply he hung up.

Spike made his way back to the bedroom to make sure Xander was still asleep. He ended up rolling over where Spike had been sleeping and snuggled with the pillow. Shaking his head in shame, “I’m sorry Xander.” He then closed the door and went back to the living room to watch out the window for his uncle, silently praying that things go smoothly so nothing would happen to the innocent, oblivious boy.
When Xander woke he stretched and smiled has he remembered the previous night with Spike. He turned for some more cuddling only to find Spike gone. Xander held his breath then heard some noises coming from the living room. Relief filled him and he stumbled off the bed so he could grab some clothes before going to find Spike. Shuffling and hopping down the stairs, getting his clothes on he called out; “Hey Spike what are you doing up so early? How about we take a shower and we go get some breakfast? I’m in the mood for some pancakes.” He froze when he saw an older man sitting on his couch. “Hello… who are you?”

“My name is Ethan. Xander, please take a seat,” Ethan said, pointing to a vacant chair.

“Ethan? Spike’s uncle?” Xander turned to Spike who refused to look at him, “Spike what’s going on? Why is your uncle here?”

“Xander you best do what he says,” Spike suggested sending a silent prayer hoping Xander would do as he said.

Xander crossed his arms over his chest standing his ground, “Not until you tell me what’s going on.”

“Don’t make me ask again boy,” Ethan stood pulling out a handgun. “Sit your arse down in the chair and shut up until I tell you otherwise.” When Xander sat in the chair, Ethan turned his attention to his nephew. “Tie him up.” Ethan tossed Spike some rope.

“Ethan that isn’t necessary Xander won’t go anywhere.” Spike finally looked at Xander. “Tell him.”

Xander glared at the man he had so stupidly trusted, “Fuck you, you bastard!”

“I told you to shut your trap,” Ethan punched Xander in the jaw. “And I told you to fucking tie his hands!”

Spike did as his uncle told him; standing behind Xander he grabbed his hands tying them tightly behind the back of the chair. “I know you don’t believe me Xan but I truly am sorry.”

Xander ignored him as his heart pounded in chest, “What do you want?”

“Your father has something that belongs to me. I’ve come to collect.” Ethan explained placing a chair in front of Xander before taking a seat.

“My dad has been dead for months,” Xander answered trying to figure out what his dad could possibly have had that belonged to this man.

“Spike informed me of that, so it is you that I'm going to collect it from.” Ethan said.

Xander shook his head, his heart beating hard against his chest, “My dad had nothing of value, what are you looking for?”

“Money, you see about five years back me and your father were, you could say partners. We robbed a bank a few towns over. I ended up getting caught and doing the time. Only they couldn’t find any proof that he was in on it and they never found the money. The only reason I got caught was because the wanker used my name.” Ethan told the story. “I just recently got out of jail, which is why I am collecting now.”

“Wait you just got out? Spike said you took care of him after his parents died.” Xander was getting more confused by the minute.

“William’s parents didn’t pass until about a year ago.” Ethan said, “William has gotten very good at lying haven’t you my boy?”

Spike said nothing as he watched Xander piece everything together, “So everything you told me was a lie?” Xander demanded to know.

“Not everything Xander,” Spike had never hated himself as much as he did at this very moment. Wished he stood up to his uncle and told him he wouldn’t be part of this. Wished he told Xander what was going to happen so he could run. “They did die in a car accident.” I also meant it when I told you, you were gorgeous.

“Xander, tell me where my money is and William and I will leave.” Ethan promised.

Xander sat there looking at them like they were both crazy, “Does it look like my dad had money? This place is falling apart! You have to have the wrong Tony Harris.”

Ethan dealt Xander another blow and Spike pulled him away, “That isn’t going to get you your money!” Spike hissed. He turned and saw blood dripping down Xander’s chin, the sight made his stomach turn. “Please Xander, tell him where it is.”

“I don’t know!” Xander screamed. “The only money dad ever had was his insurance which is probably gone by now.”

“Think Xander, did your dad have a safe? A safety deposit box at a bank maybe?” Spike asked needing Xander to be cooperative for his own safety.

Xander sat thinking of the possibility of his father having either, “No way would he have a box at the bank he was paranoid that they would steal his money.”

“Then a safe,” Ethan demanded. He couldn’t deny he was more then just a little upset that Tony was dead, he'd wanted to have the satisfaction of killing the bastard that got him locked up.

“I don’t know… if I had to guess.” Xander stopped.

Ethan grabbed Xander’s face squeezing it harshly, “Guess.”

“The garage,” Xander winced in pain. “He didn’t like anyone going in there. One time I went looking for a hammer and he went ape shit on me.”

“Then we go to the garage,” Ethan untied Xander’s hands but kept the gun on him, “You even think about running and I’ll put the whole clip into you, you understand?”

“Yes,” And Xander did, he had no intention of doing anything stupid. If his dad had indeed had this mans’ money, then he could have it. He got by just fine without it he had no plans on trying to keep it. “We need the keys from the kitchen.”

Ethan nodded his head to the kitchen, “Go get the keys William.” Spike did as he was told leaving Xander with his uncle. “If you don’t fuck this up boy, you just might live.”

“I’ll help as much as I can. I swear I didn’t know about any of this.” Xander winced as Ethan dug the barrel of the gun into his back.

“Your father always was a fat greedy prick.” Ethan replied as Spike came back keys in hand.

“Let’s get this over with.” Spike wanted to make sure Xander was safe after this, but he honestly didn’t believe that his uncle would let him live. Xander had seen both their faces and knew their first names. He wished that he would have told his uncle to piss off, that he didn’t want any part of his revenge. But Ethan was family and his parents taught him that family was everything.

Ethan pushed Xander into the direction of the garage, “The faster we find the safe the faster we get out of this hell hole.”

Part Four
The garage was a mess; Xander had been meaning to clean it out but never seemed to actually have the time. “Bloody hell,” Ethan cursed. There were boxes everywhere; he kicked a box out of his way denting it in the process.

“Hey!” Xander yelled, “That’s my stuff, you British prick!” A punch to the stomach quieted Xander down. He then found his right hand cuffed to a bolted down metal shelf.

“Don’t just fucking stand there, help me find the damn thing.” Ethan barked at Spike and then started moving boxes hoping to find the safe quickly.

Sighing Spike started on the opposite side of the garage keeping an eye on Xander. As long as he didn’t do anything stupid Spike had some hope to get him out alive even if it was false hope. His heart tightened as he realised how royally he had screwed up. He'd fallen for Xander, not even knowing him for twenty four hours, he was 'the one' and he had fucked it up.

“How much did you steal?” Xander asked leaning against the shelf, knowing it was steady enough to hold his weight.

“None of your bloody business,” Ethan growled. He was not known for his patience.

“I’m just asking so we can figure out how big it could be. I doubt my dad had a safe before he stole it.” Xander explained, he wanted the asshole out of his house and he wanted to forget he ever met Spike.

Ethan stopped and thought about what Xander had just said, “Maybe you aren’t as dumb as you look.” He ignored the dirty look he was given, “Just over five million dollars, mostly in hundred dollar bills.”

“Holy shit!” Xander swore, he didn’t know how much he had expected the answer to be. He added more pressure to the shelf to steady him and yelped as it shifted. Xander grabbed onto the shelf stopping it from toppling over.

“Are you alright?” Spike was at his side gripping the shelf as well.

Xander ignored him his attention on the shelf. It should have been secured, “I think you want to move this.”

“So we have to uncuff you? Don’t play me,” Ethan grabbed Xander’s throat squeezing hard, his patience was gone.

“Ethan let him go,” Spike pushed his uncle away. “Xander why do you think we should move it?”

Xander used his free hand to rub his throat having no doubt that it would be bruised. For an old guy Ethan sure was strong. “It should be bolted down; no way should it have moved even from my weight.” Xander was far from heavy but over the last year of working in construction had built up muscles Xander never have thought he would have.

Without waiting for instructions Spike unlocked the cuffs gently pulling Xander away so Ethan could take a look. Spike took a chance and wrapped his arms around Xander’s waist pulling his back against his chest.

“What the hell do you think your doing?” Xander hissed not wanting Ethan’s attention back on him. That was the only reason he refused to struggle, he told himself, not because to he enjoyed Spike’s arms wrapped around him. He was fooled once, he wouldn’t let it happen again.

“I’m truly sorry about all this.” Spike’s hot breath hit Xander’s ear making him shudder, “This was suppose to be easy and then I got to know you.”

“You think I am honestly going to believe anything you have to say?” Xander asked. “You fucking well lied to me and slept with me knowing fully well what you and your psycho uncle were going to do.”

Spike placed light kisses over Xander’s neck, “I figured your dad would still be kicking and we would just use you to get into his place. Then I’d let you go before you even knew what was going on.” He began sucking on his neck, “Then I saw you and figured after Ethan got his money I’d come back and we could get to know each other better but I couldn’t wait for that, I had to have you.”

“William!” Ethan yelled, “Get your fucking ass over here. The moron was right, something's under here.”

Spike cuffed Xander to some old pipes, “I won’t let anything happen to you Xan. I swear to you.” He placed a kiss on Xander’s lips pleased that he didn’t pull away. Maybe there was a possible chance with Xander.

Part Five
Xander couldn’t believe the wave of emotions that were running through him. Hatred, disgust and lust were the main ones. All for Spike. How could he even think about believing that Spike would make sure he would be alright? The only problem was he did believe it.

Fifteen minutes later Ethan, with the help of Spike, pulled out a medium sized metal box that had been buried under the shelf. “That old sod sure didn’t want you or your mother finding this money even if he died.” Ethan declared happily, “Tony was a greedy bastard; most of the money will still be there. Tony would never chance buying anything expensive with the chance of being questioned where the money had come from.”

“That doesn’t surprise me in the slightest,” Xander replied. “Should have been around for Christmas, Santa always brought him booze and I’d get told Santa forgot about me.”

Spike frowned, he knew that Tony enjoyed his alcohol but he didn’t realize that he didn’t care much for his own son. “Sounds like a selfish son of a bitch to me.”

“God damn it!” Ethan swore and clutched at the lock that was on the box. “Where is the fucking key?” He flung himself into the hole, his hands digging into the dirt.

Xander smacked his head on the wall; he was never getting out of here. “I don’t know.”

Ethan stood and wiped the dirt from his clothes before kicking the box in frustration, “I want my fucking money!”

“Well kicking the damn thing isn’t going to open it!” Spike barked at Ethan. He was sick of his uncle, never liked him but he was the only family he had left.

“Don’t you get mouthy with me William,” Ethan grabbed Spike by the collar slamming him into the wall beside Xander. “We are both in this together, don’t you forget that!”
Spike glared but remained silent. “Now watch over that little shit and I’ll check the damn house for the key.”

When Ethan left the garage Xander fought with the cuff. “I don’t have the key.” Spike said sitting on the hood of a beat up Buick.

“You should run,” Xander whispered scared Ethan might over hear him.

“What are you talking about pet?” Spike asked not understanding why Xander wanted him to leave, “If I leave there is no way to stop him from killing you.”

Xander already figured Ethan planned on killing him whether he got the money or not, “I know but what is to stop him from killing you as well?”

“He wouldn’t,” Spike never considered the fact that maybe Ethan would get rid of him as well. “I’m family.”

“Spike he is totally unstable!” Xander exclaimed then looked to the door when he realised he spoke too loud. “Do you really think he is gonna chance having to split the cash with you?”

“I don’t give a shit about the money,” Spike replied and he didn’t the only reason he was helping was because Ethan was family.

Xander shook his head, “Wake up and face reality. How well do you even know him?”

“After he went to jail I never had contact with him, it was only when he got out that he tracked me down.”

“Because he wanted you to help him! Do you really believe he would have found you otherwise?” Xander asked. He needed Spike to realise how deep of hole they were both in and how dangerous this really was.

Spike bit his lip taking what Xander told him to heart, “What am I suppose to do?”

“Take the box and run,” Xander replied simply. It was the best option they had.

“He’ll kill you for sure,” Spike argued, all the fear was present in his voice.

Xander smiled mirthlessly, “But he won’t have the money. You can start a new life.”

“Why do you want to help me after I got you into this mess?” Spike asked truly curious.

“Because despite all of this. I felt a connection with you last night. Sure it was all bullshit but I felt something real.” Xander responded, “Maybe if things were different it would have ended better but it didn’t and this is the only thing we can do.”

“I’m not going to leave you, we’ll both get out of here alive and then you can tell me to shove off.” Spike was determined to get Xander safely away from Ethan. He couldn’t believe he was going to go against family for a stranger.

Part Six
Ethan came back in cursing up a storm, “I can’t find the sodding thing!”

“What do you want to do then?” Spike asked thinking about what Xander said. What was he willing to do to make sure Xander stayed alive?

“Break the damn thing open,” Ethan decided. “There are plenty of tools around here, something should be able to bust the blasted thing open!” He then found a hammer and proceeded to bang on the lock with no luck at all, “Bloody hell the damn thing won’t open”

Spike rolled his eyes, “maybe it’s because you’re so bloody impatient. You’ve not even tried for five minutes!”

“What do you suggest then?” Ethan glared, hating to be made to look like a fool.

“Let me look at the sodding thing,” Spike grabbed the box setting it on work bench. He took his time examining it. “Why not try a screw driver?”

Ethan looked confused at the statement, “What are you talking about William?”

“There are screws surrounding the lock, if we unscrew them we should be able to open it.” Spike explained.

“Bloody good idea!” Ethan rubbed his hands together and grabbed a screw driver, “Open it!”

Spike accepted the tool and looked it over and then the screws decided it wasn’t a match, “This isn’t the right kind. We need one that has a little square on the tip.

“Who gives a damn what shape it is?” Ethan stomped his foot, he just wanted his money.

“If you want it open you need the right shape,” Spike gritted through his teeth. “Just find one that is a square.”

Ethan looked around on the table, “There isn’t one!”

“God you’re such a fucking moron,” Xander had remained silent since Ethan returned but he couldn’t handle the stupidity any longer. “Look in the right hand side drawer.”

Seeing Ethan bare his teeth aggravated beyond belief Spike quickly searched through the drawer and discovered the exact screw driver that they needed, “Here.”

Grabbing the instrument Ethan quickly went to work, it only too a few minutes until the metal piece dropped to the floor with a clank. He pulled the lid open and his eyes lit up, “Bloody hell, after five fucking years I finally have it.”

Spike looked over his uncles’ shoulder, his eyes widening. He never in his life had he seen so much money at one time, “Bloody hell.”

Ethan slammed the lid down, “We can finally get the hell out of here!”

“What about Xander?” Spike asked needing to know what Ethan had planned.

“He knows who we are William,” Ethan tried to sound sympathetic but failed. Xander was an annoying little shit and he had been looking forward to putting a bullet between his eyes. “We can’t chance him running to the cops and telling them everything.”

“And what about Spike?” Xander asked. “Are you going to split the money with him? After all you wouldn’t have gotten into the house or the box without him.”

Ethan got a look in his eyes that neither Spike nor Xander recognised but it was in no way a good one, “We’ll discuss it once we are far enough away from this God forsaken town.” He then pulled out his gun and aimed it at Xander. “I am truly sorry for this.”

“No your not,” Xander retorted. He had no idea what Spike had planned but if he decided to back out Xander was not going to back down. “You’ve been itching to do this all day.”

“I guess I can’t argue with that,” Ethan cocked the gun. Just before he pulled the trigger Spike struck him in the shoulder with a tire iron making his aim off and the bullet entered the wall only inches from Xander’s head.

“Bloody hell, sorry about that pet!” Spike apologized just before Ethan hit him in the face with the end of the gun.

Ethan punched Spike in the kidneys, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Ethan screamed.

“I can’t let you kill him.” Spike answered as he gasped in pain, “He hasn’t done anything!”

“I told you, he will go to the police, don’t be such a coward.” Ethan struck him again, “You truly are your father’s son. I can’t believe my sister married such a twat.”

Spike saw red and tackled Ethan; his father was a kind hearted man and treated his mother well. He gave a blow to the side of Ethan’s head stunning him. “My father was more of a man than you ever will be!” He began to rain punches to Ethan’s face.

“Spike… Spike stop!” Xander called to him as he struggled with the cuff. “Spike you’re going to kill him!”

Breathing heavily Spike stopped and looked down at the bloody face. Ethan was breathing but unconscious. Spike went through Ethan’s pockets and found the key to the cuffs before standing on shaky legs and made his way to Xander. Without speaking he unlocked Xander.

“Thank you,” Xander spoke as he rubbed his wrist, his eyes landed on Ethan’s still form. “Is he dead?”

“No just knocked out.” Spike assured him as he leaned against the wall suddenly tired. “You should phone the cops now luv.”

Xander nodded but didn’t move, “What should I tell them?”

“Tell them the truth,” Spike answered. He was fine with dealing with the consequences of what happened.

“But you’ll go to jail,” Xander replied not liking the thought of that.

Spike couldn’t help but laugh, “That’s the point isn’t it?”

“I won’t send you to jail!” Xander argued, Spike saved his life he wouldn’t send him to jail for it.

“What do you suggest then Xander?” Spike didn’t see any other option.

Xander smiled, “Leave it to me.”

Part Seven
“Tell me again what happened?” The officer asked.

“I’ve already told you three times!” Xander said obviously annoyed. He flinched as an EMT applied some kind of ointment to the cut on his face before placing a bandage over it.

“I’m sorry I know you’ve been through a lot but I need to make sure the story is straight,” The officer explained.

With a sigh Xander explained again, “I met Spike at Willie’s bar. We hit it off right away and came back to my place. The next morning his uncle phoned asking him where he was and when he told him, Ethan recognized the name. Apparently he and my father had a history years back and robbed a bank. Ethan got put in jail and my dad didn’t, when he finally got out he tried tracking down my dad but had no idea where he was. So he barged in demanding to know where the money was. He pulled a gun on both me and Spike and made us help him find it. Once we did and got it open he decided to kill me and Spike stopped him. That’s when we called you.”

“Is there anything you want to add…Spike?” The officer asked.

Spike gave Xander a quick glance before answering, “No that’s what happened.”

“You ungrateful, little bastard!” Ethan screamed, he had woken by the time the police arrived and found himself handcuffed. “When I get out I’m going to kill you both!”

“You’ll be waiting awhile then,” The officer that had Ethan replied. “Breaking and entering, assault and attempted murder you’ll be behind bars for a good fifteen to twenty years.” He dragged Ethan to the police car and made sure he didn’t hit his head while getting in.

Xander heard Spike give a relieved sigh, “Are we done? It’s be a long day.”

“Of course,” Replied the officer, “we’ll need you both to come to the station and make an official statement tomorrow. And you’ll have to find another place to stay; this is still technically an active crime scene.”

“That’s not a problem I have a room at the motel at the other end of town.” Spike said while he smiled at Xander. All he wanted was to go to bed and hold Xander.

The officer nodded and went to the police car and drove off, they still needed to book Ethan. When the flashing lights were no longer visible Xander turned to Spike and pulled him into a kiss.

“You didn’t have to do that,” Spike said breaking the kiss.

“What, kiss you or stop you from being arrested?” Xander asked a frown on his handsome face.

“Both,” Spike said still not knowing why Xander had done it. “Why did you?”

Xander stood there thinking of how to put it into words, “You’re not like your uncle. You never wanted to cause me harm and you only did it because he was family. You were loyal to him and when you realised what he was going to do to me you changed your loyalties. And I’d like to believe that when you slept with me it was because you wanted to and that it had nothing to do with your uncle or the money.”

“It didn’t pet, when I was with you, Ethan was the furthest thing from my mind. You were the only thing I could think about.” Spike honestly answered.

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Xander smiled. “So now what? Your business here is done.”

“You want to know if I’ll be leaving to go back to England,” Spike questioned.

Xander bent his head causing his hair to cover his eyes, “Yeah kind of.”

“I don’t think so.” Spike replied, “I don’t really have anything to go back too. So I figure maybe Sunnydale is a good place to settle down. What do you think?”

“I think I’d like that, it would be nice to get to know the real you. No more lies,” Xander said.

“No more lies,” Spike promised. “I have one thing that I think you should know.”

Xander felt dread wash over him, “What?”

“I’m not a natural blonde,” Spike admitted with a smirk.

Xander snorted before laughing, “I never would have guessed!”

Spike pressed himself against Xander, “How about we go back to the hotel room and get to know each other better?” He leered. Yes he didn’t know this man very well and he lied to him and almost got him killed but he couldn’t help himself he wanted to feel Xander under him again.

“God yes,” Xander nearly shouted. Apparently it was true that being in a dangerous situation could make you horny. “But this time I’m on top.” Spike went to argue, “You owe me buster!”

“I do,” Spike agreed, “So the hotel then?” And then he nibbled on Xander’s bottom lip.

Xander moaned and pulled back, “Sounds good. We’ll figure out everything else tomorrow.”

“That we will pet,” Spike whispered. “But tonight all I want is to feel you.”

“And you will baby,” Xander replied and pulled Spike away from the house, wanting to get to the hotel. This may not be a regular relationship for Xander but it was the beginning of an interesting one and Xander couldn’t have asked for anything else. And right now all he wanted was to make his blonde scream.

The End

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