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I've decided to open my requests again!

I have decided to open my requests again. I have 4 slots available and it'll happen on a first come first served basis with one exception, those who have already had requests filled I ask you wait a day or so to let others come forward and request a lovely fic for me.

Since I have begun trying my hand at manipulation artwork, I thought I'd get some extra practice in and I am offering 2 open slots to someone who'd like me to make a banner for a story of theirs. Examples are the two new banners I just made for my fics The Fall and Catching me. Both banners can be seen on my master list of fiction found here

The post to reply to for requests and complete rules and forms can be found here. Only requests placed here will get to me. Those who've had requests filled by me before I ask to wait about a day to let others request something from me. I'm still accepting any Spike pairing other than Spuffy and I can't wait to see what requests I get this time!

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