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Fic Search -- I think

Sort of a weird fic search, because I'm not sure ... well, I'll just get to it, okay?

Does anyone know of a Spander fic based on the movie The Hitcher? I thought it was written, and I thought it was by Naughty_Fae, but apparently I thought wrong. Grr.

The weirdness is that I'm not sure if A) the fic was written, or if someone just talked about writing it, and B) if it was written, I don't know who wrote it. Clear as mud? Thought so.

Still, y'all are such wonderful, smart folks, I figured you'd know. Uh-huh, and butter doesn't melt in my mouth.
Still, I thought it was worth asking about.

Thanks for any and all help. :)

And it's official -- if I had a memory and a brain, I'd be a force to be reckoned with.  <g>  Turns out I was sorta right -- Naughty_Fae said she was thinking about writing a Spander version of The Hitcher.  Ah well -- I live in hope, yes?  :)

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