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Down with the Sickness Part 2

Title: Down with the Sickness 2/6
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: S/X
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: After being hit with the magicks by a grieving Willow, Xander slowly begins dying.
Bunny Plot by Lady Q: Xander comes down with a really weird flu bug and the only thing that can make him better is Spike’s blood.
Warnings/Spoilers: Spike has his soul but not crazy, Buffy, Xander and Dawn both know he his back and the First doesn’t exist.
Beta’d by: Dragonfly_64

Part Two

An argument was the first thing Xander heard when he woke; he wondered when he had lost consciousness. Buffy’s voice was loud and angry and Dawn could be heard trying to calm her down.

“What do you mean nothing is wrong with him?” Buffy demanded to know, “Look at him! Does he look like a person that is healthy?”

“No, he doesn’t, but we can not find anything that is causing it,” The doctor spoke. Xander realised it was the same doctor that had looked after Joyce. “And before you say it is a stroke again, I am telling you that is not the case.”

Xander could picture Buffy placing her hands on her hips, “You have to do something. Have your diagnostics team look at him.”

“We do not have the resources for that. I’m sorry but I have to release him, we can’t be wasting a bed for someone that might need it.”

“You’re kicking him out,” Dawn’s voice rose, ignoring the fact that just a moment ago she was trying to stop Buffy was doing something she would regret.

“There is nothing we can do. Try taking him to Los Angeles, they have a diagnostics team. I’m sorry I can’t help.” With that the doctor left the room.

Xander decided it was time to try and tell them it was mystical. He had ignored this too long and it might be too late. Concentrating he was able to smack his hand against the railing of the bed. The girls were instantly by his side, “P-pen.”

“You need to rest Xander,” Buffy said softly tears filling her eyes.

“Pen,” he spoke again his voice cracking.

Dawn pulled out a pen and an old receipt from the Espresso Pump. It took far too long for Xander to simply write, ‘Mystical’ and ‘Willow’.

“Willow did this too you?” Buffy asked trying to make sense to you. “She’s in England though and she would never hurt you! The only time she hurt anyone was after Tara died.” A weak nod came from Xander, “Oh god. Why didn’t you tell us?” Shaking her head, “That’s not important right now.” She turned her attention to Dawn, “I need you to phone Giles tell him what’s going on and that we need help A.S.A.P!”

Dawn gave a final squeeze to Xander’s hand before leaving the room to make the call. Her hands were shaking; she couldn’t lose Xander she had lost too much already.

“I swear Xan; we are going to find a way to fix this.” Buffy promised.

“I… know,” Xander answered; Buffy had yet to let him down.

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