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How to Save a Life

Title: How to Save a Life 1/3
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: S/X
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: When Spike is killed by a human Xander goes back in time to make sure it doesn’t happen.
Warnings/Spoilers: Instead of Spike coming back in season 3 for a love spell for Dru he wanted a location spell just to make sure she was alright. Season 5 no Glory or Dawn. I don’t know much about time travel so bare with me!
Beta’d by: Dragonfly_64

Part One
Xander couldn’t breath, couldn’t talk. Three days ago his world was taken from him and he was lost. He needed Spike back, he couldn’t survive without him.

Three days earlier:

Spike and Xander were walking down the street from the bronze, it was Buffy’s birthday so they decided to spend her day dancing and drinking. Angel had came down to see Willow, so it turned out to be a triple date. Riley seemed pretty okay with Angel now that he was happily engaged with Willow.

The boys decided to leave early wanting some alone time together. They wished Buffy a happy birthday and left holding hands. It still amazed Xander that Spike enjoyed holding his hand in public. Spike told him the only person he cared what they thought of him was Xander and everyone else could bugger off.

Once they were just a few blocks from their apartment Xander dragged Spike into an alley for a quick make-out session. They didn’t kiss alot around their friends but had no problem with the snuggling and hand holding. “Did I tell you how hot you looked on the dance floor tonight?” Xander asked in between kisses.

“You might have mentioned it a time or two,” Spike grinned burying his face into Xander neck giving it a playful nip.

“Look, Bobby,” a deep voice boomed from the opening of the alley. “We got ourselves a couple of fags.”

Spike turned glaring at the newcomers, “Got a problem mate?”

“Yeah I do Billy,” The man stepped closer to them he friend right behind him.

“How about you two move along and we won’t have a problem,” Spike suggested. He wasn’t scared of the homophobes, one flash of fang and they’d be running in fear smelling of piss. He stood in front of Xander protecting him of any possible attack.

Bobby snorted, “How about we bash your face in instead?” He pulled out a butterfly knife. Just as he was about to attack Spike shifted showing his demon.

“Like I said, boys, maybe you should just move on,” Spike growled.

Both men froze just staring at the vampire for a moment making Spike think they would back down. He didn’t expect Bobby to punch him in the face while the other one went after Xander. Xander was slammed into the wall; his head thumped against the brick wall stunning him.

“I’m going to rip your bloody heads off!” Spike launched himself at the one that attacked Xander only to fall to the ground clutching his head as the chip exploded. “Not bloody fair! I’m protecting what’s mine!”

“Yo, Mick!” Bobby yelled to his friend, “This is the vampire that can’t hurt humans.” He chuckled and walked up to Spike grabbing the collar of his duster pulling him to his knees before slamming his knife into his chest. If he had been human; he’d have been dead.

Xander watched in horror as the knife pierced Spike’s skin. He sent his own punch to his assailant before tackling Bobby, “You really shouldn’t have done that.” Xander began whaling on the man that dare touch his vampire. Even when the man was no longer conscious Xander still continued his assault. All his attention was on this one that he forgot about the other.

It wasn’t until he heard the snap of piece of wood from an old crate that Xander remembered the second man. Just as he turned he saw the man shove the board through Spike’s chest. The look on Spike’s face broke Xander’s heart; it was a look of terror and sorrow.

“Xan…” That was the only thing Spike got out before he burst into a pile of ash.

“SPIKE!” Xander yelled and drove for what remained of his lover. He never noticed that his friends heard the scuffle and came in just as their friend’s remains scattered to the ground.

Angel howled with rage shifting into the demon. He swore never to hurt a human but he was making an exception. Angel launched himself at the killer giving a quick, firm twist breaking the man’s neck. When he turned he saw the girls crowding Xander trying to give comfort knowing none of it would be able to bring Spike.

Xander sat on the bed he shared with Spike, a knife in hand. He had written a note to his friends apologizing but he couldn’t live without Spike. His hand shook as he raised the knife to his wrist determined to end his life.


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