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Fic Recs?

Okay, so I've had one packed, stressful week. So to lighten my mood, I was looking for really fluffy Spike/Xander or Spike/Xander/Angel fics. I'd like them to be on the shorter side, as in 10 chapters or less if possible. And so ridiculously fluffy that I'm going to have fluff coming out of my ears! I've read most of what spanderfiles has to offer already. So I'd love to hear what your favorite fluffy stories are! ^.^ *hands out sweets* Self pimping is always welcomed. =)

I'll take any rating, but if you know me I do love it when the boys get up close and personal. I also adore first time fics. Okay, I'll stop rambling on so you can get to recommending!

Thank you!
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