wrtr_aka_wmgrg (wrtr_aka_wmgrg) wrote in bloodclaim,

Fic Search

I'm looking for a fic where Xander goes to the wish demon in Africa to save Dawn. I can only remember bits and pieces of it, but Dawn began fading away, and the others don't believe Xander when he says she isn't gone. He has a bracelet Dawn gave him, and I think the story begins with him fingering the bracelet and listening to the sounds the beads make.

Anyway, he goes to Africa, the demon wants to go home, Angel, Buffy and Willow end up there as well, and somehow Xander, Spike and Dawn are bound together.

Gah ... I know that's a terrible summation, but it's all I can remember. Anyone? And thanks in advance.

ETA: Many thanks to Pirate Purple ... yes indeed, it was Time Has Told Me .... my sanity is once more saved. :)

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