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Bewitched, Chapter 36/37

Bewitched won the award for best series at the No Rest for the Wicked Awards. The judges' statement was: Oh my... let's get a thing straight! Everyone needs to read this story! Everyone needs to discover this author! To say that I am chuffed to bits, would be a vast understatement.
Thank you, again, to the kind person who nominated it.

Title: Bewitched, Chapter 36/37
Pairing: S/X
Rating: Overall NC-17
Summary: Valentine's Day arrived and Dru dipped her finger in the brew, giving it a stir. That was two years ago and the fall-out is still falling, although it's almost finished now.
Word Count: 5,420
Betaed by sparrow2000 and DJ, for which, many thanks. Thanks also to Sparrow for conflabbing on plot twists and forms.
Comments: Are greatly appreciated, loved and cherished.
Disclaimer: here.

The prologue is here, with a link to the other chapters, or you can find the whole thing, in reverse order, in tags, or in the correct order, in memories. There's a menu of links on the right hand side of my main journal page.

If you were reading this story before it went on hiatus, after chapter 27, there is a recap post here with a link to chapter 28 and all chapters following.

Bewitched, Chapter 36 in my LJ
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