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How to Save a Life

Title: How to Save a Life 2/3
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: S/X
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: When Spike is killed by a human Xander goes back in time to make sure it doesn’t happen.
Warnings/Spoilers: Instead of Spike coming back in season 3 for a love spell for Dru he wanted a location spell just to make sure she was alright. Season 5 no Glory or Dawn. I don’t know much about time travel so bare with me!
Beta’d by: Dragonfly_64

Part Two
Just as the knife touched his skin there was a sharp knock on the door, “Xander, open the door!” Willow screamed through the door not caring who she disturbed. “It’s important!”

Xander stumbled to the front door swinging it open, startling Willow, “I don’t care if the world is ending. Let it fucking burn!”

“No, it’s nothing like that.” Willow pushed her way in. Xander watched as she started moving his furniture around until she had a large empty space.

“Willow, please I just want to be alone,” Xander’s voice cracked.

Willow ignored him and began pouring blue power in a circle, followed by placing eight candles inside the ring. Three green, two red, two white and a single black one, “Get in the circle, Xander.”

“What are you doing?” Xander asked but did as his friend instructed.

“We are going to change what happened,” She pulled out a crystal and said a small chant, Xander watched as the crystal turned red. “I found a spell to take you back in time. When I start the chant you concentrate on the time period you want to go back to. After you are done changing what has happened smash the crystal and you’ll come back to the present. Do you understand?”

Xander stood there trying to understand what Willow was saying, “I can bring him back?”

“Yes, do you understand what you have to do?” She asked again her leg was bouncing slightly.

He grabbed her crushing her into a hug, “I love you, Willow!” Xander accepted the crystal placing it safely into his pant pocket and waiting for Willow to begin. He knew exactly what moment he wanted to go back too, “I’m ready.”

“See you when you get back,” She closed her eyes and began.

‘Goddess of light,
Goddess of time,
Let this man undo what’s been done,
Take him back to the moment in time.’

Even with his eyes closed tightly, he saw the bright flash of white light. Xander made sure his only thoughts were of Spike.

“I need you to do a spell,” Xander heard Spike say. When he opened his eyes he saw that he was on the bed in the factory.

“A-A spell I can do that!” Willow stammered out as she feared for her life.

Xander sat up rubbing his head as he remembered his part. When Spike came into the classroom he pretended to knock Xander out with a microscope, taking both him and Willow. He always felt bad about how scared his friend was but he knew Spike wouldn’t hurt her.

“It’s simple, I need to know where my princess is,” Spike explained. Xander had explained how Willow started doing magicks after Angelus killed Mr. Calendar, and that a locator spell would be easy for her to do.

“Just a locator spell?” Willow bit her lip, “I have the supplies but I need a map. I’m guessing she isn’t in Sunnydale anymore.”

Spike rolled his eyes, “If she was in this hellhole I’d be able to find her my bloody self. I have a map somewhere in the other room. To make sure you don’t do anything stupid,” Spike gripped Xander’s arm hauling him off the mattress. “I’ll take the pup with me. You run and I’ll rip his innards out through his nose, you got it?”

Willow nodded her head her eyes wide with fright, “I won’t run! I’ll set up and wait for both of you to come back; I swear!”

“Good, luv,” Spike pulled Xander into the back room. Xander struggled just for show.

When the door slammed shut Spike pushed Xander against the door kissing him hard on the lips before pulling back, “Hello, pet.” He purred licking Xander’s lips. “You were perfect, pet! You absobloodylootely deserve a bloody Oscar for that performance!” He dove back in for a kiss, his hands slipping into Xander’s back pockets pulling him closer.

Xander pulled away tears streaming down his face, “God, Spike, I’ve missed you!”

“Missed you too, lovely,” Spike murmured as he used his thumb to wipe the tears away. “Thought I’d go crazy without being able to touch you; phone calls just weren’t enough.”

“No, Spike, that’s not what I mean,” Xander’s voice hitched and he leaned into Spike’s touch as he brushed away his tears. “You have to listen to me.”

Spike nodded and bounced on the balls of his feet, he wanted to find Drusilla make sure she was safe and then take his love away after graduation for a little trip. “Sure, Xan, whatever you say.”

“This is going to sound crazy but you have to believe me. Please believe me it’s important,” Xander begged as more tears sprung from his eyes.
Never having seen Xander this upset before Spike pulled him into a hug, “Of course I’ll believe you.”

“I’m from the future,” Xander said. Spike opened his mouth to say something but Xander slammed the palm of his hand over his mouth, “No, just listen to me. In five months, you are going to be captured by a government agency called ‘The Initiative’; they are going to put a chip in your head to prevent you from hurting humans.”

“What are you talking about, Xan?” Spike asked completely baffled once he was able to pull Xander’s hand away from his mouth, “Did I really hit you with that bloody thing?” He started looking for any bumps.

Xander batted his hands away, “No, fucking listen to me!” He clenched Spike’s shoulder shaking him hard. “In five months you will be experimented on, leaving you defenceless, and in fourteen months on Buffy’s twentieth birthday you are going to die.” Xander choked out the words. “You are going to die because of those assholes. Willow found a spell to let me come back in time to do what ever I needed to do to prevent you dying. I want to make sure you can defend yourself by any means.”

“You’re serious,” Spike whispered. He knew when Xander was lying; he was so bad at it that he refused to play poker because he couldn’t bluff to save his life.

“Yes, you are going to die and if you don’t get out of Sunnydale and stay away until I tell you to come back I’m going to lose you and three days later I’m going to kill myself. I can’t live without you; I love you too fucking much!”

Spike pulled Xander into a hug shushing him and whispering nonsense waiting for him to calm down, “I’m not going anywhere, luv. You’ve changed everything now. I’ll stay away for as long as you think is necessary.”

“Swear to me, Spike,” Xander whispered into the vampire’s ear. “Swear on my life you’ll listen to me.”

“I swear on your life that I’ll leave town.” Spike whispered back. He didn’t completely understand what was happening but he’d keep his promise. Wrapping a hand in Xander’s hand he placed a tender kiss on wet lips, tasting the salt from the drying tears. Xander opened his mouth granting Spike entrance. The kiss was slow and lazy, Spike needed to reassure Xander that everything would be alright. When he finally pulled away he rested his forehead against Xander’s, “What happens now, Xan?”

Xander pulled out the crystal Willow gave him. “I need to go back. If you’re not there, Spike…”

“I’ll be there, haven’t let you down yet, have I?” Spike asked, he wouldn’t admit it but he was nervous. He wouldn’t forget what Xander told him but that didn’t extinguish his fears. “I’ll see you soon than.” One more kiss and Spike backed away. A soft smile that was only for Xander played his lips, “Love you.”

“I love you, too,” With a deep breath Xander raised the crystal over his head before slamming it into the concrete floor. Again the white light consumed him leaving him blind.

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