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The Unveiling (10 of 10)

Title: The Unveiling 
Author: whichclothes 
Chapter: 10/10
Pairing: Spike/Xander/Angel
Rating: NC-17 
Disclaimer: I'm not Joss
Summary:  Post-series, and Xander is leading a normal life.  But Angel is damaged in the battle with Wolfram and Hart, and Spike brings him to Xander for help.
AN: The fic is complete and I'll post a chapter per day. Comments are cherished. The plot bunny was a gift from acaranna  and all the wonderful banners are by blondebitz !  Thank you to silk_labyrinth  for her quick and helpful beta work, without which there would be many more errors in this fic.

Previous chapters here.

Thank you all for reading and commenting. You're wonderful! And special thanks again to acaranna, blondebitz, and silk_labyrinth!!!

Angel didn’t understand.... )
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