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Author: marie_macgivens
Title: Moonlight

Chapter: Chapter 2

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating:N/C 17

Disclaimer:not mine just playing with em

Warnings non-con, torture, language, angst, m/m, violence

Xander goes away for the summer and comes back with different ideas. While finding out things are not like he left them.Some friends are not as he thought they where while some enemies aren't as bad as they made out

The bell over the door danced a deceptively marry tune, as Xander stepped threw.
" Hay, Guys." he called cheerfully. Shaking his head as Willow just lifted a hand in his direction never even looking away from the book she was studying.Making his way over to the counter he could hear a steady rhythm coming from the training room. Spike was sitting on the upper stairs with Dawn on the lower steps slowly and steadily sharpening a short sword. Giles and Terra were coming out of the back office talking over the shop books. Since he was leaving he had gifted the Magic Shop to Terra.

Anya looked up from were she was stocking behind the counter " Good evening, Xander"
Hopping up on the counter he turned to Giles " Hay G-man, how goes the packing and paper working? Got any big nasties for us to read up on tonight?"
Giles leveled a look at Xander " How many....." he trailed off as Dawn,Terra,Anya and Xander chimed in to finish it off " time do I have to ask you not to call me that?" they all grinned at each other and caroused " At least once more G-man'" They all laughed and Giles just grinned indulgently at them " Yes, well." he said with a small chuckle.

" Whats so funny out here God knows i could use a laugh." Buffy snipped as she came out taking the tape off of her hands " Oh, Xanders here guess that explains that. Did you bring any good munchies? No? Jeez, you would think you might be at least a little useful," she said as she looked around the room. " Jeez, Buff bad night?" Xander asked with an arched brow. Dawn looked up from her wet stone " No, shes just a bitch." she said calmly without emotion at all Xander was taken aback by it.

Buffy huffed " Whatever." she turned to Giles " Anything we need to look up or can I go patrol?" he shook his head " No, go on ." Buffy grabbed her coat and Xander cocked his head as she paused in the door way and a strange smirk crossed her face, it gave him the chills.
" Spike, why don't you come with me and actually earn your keep tonight?" Xander watched Spike closely and saw him flinch, just slightly and pale a bit. But he shifted as to get up and follow her, Buffy stood with a look of almost triumph.

When Dawn cut in " Sorry Buffy, but i need help with my homework tonight and I need him to help me." Dawns eyes had a hard glint to them Xander had never seen before. *What is going on around here* he thought. The triumphant look had crashed and the was a storm building in Buffy's eyes when Willow spoke up for the first time that evening " Its OK Buffy I need to talk to him when they are done any way." At this Spikes face went bone white and his head dropped.

Buffy shared a look with the red witch and let out a hard laugh
" Sure , Sure " she said on her way out the door. Leaving them puzzled and Dawn looking murderous glaring daggers at the door till Spike leaned over and whispered something in her ear. She nodded and sat back down to lean against his leg.

*Yes, yes* Xander thought *something is going on here and i am going to find out what!* A feeling of dread settling in his stomach and resolve firming his spine.

If anyone had been looking right then they would have noticed the green reflective shine flashing across his eyes.

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