moya_no_baka (moya_no_baka) wrote in bloodclaim,

Fic search?

I am not looking for an exact fic but for specific type. Recently I had this strangest craving for spander-oriented crossovers. Any reccomendations? Apart from the stories you can find on Spander files and Twisting the Hellmouth, because I believe I've read most from the first site and browsed heavily through second.
If anyone's intrested in giving some reccomendations I will post the fandoms that I am interested in under the cut.

I will gladly read through spander crossovers from any of these fandoms:
- Supernatural
- Stargate: SG-1
- X-men
- Merlin
- Queer as folk
- Pitch Black

Also, this might be extremly stupid question, but where can I find a Buffy-fic community that accepts fic searches for any pairing or character-oriented stories? I can't seem to find a fairly active one (or maybe I am not looking in the right places).
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