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Count Luffton

Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X, AU
Rating: Adult NC17 for language and M/M sexual content.
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing including the characters and
products named in this story.
Warnings: Sex, violence and character death. Yes, the mouse
Summary: This story is a followup to Mouse but it is not necessary
to have read it. Xander brings Spike home to kill a mouse.
The mouse escaped and Spike stayed for the fun, games
and conflicts that S/X always get up to. One night Spike
gets more than a little drunk and does something stupid.

Comments: The last few stories have been drama and trauma. I felt
we needed some lighthearted fluff, comedy and stupidity.

Thanks to: Petxnd for her preread and suggestions and to Silk Labyrinth
for her betaing of boo boos. It should be noted that if any
irregularities remain it is due to the Bee's bullheadedness.

Luffton was bored. A state of affairs that did not bode well for any of the
occupants of Luffton's general surroundings.

He had remained where he was for a while only because it seemed to be what
his master wanted, but that had been forever ago and whatever this new game
was, it no longer interested Luffton. It would appear that the strange cataclysmic
event that had befallen the mouse had caused a quirky personality transformation.

Once calm, patient and even-tempered, the mouse now found himself irritable,
haughty, and generally perturbed at the world around him. It was a shift that
caused his skin to twitch and his temper to hang from him like the short fuse on
a stick of dynamite. And woe be to the human who lit the fucking match.

Standing by the closed cupboard doors, Luffton listened and sniffed but there
was no sign that his master was out there. Suddenly, his eyes lit up. Maybe
that was the game. Maybe the master wanted to see if Luffton could find him.
'Of course!' he thought. How silly that a mouse of Luffton's extraordinary
intelligence would not immediately pick that up. He squeaked happily.

Wasting no more time, Luffton hurried to the back of the enclosure where
one of his tiny escape holes was neatly concealed and he wriggled through.
It seemed like forever ago that he had crouched, frightened and hungry, within
the rafters and wooden beams of these walls.

His little snout twitched disdainfully at his own weakness and he thanked
his lord and master that he had been shown the light. Just like the Wizard,
master had given him courage.

Luffton skittered quickly through the dusty passways, pausing only to poke
his head out in several of the areas that opened up to the master's living
quarters. He had not been in the room of abundant foods, and he had not
been hiding in the area of loud noise and the magic picture box. That only
left the spaces of water and the master's nest room.

The instant he stuck his head in the corner of the closet, Luffton recoiled at
the stench that assaulted his nose. He knew what that smell meant. It was
the result of his master's constant attempts to impregnate the unworthy human.

Luffton felt nothing but disdain for the human. Poor master had done his best.
Luffton had even seen the master licking and tonguing the human's brown
hole to clean and prepare him for the anticipation of the birth of a mouse
or two, only to be disappointed time after time.

Luffton was totally stumped as to why his master continued to bother. It was
obvious that the human was barren. It only proved to back up Luffton's opinion
that the master was indeed a god of unlimited patience.

Silently the mouse fledge crept from the forest of shoes into the nestroom and
he peered up. Yep, there they were. Luffton rolled his eyes and huffed in
annoyed disgust as an ugly feeling of jealousy stirred within him. It was confusing.
Master and he were playing a game and now master was playing with the human
Luffton had been forgotten!!

Luffton shot across the room, zipping underneath the bed and skidding to a stop
on the other side. The human was lying on his side with his large, white butt
sticking out from under the blankets. The odor hung heavy in the air and the two
lying together were chattering in their human squeaks.

Luffton sneered at the ugly display before deciding that if his master was going
to be busy playing mating games for a while, he might as well skitter back into
the food room and see if there was any more of that yummy red stuff. He
wondered if the blood were Chinese as he was already hungry again.

Turning to go, Luffton suddenly froze in his tracks as a horrifying new thought
entered his tiny little brain. What if the human wasn't barren? What if his master's
efforts and persistence were enough to breed the worthless creature?

Luffton's world had been a perfect place until he had been cruelly displaced by
a new litter of mice that took his mother's time and attention. He had been booted
to the rodent curb without so much as a by-your-leave. Could that happen again?
Could this human shit out a mouse that would garner his master's favor and poor
Luffton would be again banished to the walls?

Luffton let out a furious squeak that screamed, "NO! NO, I SAY!!"

His face and body shifted as the fury and the outrage of this betrayal shuddered
down his humped little backbone, and with a whooping war cry, he rushed for
the corner of the blanket that hung down nearly touching the floor.

With a leap of super mouse strength, Luffton hooked his long razor-like claws
into the fuzzy fabric and he began to climb.

Spike and Xander lay naked on the warm bed. They were facing each other on
their sides and scrunched over far enough that neither was forced to feel the wet,
sticky mess they had equally contributed to. They had spent the few minutes since
the explosive orgasms just humming, touching and kissing. When Spike's brain
finally took over from his pecker, he brushed the hair from his lover's face.

"Hey, you said you had something to tell me. What was it? Did something exciting
happen at work today? Did Cheeky Williams eat another nightcrawler for money?"

Xander brightened. Spike was already in a good mood. This should really be the
icing on the cake.

"No. Better. You will never guess who came out, queer and proud, to all his
co-workers. That's right. Yours truly. I just stood up and I told them that I didn't
care if they liked it or not but....hey, did you just hear something? Kind of like a
squeaky hinge maybe. Or....AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!"

Luffton landed.

He had climbed the covers like Edmund Hillary up the side of Mt. Everest. When
he reached the summit, he launched himself toward his target of the large, round,
bare ass that he would not allow to birth no babies. He sailed through the air
magnificently. His sharp claws were extended and his teeth bared.


When the incredible, piercing pain struck, Xander's whole body went rigid. He
snapped his head around to locate the source of the attack and nearly fainted when
he saw the one creature on earth he feared most. A MOUSE!!


The entire time he was screaming at the top of his lungs, Xander was swatting and
trying his best to dislodge the heinous varmint who by now had bared two of the
most incredible fangs Xander had ever seen and, with a lightning fast snap, had sunk
them into the fleshy backside. Luffton hadn't intended to feed but figured what the
hell. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, or in this case, ass.

Spike, too, was horrified but not for the same reason. He loved Xander but right
now his loyalty had to be to his mousey childe and the blows to the head he was
taking couldn't be good.

"Xander, stop it. Stop hitting him. Stop. You might hurt him."

Xander was certain that in his new state of terror-induced insanity, he had misheard.
Surely Spike wasn't siding with the rat monster over him. No, he decided, Spike
just needed for Xander to hold still while he pried the hellish creature off with
as little damage to Xander's precious flesh as possible. So gritting his teeth and
squeezing his eyes shut, Xander whimpered, covered his head with a pillow and
nodded for his lover to do his best.

Almost instantly, Xander felt the teeth and claws release and the pain subsided.
He heard Spike cooing and speaking in loving, reassuringly low tones.

"Ah, poor baby. Were you scared? It's all right. Spike is here now. Everything
will be all right."

Xander smiled and relaxed. Until he opened his eyes. Until he realized Spike
was not speaking to him.

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