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Author: marie_macgivens
Title: Moonlight


Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating:N/C 17

Warnings: non-con, torture, language, angst, m/m, violence

Disclaimer:not mine just playing with em


Xander goes away for the summer and comes back with different ideas. While finding out things are not like he left them.Some friends are not as he thought they where while some enemies aren't as bad as they made out.

Moonlight spread across the horizon letting shadows fall on the pair in a small clearing, settling across the sculpted plains of muscled chest like silver. Sweat gleamed off the pale skin giving the being an unearthly glow.His head hung not in defeat but only in weariness regrouping for the upcoming battle.
Golden eyes raised to look at the only other figure in the wide spread meadow. She stood playing with the hilt of a golden dagger. Her ruby hair falling perfectly down her back settling in sharp contrast against the white of robes. No emotion graced the hard plains of her face. Eyes as empty as the moonless night stared back at him

. . . waiting . . . watching . . . devouring

The full moon had almost reached its peak when yet another women emerged from the forest. As of yet that made eleven to appear in the murky mist.Twelve women sat in the clearing meditating, chanting, and praying save one, who stood in the shadows watching the meadow in silence. Finally the last woman had emerged from the forest, signified by the standing of the other eleven.

" Now my brethren our destiny can be fulfilled. Come let us begin."

The whisper came from the shadows and set the women in to a flurry of motion.Four stone bowls were placed at each corner of the platform in the center of the meadow. This platform was made of midnight marble,carved in to an X, it stood about three to three and a half feet high.

" Now, my sisters, bring him, bring the demon."

The whisper hovered in the air. Eight of the twelve women walked over to the sagging form hanging from between two trees.
They reached up four on each side grasping and wrenching his arms up and between his shoulder blades.
A slight hiss of pain was all that was offered from the other wise silent being. With much pushing, pulling, and dragging the eight women brought the struggling demon over to the marble alter.They quickly secured him to each limb of the cold stone. Once fastened half backed away leaving the other four to finish what they all had started.
The remaining women each garbed a stone bowl and offered it to a fifth that had walked up to join them. The bowls each contained a different blend of herbs. Two of them who had been standing at the demons head reached to the ground and come up with foot long strips of battered leather each.
They tossed one end to the remaining two on the other side of his head, and then they sprung quickly forcing the battered leather between the snarling lips and bared fangs. Once completed they then begin pulling the clinched jaws in opposite directions forcing them to open.
When they had his mouth open reveling the vulnerable red inside, the fifth reached for one of the stone bowls mixing the herbs with the liquid from a pitcher placed at the alters base. Once it had formed a runny paste she began pouring it in to the demons mouth.

When she had emptied the bowl filling his mouth to brimming, she gave the others the signal causing them to release their hold on the leather straps.As soon as they were removed the fifth quickly placed her bowl on he ground and forcing daemons lips to close over the over stuffed mouth.
Next she pinched his slightly aristocratic nose closed as she leaned down to his ear to whisper
" Swallow demon, You know that eventually you will swallow . . .
the need for air will get the better of you . . .
yes, i know you don't need it but the mind is a funny thing it still wants it ........
yes, you can already feel it can't you,
the pressure in your chest,
the burning in your lungs, your throat tightening up . . . Ah yes Now Swallow!" finally it ended up as she
said and the need for air was his downfall.
When he had consumed the herbs and lay gasping for air she turned to the one woman still hidden in the shadows.

" He shall be ready in a few moments My Lady."

The women formed a semi circle around the gasping demon watching with eager anticipation his member began to show the affects of the herbs. Slowly rising and flushing a deep purple,thick veins filling running ridges over the swelling organ.

As the flesh stretched and throbbed, hisses and whimpers could be heard seeping from the top of the stone. when it had seemed like the flesh would never stop growing, it settled down, filled to the point of bursting. two of the women walked up to the platform each having griped a pitcher in her hand made of fine oak. as one they tipped the contents slowly over the heaving chest muscles starting over the nipples causing a yelp to be ripped from clinched fangs, as the oil that had been heated next to the fire was pored in a constant stream down coating the skin in a fine layer.

Only one peace of flesh was spared from the mix, instantly turning all that it touched a deep pink not quit hot enough finish the burn to red. The fine scent of elm and lavender drifted over the valley, burning the captives sensitive nose drilling its way forever in his mind. when they had the clenching muscles coated in the fine oils did they risk coming closer. Finally a whisper was heard

"Here Mistress he is ready for you now"

The figure slowly moved out of the trees. The wind picked up blowing through the ruby strands that flowed out behind the women.She was no beauty just a very ordinary looking girl one would never pick her out among the others, they were all very plain looking women, and in a way that was worse then if they had been the most perfect of all creation. Lips peeled back the demon snarled as she approached, continually pulling at the bindings. Sparkling emerald eyes met liquid gold and for almost the first time in a long while bone chilling fear began to consume him.


" Spike! Spike! " the pure voice of a young women filled the night sky her worried gaze scanned the graveyard for any sign of the familiar form.

Just let him be alright her heart begged. But deep in her soul forbidding echoed.
" I'm sure he's fine Dawn."
the blond witch said hoping to reassure the girl she had begun to think of as a sister. " Yeah, Spike's probably just off sulking." came from the red head witch walking along side them. The watcher was ominously silent. They had been searching for three days now. Dawn had gotten worried when the Vampire had not come to visit her like he normally did. Willow, Giles , and Tarra all assumed he had went to beat up some demons after the last argument with Buffy, and were surprised when Dawn came to the shop without him.
Now they were searching all over town hunting there missing Vamp. Terra stopped and looking around, the breeze floating her hair in little puffs.Dawn reached out and touched the blonds arm.
" Whats wrong Terra? What is it do you sense something?" The witch reached around gently petting the girls hand letting out a soft sigh "Maybe "
" Lets Go! Terra if you think you found some thing lets go." Dawn whispered turning she yelled down to the other two " Tarra and I are going on ahead. Keep looking we will find you later!" Giles looked around at the quiet tombs
" Alright Dawn but be careful!"
Please, Please be alright Spike! Dawn thought.
But it was not meant to be, what she found would haunt the young women for the rest of her life.

Flames crackled softly into the chilly night air. Slight wisps of steam arose form the stones containing it. Shadows danced and flickered over the battered form resting at its edge. Dawn leaned on the wall at the fires edge.
Eyes closed but hearing every shift and creak in the house as a threat. Her nerves were strung tight and if not for the dire need of there situation she would have broke down and fell apart.
Spike gave a quiet whimper and the sleeping bag that lay over him began to shake. Dawn quickly scurried over to him reaching over to get the a bowl of water dipping the washcloth she laid it on his brow. Causing him to flinch slightly as it stung the cuts there that matched his whole body. The bruising flowed from each cut spreading form patch to patch till it looked like all his skin was shades of blue purple and black. Dawn reached up ever so slightly petting his hair.

When she had found him she was sick several times before she was able to help him.She had no idea someone could do some thing so so evil so vile to another thing living or not. His skin had small needle like slivers of wood had been weaved through his body, burns coating it. Dawn ran her hand gently threw what was left of the white blond hair. It looked as if someone had ran a knife around his head just hacking away chunks till it was left in uneven mess. Whip marks crossed the inside of his arms and legs. There were more wounds than she could count.
Again he shifted and whined in pain lightly tossing his head
" Please ......Please more ...please no more."
the softly whimpered words caused flames of fury to leap in her eyes and tremble in her hands she turned to reach for the water bottle she had set aside. Taking a deep breath she returned to the battered demon carefully slipping a had beneath his neck she lifted his head.
" Here Spike try and drink this"
placing the rim to his lips she tilted the bottle slightly as the warm liquid trickled in his mouth he began to struggle weakly trying to turn his head away
" No .. not again.... please ....not more" the words were broken and hoarse paired with muffled sobs.
" Spi..Spike its all right now. Its Dawn, we found you. Its all right"
she swiftly set the blood away and brushed her hands threw his hair.
" Look Spike. Look at me come on its. OK "
whispering soothingly to the sobbing vamp. slowly ever so slow as if afraid it was a dream or trick he blinked up at her and with all the grace of a falling tree buried his face into her lap arms wrapping around her tiny waist hard wrenching sobs were shaking his shoulders shuddering down his body. Dawn bent over her broken tormented friend in guarding him from any perceived threat rocking gently humming softly. lightly stroking his hair she whispered
" Are you all right?"
A choking laugh of despair floated up from her lap
" Do I look bloody all right to you? My god!" the rasp was harsh and sad at the same time.

" OK, That was a dumb question i get it here try drink some blood please.."

Spike shuddered but was too weak and tired by this point to argue.
Dawn once again tipped the bottle to his lips only this time he quietly drank the fight gone with the first drop on his tongue. when she thought he might have had enough she took the bottle away and gently laid him back down pulling the sleeping bag back up to his chin. Almost as soon as she took the bottle away he relaxed and was asleep.

Dawn stood looking to the door where she knew Tarra was watching. She walked over to a spot sitting with her back to the flames along side the wounded man placing her soft hands on her lap. "I'll watch him"
Dawn sighed " Thank you, I'll be right back."
Dawn walked out of the crypt . Turning her back to crypt wall she ran here hand threw her hair, thinking of the first time met Spike and the fact that they were friends now. With a final shudder she vowed to do what ever she could to help and protect her friend.


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