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Down with the Sickness Part 3

Title: Down with the Sickness 3/6
Author: Forsaken2003
Pairing: S/X
Rating: PG13
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: After being hit with the magicks by a grieving Willow, Xander slowly begins dying.
Bunny Plot by Lady Q: Xander comes down with a really weird flu bug and the only thing that can make him better is Spike’s blood.
Warnings/Spoilers: Spike has his soul but not crazy, Buffy, Xander and Dawn both know he his back and the First doesn’t exist.
Beta’d by: Dragonfly_64

Part Three

The doctor hadn’t been kidding about needing the bed; Xander had been released within half an hour. It had been two weeks since he was admitted into the hospital and was now confined to Willow’s bed. Xander was not happy, he was now completely paralysed and had to be feed like an infant, the doctors showed Buffy how to put a catheter on Xander since he was unable to go to the bathroom.

Tears sprung from Xander’s eyes, he was a twenty-one year old man who could do nothing for himself and that hadn’t even the worst part. No the worst part was that Buffy nominated Spike to take care of him. She had gotten a counselling job at the newly built hellmouth high school so she was not capable to be able to look after him. Spike had moved into the basement and seemed almost a little too eager to help.

Buffy had told both him and Dawn that Spike had gotten his soul and that he was truly sorry for all the wrong things he did especially the last few months in Sunnydale before heading off to Africa. Xander wanted to believe he was a changed vampire but he just couldn’t. But he needed someone to take care of him and he had no voice to tell them he didn’t want the bleached vampire looking after him.

Xander had been embarrassed having this once vicious killer helping him wash and eat. His body was constantly tense waiting for Spike to start insulting him, but they never came. When the trembling became worse, Spike would sit with him sometimes reading to him from books he had never heard of in hopes to distract him from what was happening to his body. It shocked Xander when it seemed like Spike truly seemed concerned for his well being.

“Pet, it’s time for lunch.” Spike informed Xander as he entered the bedroom carrying a tray. “I know you’re probably getting sick of soup but it’s the easiest thing for you to swallow. Once the slayer figures out how to fix you up I’ll cook you something up proper, yeah?” Spike sat on the bed he didn’t expect a reply from the practically comatose Xander. “We got some tomato soup today, I remember when you use to eat it back in the basement, was your favourite if I remember correctly.” He noticed the tears running down Xander’s face. “Hey now, there is no need for that.” Spike used his thumb to wipe away the stray tears. “Let’s get some food into you now.”

Xander opened his mouth taking in the first spoonful of the hot liquid. How did Spike know tomato soup was his favourite? Deciding it didn’t really matter, as long as it wasn’t cream of mushroom. The very thought made him shudder, mushrooms were good and fine on pizza but it had no business being in soup.

“Buffy told me that Giles was going to be talking to the coven today, apparently they had been busy with some mystic whatnot and had to be in a different dimension. I didn’t understand much except that help was on its way.” Spike fed Xander another spoonful of the soup wiping Xander’s chin as some dribbled out of his mouth. “They should be able to figure out what the witch did to you.” Xander opened up his mouth to try and defend Willow, “I know. It’s bloody well not her fault. Not completely at any rate, but it still happened. I can’t go faulting her for what she tried to do. Look at all the stupid things I did over the years.”

Spike dropped the topic; he didn’t want to be upsetting Xander. So instead he decided to tell him what kind of nasty creature him and Buffy found the night before while Dawn looked after Xander. He made sure to tell Xander that the demon had thrown Buffy into the mud ruining her brand new sweater. Silent laughter wracked through Xander as Spike described Buffy’s fit before doing a roundhouse kick taking its head off.

“It’s not that funny,” Buffy stood pouting at the door. “I looked cute in that sweater!”

“It’s a right tragedy, pet,” Spike smirked. “I’m just giving Xan the play by play.”

Buffy walked into the room sitting beside the vampire, Xander noticed that Spike no longer stole quick glances of the slayer. “So I just got off the phone with Giles.”

“And, what did he say?” Spike demanded and Xander sent him a mental thank you since he couldn’t ask himself.

She looked at Xander wanting him to understand, “This is pretty bad, Xander. Giles explained the situation to the coven and they said that if it had gotten any worse that there would be nothing to reverse the affects.”

“Bloody hell, stop you’re nattering and tell us what will cure him!” Spike growled the boy was fading more every minute they didn’t have time for babbling.

Buffy throw him a glared but continued, “Xander, the only possible cure is vampire’s blood.” The instant the words left her words Xander broke into a sweat and breathing heavily, a panic attack kicking in full swing.

“Xander, Xander, you got to come down, pet,” Spike ran his hands over broad shoulders. “Vampire’s blood can’t turn you, remember? They’d have to drain you before that could happen. Take a deep breath.” The blonde purred hoping it would calm the human.

“Spike’s right, Xander, there is something in their blood. I don’t completely understand, Giles tried explaining it to me but gave up after the third time of repeating himself.”

Sighing Spike stepped in, “It’s almost like an anti-biotic for parasites and bacteria. In some cases, it can help supernatural illnesses.”

“I just said that.” Buffy huffed in annoyance. “Anyways, we need this done quick before it is too late for the blood to work.”

“What do you say, Xan?” Spike asked, “Let me save your life?”

Xander lay frozen trying to process everything. He had actually given up hope on any kind of cure and now here one was; something that had been in front of him for weeks. With a deep breathe he nodded his head. Seven years he had survived without so much as a bite mark and now here he was ready to drink vampire blood and to top it off, it was Spike.

The vampire insisted Buffy leave; Xander was already passed freaked out and Spike didn’t think having the slayer watch as her best friend drink from a vampire would help matters. “Alright, you should know that this may take a few tries.” Spike informed him before vamping out biting into his own wrist before placing it to Xander’s chapped lips. “Don’t worry; I’ll pull back when I think you’ve taken enough.”

Xander swallowed the coppery liquid; it was strange he had tasted blood before, after countless times of having his face bashed in but this was different. He could almost feel it regenerating his body. His hand began to twitch, something that hadn’t happened in over a week. A whimper escaped his lips when Spike pulled back.

“That’s enough for now,” Spike said licking his wound clean. “We can do it again a few days.” He stood and walked to the door.

“S-Sp…” Xander managed to get out. Spike turned his eyes wide. “T-t-th…”

“It’s my pleasure. luv,” Spike smiled, not a smirk but an honest smile. “Rest, I’ll check on you in a bit.” And he was gone, leaving Xander with just his thoughts.
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