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Double Fic Search

Hey maybe this delightful comm will help me with a fic search:

1. The authors that got me into the entire Buffy fandom (and even into fanfic itself) were the combined awesomeness of Rabid X and Wyrd Chaos, I believe. I think one of them wrote the Spander Fairy Story "Sweetness and Light" wherein fairies hate vampires and try to eat them alive after driving them crazy. If someone could shoot me the link to their mainwebsite, or a site where they stored most of their stories, I know there were a few more that I desperately want to read but couldn't find anywhere. Unlike "Sweetness and Light", which I think was archived on NummyTreats. But (please don't tell me) they might have taken the mainwebsite down! So maybe someone has a collection of their stories?

2. This one may be a bit harder. I'm a sucker for post Season 5 fics, and I think there's one where Xander hand-carves the coffin for Buffy. I'm pretty certain it's a Spander fic, because I think Anya dies too. I think it's the same one where they talk about Buffy being buried with a wedding-ring quilt? I know that it's a bit obscure, but I couldn't seem to find it on Spanderfiles.

Thanks in advance!
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