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Secret Admirer Parts 1&2

Title: Secret Admirer 1&2/4
Author: forsaken2003
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own none, all belong to Joss Whedon
Comments: Always welcomed!
Summary: Xander has a secret admirer… (We all know who it is though don’t we? Lol)
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Beta’d by: Dragonfly_64

Part One
Xander sighed as he reached the basement. God how he hated living in his parents basement, on top of that it was four days until Valentine’s Day and that seemed like the worst time of year in the Harris household. His mom and dad would argue more than usual about how the other one ruined their lives and that they only reason they got married was because of their loser son.

Dropping his keys to his misshapen coffee table he paused when he saw four boxes of Twinkies. “I didn’t buy these,” Xander said and noticed a note on the top box.

Four days until Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your treats.


“Huh…” Xander set the note back down and ripped into the first box. “At least I have dinner.
The girls were giggling when Xander walked into Giles’s place. He vaguely heard Giles mutter about locking the door.

“Hello, lovely ladies and handsome ex-watcher man.” Xander greeted with a smile on his face.

“You’re in an awfully good mood today, Xander,” Giles stated looking up from some dusty old book. Ah, some light reading.

Xander pulled out the note he found earlier, “So which one of you is crushing on the Xan-man?” He looked at Giles, “It’s not you, is it? I like you as a friend and all but ick!” Xander shuddered.

With a roll of his eyes Giles went back to his book not even bothering with a response.

“It wasn’t me,” Willow said. “I got you a cute little card with a puppy and a kitten on it saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day Buddy.” Willow explained excitedly before frowning, “Now I ruined the surprise!”

Xander smiled at his friend, “I’ll act surprised when I open it.”

“It wasn’t me either,” Buffy answered. “I got you all chocolate.”

“Oh, chocolate!” Xander replied thrilled with the thought.

“Valentine’s Day is for pathetic humans who feel like they need to buy their significant others something because they’re afraid if they don’t they’ll get dumped.” Spike explained when he walked in.

Buffy huffed, “Says the loser vampire who couldn’t keep his crazy sire.”

“Buffy,” Xander stared angrily at her. “We’ve all had bad Valentine’s Days at one point or another.” He didn’t know why he just stood up for Spike, probably because of the spell he did in high school was still stuck in his head. By the look Giles gave him he still wasn’t completely forgiven either.

“Whatever,” Buffy replied. Her heart still mending from Angel leaving, “Why are you even here, Spike?”

“I’m out of cash and I need blood and ciggies,” Spike clarified before turning to Giles. “Got anything that needs to be killed?”

“Just standard patrol I’m afraid.” Giles replied than thought for a moment. “I’m sure Buffy would appreciate you taking half the work load though.”

Buffy perked right up, “Riley wanted to go to the movies.”

“There you go, you patrol half the town and I’ll pay you seventy-five dollars, deal?” Giles requested.

“Bloody hell,” Spike muttered. “Deal but I get dopey. At least that way I’ll be guaranteed some violence.”

Willow bit her lip, “I don’t know if that’s a good idea, he could get hurt.”

“No way are you taking Xander,” Buffy ordered. “You’re a big bad vamp you don’t need back up,” She mocked him.

“Excuse me, can I decide if I want to patrol or not?” Xander asked obviously annoyed. “I am perfectly capable of going to patrol and if it draws out more demons for Spike to kill than it’s more demons we don’t need to worry about later.” He looked at Spike. “Let’s go not all of us have all night you know.”

Part Two
Xander woke up the next day with a kink in his back. There had been a couple of Soraz’ee demons and while Spike took on the bigger of the two, it decided to try and drive Xander’s body into the ground. It dug its foot into his back, if Spike had waited a few more seconds and his spine would have been snapped in two.

Knowing there was no way he’d be able to stand all day taking orders at the Double Meat Palace. Reaching over to find the phone his hand connected with something else.
Xander grabbed it for a closer inspection. Three hurricane chocolate bars were tied together with a red ribbon. Another note was with it.

Curious yet?


He looked between the note and the chocolate completely confused, “What the hell is going on?”
Xander was jarred awake by a knock on the basement door. Turning his head he realised it was just after eight in the evening. “Shit,” He cursed to himself. Another knock came. “Who is it?” Xander yelled not getting out of bed if he didn’t need to.

“Pizza Palace, I’ve got your large all meat with extra cheese.”

“What?” Xander tossed the covers off his body and slowly made his way to the door. “Look buddy, I didn’t order a pizza.” He explained when he opened the door.

“I don’t know what to tell you. Someone came in and ordered it, told us to deliver it here. It’s already paid for…” The kid answered. “Oh and they asked this get dropped off as well,” He handed over a folded piece of paper.

Xander grabbed the note and pizza before slamming the door in the delivery boy’s face. He set the pizza down his full attention on the paper in his hand.

I thought you’d be hungry. Enjoy your dinner. See you soon.


Carefully he opened the box preparing himself to be attacked. The smell of the meat made him salivate. Pulling a piece out he watched the stringy cheese fall back into the box. With a slice of pizza in his mouth he carried the box to the bed, figuring he better call and let the others know he wouldn’t be there.

The phone rang three times before the answering machine kicked in. “Hey guys, you’re probably already out doing patrol. There was some trouble last night. Don’t worry, Spike took care of it. I’ll be around tomorrow.”

Xander polished off the rest of his pizza then decided to take a hot shower hoping to help ease his sore muscles. He needed to be back to work tomorrow. The rest of the night he thought about his admirer. Who was it?

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