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Count Luffton

Author: BmblBee
Paring: S/X, AU
Rating: Adult NC17 for language and M/M sexual content.
Disclaimer: The Bee owns nothing including the characters and
products named in this story.
Warnings: Sex, violence and character death. Yes, the mouse
Summary: This story is a followup to Mouse but it is not necessary
to have read it. Xander brings Spike home to kill a mouse.
The mouse escaped and Spike stayed for the fun, games
and conflicts that S/X always get up to. One night Spike
gets more than a little drunk and does something stupid.

Comments: The last few stories have been drama and trauma. I felt
we needed some lighthearted fluff, comedy and stupidity.

Thanks to: Petxnd for her preread and suggestions and to Silk Labyrinth
for her betaing of boo boos. It should be noted that if any
irregularities remain it is due to the Bee's bullheadedness.

By two AM, Xander was yawning. He sat resolute in his chair by the window but
had closed his eyes and finally dozed off, missing the rush of black as it zipped
down the sidewalk and into the front door. Xander was jolted awake when he
heard the familiar voice as it boomed from the hallway outside.

"Open the fucking door, Xander! Papa's home and his cock is hard as a rock!"

The curious eyeball of the resident across the hall was pressed to the peephole.
She was fascinated by the blond man who seemed to be living with her neighbor.
He didn't appear to work. He often opened the door to retrieve the newspaper
in the nude, which was very inconvenient for Mrs. McHale because it meant that
she had to remain glued to the peephole until he did.

One thing was certain. He was an honest man, because even from her limited
vantage point she could see that he was indeed hard as a rock.

Leaping to his feet, Xander ran to the door and jerked it open just as Spike
rushed into his arms. He even made no protest beyond a disgusted grunt when
his vampire plucked his mouse from his shoulder and dropped him on the entryway
table with his keys and wallet. A wallet that appeared fat and flushed with cash.

"Christ, Spike I was afraid...."
"Nope. No conversation. Get your ass in the bedroom and get naked. NOW!"

Spike then gave the boy no chance to comply before he roughly grabbed him by
the arm and shoved him against the wall that separated the livingroom from their
destination. Spike then slammed their mouths together in a kiss that made Xander's
legs nearly give way as the heat and power of sexual need rushed through him.

For one brief nanosecond, Xander considered the question of the chip that was
oddly and generously allowing the vampire to rough him up, but he quickly put
it out of his mind. A self-fulfilled prophecy of sorts. And right now, Xander was
thrilled with the unexpected feeling of being dominated and forced to comply
to his vampire's urge. The sensation of being powerless was engulfing and
engrossing and he just wanted to go with it.

"Yeah, Spike tell me want you want me to do. Anything. I'll do anything."

Xander had experience with only one man. Spike. And up until now, all of that
experience had been him, under Spike's tutelage, going through the mechanics
of an inexperienced fumble of cocks slapping and rubbing or of Xander pushing
in to Spike's welcoming body. When that happened, it only happened for a
minute or two as the sensation was so overwhelming, Xander climaxed almost
immediately. Slight embarrassment usually followed along with a hand to Spike.

But Xander sensed tonight was to be different. Frantically, Spike's body repeatedly
rocked forward, keeping time with a tongue that plunged in and up and round, all
over Xander's mouth as the human tried to capture and suck it, tasting beer and
tobacco and saliva tinged with blood. Xander's hands cupped Spike's ass and
tried to pull him even closer.

The whimper that puffed from Xander's mouth into Spike's was an unspoken
request that Spike interpreted to mean he should grab fistfuls of the boy's soft
brown hair and kiss him harder. So he did. When Xander swayed, light-headed
from lack of oxygen and the weakness of need in his crotch, Spike suddenly
released him and physically pushed the boy into the bedroom and onto the bed.
Xander stumbled, tripped and landed in a heap of excitement and confusion.

Luffton watched with disinterest. Exhausted and sated, he headed to the kitchen
for a snack before sleep. Apparently his master was in a breeding mood again.

"Jesus, Spike what the hell...?"
"Shut up! Get your clothes off before I rip them."

Wide-eyed and breathless, Xander hurried to comply as Spike did the same. Once
naked, Xander waited. This was where Spike would usually present his cock for
Xander to stroke, easing and sliding the foreskin back to expose the dark pink head
to be kissed and worshiped. It was the same nearly every time.

Spike would lay on his back as the boy rubbed and fumbled, slowly coaxing
an orgasm from the vampire and Spike would respond in kind. It was nice and
it was a pleasant release. But sometimes, sometimes the force of the voracious,
raging need inside Spike made him want to scream with frustration.

A frustration that was about to boil over.

Xander waited. His stomach clenched from the look of intensity in the usually
calm blue eyes, and he suddenly felt like a small rabbit watching a hawk come
swooping toward him. His skin tingled as the cool air in the room caused his
nipples to harden and the damp tip of his rigid cock to feel cold and hot all
at the same time. His legs were spread wide as he exposed himself for his
vampire's scrutiny. His nuts itched and his whole body begged to be scratched.

"Wha...what's up, Spike?"

Spike crawled, crouching and slithering over the bed to where Xander lay.
His body was somewhere between human and vampire and his yellow stare
of determination and sexual need was both frightening and promising.

"I'm going to fuck you, Xander. I'm going to show you what it is like for a man
to push into your body and fill you till you feel like you are going to split wide
open. I'm going to bend you in half and fuck you till my nuts fill and my cum
gushes into your arse, and if you are lucky, I might let you jerk yourself off while
I do."

Xander's mind shut down. He didn't want to form questions or ask for answers
or explanations. He only wanted what was being demanded. He wanted it.
He wanted it all. His back arched up. His head tipped back as both his hands
moved to his chest where he pinched his own nipples providing just the first whisper
of pain that he hoped would be the precursor to bigger and better.

Spike sat on his heels between the human's legs and he slowly stroked himself while
his boy's hips moved and Xander's palms pressed on his own stomach, lower,
moving towards his needy and proud erection. Just before he could grip himself,
Spike's hand snapped out and he grabbed Xander's wrist. Xander's eyes popped
open as Spike twisted, and both men knew the point was to add to the bruises
that appeared earlier. When he spoke though, his voice was softer. Kinder.

"Huh uh, that belongs to me. Let me do it for you."

Spike then began stroking Xander's hard cock with purpose. His grip was tight
and each time his fingers reached the base of the head, they gave a small corkscrew
motion that had Xander moaning and rushing toward completion. When Spike
felt he was almost there, he released the boy's dick and he tugged the nutsac
painfully, causing the imminent orgasm to rapidly retreat.

"Hey, ow! Wha...?"
"I told you! I want to fuck you and you don't cum till I am through with you."

Xander raised up on his elbows and looked at the stiff cock that jutted out towards
him. It was hooded, and straining as the head poked above the skin tip. The fluid
that pooled in the cup of the foreskin sparkled in the moonlight and Xander licked
his lips at the thought of it's salty taste.

"Oh, yeah, sorry. What do you want me to do? Is it going to hurt?"

Spike chuckled darkly.

"I certainly hope so."

With his knees far apart, the inner muscles of Spike's thighs were corded and taut.
He was presented. He waited to be prepared. Spike's gaze darted towards the
bottle on the night stand and Xander immediately flopped over to comply. His hands
shook as he tipped it up and let the smooth silky oil drip onto the head and run
down the sides of Spike's cock. Spike moaned at the feel and anticipation.

"Now your hole. I want to see you wet your hole for me."

Xander whimpered and nodded as his slick hand reached below his balls and
wiggled between his cheeks. His whole palm was coated with oil and he slathered
it messily over every inch of his ass. After a few more passes, Spike again gripped
the boy's wrist and held it in place.

"Finger yourself. Slide two fingers inside. It will help to relax your opening and
make it easier. Hurry. Fuck, Xander, I want inside you so bad."

Xander thrust his two middle fingers inside himself and immediately flinched and
tightened up from the burn. He held still as the wrinkles clamped around him.
He had never done this before and the heat inside his own body along with the
embarrassment surged his arousal to the point that he wondered if he should ask
Spike to give his balls another pinch to prevent any premature eruptions.

As for Spike, he had waited long enough. He brusquely shoved Xander's hand out
of the way and he placed his hands on the backs of Xander's thighs. In a fast move,
Xander's knees were nearly against his ears and he grunted as the air was forced
from his lungs. His hands grabbed for the pillow under his head. His mind and
body were totally submissive.

Spike tipped his hips forward till his cock brushed over the wet, winking hole
and as he slightly moved, his stiff erection slid and skated through the heavy layer
of lube that Xander had coated them with.

Without waiting for the order, Xander's hand reached between his legs and he
lined Spike up. Then he braced himself for the pain to come. This is where a
sweet, sensitive Spike would have cooed and reassured the human however,
that was not the Spike either of them wanted tonight.

With a growl, a thrust and a snap of his hips, Spike forced his way in. It was a
move short of a felony. A harsh B&E with the intent to steal the boy's innocence
and virginity, and neither wanted to file charges. Starting slow and rapidly picking
up the pace, Spike soon lost himself in the sensation of rutting and fucking his
hot, healthy human boy. It was all he had imagined it would be and more.

Xander went rigid as his body was taken and blatantly used. It was a burning
intrusive pain that sent bolts of heat throughout him and caused every muscle,
including the ones in his plundered ass, to twist like a balled-up fist. He had never
considered how wonderful pain could be. Each time Spike rammed in, Xander's
need and animalistic passions rose higher and his cock grew harder. He knew
he wouldn't last much longer than he did when he was on top.

Spike dropped his head as he took to the serious business of gratification. The feel
of the hot, tight ring that coaxed his foreskin back and forth as he fucked involuntarily
caused Spike to shift to demon. His face altered and his fangs dropped. Xander
gasped at the demon so near and so alarming, yet all he could think of were the
possibilities. His hand, still sticky from the lube, released his own dick and brushed
over the ridges on the vampire's forehead.

"Jesus, Spike, you are so beautiful."

Spike's eyes snapped up to lock with Xander's. He hadn't even realized he no
longer appeared human. As they both continued to ride the physical waves of
pleasure, it was Xander who took the chance.

"Can you? God, Spike, can you bite me?"

Spike's pistoning hips jerked to a temporary stop before resuming a less steady
more erratic move as the strong urge to let loose and cum squiggled in his nuts.
He didn't answer. He didn't want a conversation and he didn't need permission.

Instead, he grinned. A wide, open-mouthed smile with curled back lips that
framed razor sharp fangs. A small "Oh" slipped from Xander on a puff of air.
His left hand continued his rough masturbation while his right wedged down
to allow his fingertips to glide over the rock hard cock that continued to move in
and out of his body.

A feeling of peace and calm enveloped him as he turned his head and exposed his
throat. Spike couldn't hold off his release any longer. And didn't want to. Leaning
in even further, before either man could rethink the advisability of it, Spike struck
like a snake. His teeth pierced the flesh and the hot sweet blood gushed into his

It was the bolt of hot pain that triggered one orgasm and a swallow of pure
pleasure that set off the other. As their cocks jerked, pumped, and emptied
themselves, their connection at Xander's throat was the one that felt far more

After several moments of floating on a euphoric cloud of musky smell, puddles
of cooling spunk and warm rumpled blankets and bodies, Spike slowly extracted
his fangs and waited for the screams of outrage, horror and accusation. When
none came, he drew back and looked into his boy's face.

Xander waggled his eyebrows, grinned and sucked his teeth.

"Well, well, my friend. It appears we are both keeping a secret from the Slayer."

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