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How to Save a Life

Title: How to Save a Life 3/3
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: S/X
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: When Spike is killed by a human Xander goes back in time to make sure it doesn’t happen.
Warnings/Spoilers: Instead of Spike coming back in season 3 for a love spell for Dru he wanted a location spell just to make sure she was alright. Season 5 no Glory or Dawn. I don’t know much about time travel so bare with me!
Beta’d by: Dragonfly_64

Part Three
When Xander opened his eyes, he found himself on the floor; apparently the spell really did knock him out the first time. When he got his thoughts in order and everything was clear again he sat up quickly making his head spin. “Spike?” He called out gripping onto the coffee table to help him stand, “Spike?” He called out again, “Willow?” She wouldn’t just leave him as soon as he went back in time,would she?

On shaky legs he made his way to each room praying to find the vampire. The bedroom was the last room to check; slowly he opened the door waiting to see his Spike stretched out on the bed waiting for him. His heart plummeted into his stomach when he saw the wrinkled sheets lay crumbled at the bottom of the bed.

“You fucking bastard!” Xander screamed, “You promised me you fucking asshole!” Fresh tears spilt from his eyes. He turned and left the room not being able to look at the bed another moment. “You killed yourself,” he sobbed. “Why didn’t you listen to me?” He quickly found himself in the kitchen pulling the knife drawer open grabbing the sharpest knife.

He made his way back to the living room kneeling on the floor, the knife clutched in his hand. He didn’t bother writing another note, obviously Willow’s spell didn’t work and she ran off not being able to face her friend. He pressed the knife hard against his wrist, this time he would do it, and nothing could stop him. As it sliced through his flesh the front door opened.

“Xander, what the hell did you do?” Xander heard Spike’s voice, but made no move to look. Spike was gone and he wasn’t coming back, the spell failed him. He felt the blood leave his body as he grew weaker. “Don’t you fucking leave me!” Something soft was wrapped around his wound to stop the blood flow.

Blurry eyes opened and he found Spike kneeling over him, “S-Spike?”

“I could bloody throttle you right now!” Spike growled. He removed the bloody shirt to see the damage. It wasn’t as bad as he originally thought. The wound was long but not deep, just a bleeder. He brought Xander’s wrist to his mouth and licked the wound until it closed. Then he ripped his own wrist open thrusting it to Xander’s mouth, “Take a few swallows, you damn git.”

Xander’s lips wrapped around the wound and swallowed the coppery liquid. It wasn’t the first time he had drank Spike’s blood. When he was taken as a consort Xander had to drink blood from both Spike and Angel. He, of course, went to Willow to ask for her permission, she eagerly agreed and a week later he was mated to William the Bloody.

“What were you thinking? Were you even thinking at all?!” Spike demanded as he pulled Xander into his arms and carried him into their bedroom.

“You weren’t here,” Xander slurred from the blood loss.

Spike placed him on the bed and pulled the blanket over his body, “Course I wasn’t, I was out getting you dinner remember?” Spike looked concerned and debated on calling an ambulance; there was never any indication of Xander being suicidal.

“No,” Xander shook his head. “Do you remember what happened two years ago? In the factory?”

“When you went back in time to warn me about The Initiative?” Spike asked, holding a hand up pausing anything Xander was about to say. “Hold on,” He left the room coming back not even a minute later carrying a glass of orange juice. He placed it to Xander’s lips tipping the glass a little for Xander to swallow.

Xander polished off the glass bringing his uninjured arm up to wipe off the remaining liquid, “Spike, I just got back.”

“How is that possible? You just asked me to go get you some Mexican food not even forty-five minutes ago.”

“I-I don’t know. But you weren’t here and I thought it didn’t work. I told you I wouldn’t live without you,” Xander whispered. “I meant that.”

Spike wrapped his arms around the scared man, “It worked, Xan. I’m here, that night I was supposed to die… I killed those bastards. I didn’t give them the opportunity to get a shot in. You noticed them following us and told me it was them, I grabbed them both by the neck and slammed their faces into the wall. I crushed their skulls so badly that they were completely unrecognizable.”

Xander saw Spike’s demeanour change, as if he was ashamed of what he did. “Spike?”

“Yeah, luv?” Spike wouldn’t look at him.

“I’m glad you killed them,” Xander said honestly. “I hope those fuckers suffered, and if I didn’t say that before when you did it, then I am a fucking moron.”

Spike rubbed his cheek against Xander’s mop of hair, “You did. I just wasn’t sure if maybe you might have changed your mind through the time travel.”

“Spike, I went back to that specific day to make sure you would be able to kill them. I always hated that I couldn’t get rid of the chip.”

“But you did,” Spike smiled fondly. “You saved my life and you prevented me from being a caged animal.”

Xander made Spike look at him, “I fell in love with the man and demon that Angel offered me to. The demon that stalked me for months making sure no other demon ever laid a hand or tentacle on me.”

“You’re a sweet talker, Xan,” Spike stated with a grin.

“You’re really back,” Xander traced Spike’s face with his finger tips.

Spike took a hold of Xander’s hand placing a kiss on the palm, “I told you I’d keep my promise to you.”

“It was only days but it felt like eternity. I could feel my heart giving out; it was literally breaking.” He placed Spike’s hand over his heart letting him feel the beat of it.

“We’ll mend it,” Spike promised as he felt the strong heart pump under his cold hand.

A small smile graced Xander’s face, “I think I can feel it already.”

The End

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