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You Can Always Be Fixed

HA! I finally got the muse to cooperate, even if it was just for an insanely short piece! SUCCESS!

Pairing: Spike/Xander, pre-slash

Rating: Probably PG-13?

Warnings: Hurt/Comfort; Mentions of physical abuse; Hints at sexual abuse; broken!Xander...I can't think of anything else at the moment? Oh, and it's unbeta'd. Excuse any errors, they're my fault.

Summary: Spike arrives back at Xander's basement. Instead of finding the boy, he finds evidence of rough play. He doesn't like it.

Notes: Okay so I've been messing with this drabbl-y ficlet for a while now. The muse finally got annoyed by my pestering and came out to play for a bit. This is probably just going to be a one-shot. I seem to enjoy writing Xander as a broken character. I think he plays the role quite well. ;-)

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