Milesian (topsell) wrote in bloodclaim,

Specific and Genre Fic!Search

 It's been a long while since I posted a fic!search, but here's a really specific one: I'm looking for a fic where both Spike and Xander are not necessarily killed but close to it and to keep them alive they're re-altered into children and raised once more (I believe in the coven in England, I'm thinking by Willow but unsure). Eventually, Spike is vamped and something as well ends up changing Xander (he's turned into a Werewolf maybe?). I've been looking for this fic for awhile now and would love to reread it. 

As well, any Faerie based fics. I love A Wooded Future by <lj user="rngrdead"> and anything similar is love. I adore creature!fics, faeries and merpeople in particular ^o^ I've read most everything on Spander files, but recommendations for re-reads or non-archived fics are adored! 
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