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FOUND! Second verse by lit gal!

Hey guys im lookin for a fic I read a long time ago - before I knew how to save my favs. Anyway the story im lookin for is an AUwhere xander has never met buffy or spike. has xander in LA. While walkin around after dark xander is attacked by a vampire an bitten. Gunn sows up an saves him using a baseball bat to smash the vamps face in, but some of the vamps blood get into xanders bite and he becomes the vamps 'property' or 'pet'. Afterward xander starts hangin around with gunns crew playing bait. Spike comes to town lookin for the same vamp that bit xander - which is still alive - but finds xander instead. So spike kidnapps xander to try and lure the vamp out, an thats most of what I remember, But I do know spike an xan end up together. Any help is greatly appreciated!. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH, to all of you who have responded. An sorry for the r/x request. Have been soundly rebuked ;}
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