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Author: marie_macgivens
Title: Moonlight

Chapter: Chapter 3

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Rating:N/C 17

Disclaimer:not mine just playing with em

Warnings non-con, torture, language, angst, m/m, violence

Xander goes away for the summer and comes back with different ideas. While finding out things are not like he left them.Some friends are not as he thought they where while some enemies aren't as bad as they made out

A/N : The brave zowiebwalker faced off with my horrible grammer and spelling to beta Moonlight, enjoy!! = D

Chapter 3

Dawn and Xander ended up back at Spike's crypt. Dawn went in, but came back out when Xander didn't follow.

"Well, are you coming?" she asked with a faint sign of impatience. When Xander shook his head and went to sit against a tree. Dawn sneered at him.

"It's clean, you know. No dead bodies or anything." Xander looked at her in disapproval.

"I know that. I lived with the vamp before, remember?"
She flinched slightly at that and flushed with embarrassment. "Oh." Xander tipped his head back to look at the stair filled sky, and sighed. "That's his home, Dawn. If I went in there without his invite, he would have to move it because then he would no longer feel safe there." Rolling his head back and forth against the bark, he finished. "It'll be hard enough that I'm this close and know where it is."

Dawn looked at him with her eyes wide and jaw somewhat slack, he thought that for the first time since he got back, Dawn looked like the kid he left behind.

"You mean you're not going in for his comfort?" she asked.
Xander tapped his head against the tree, not answering. "So, tell me what in the hell is going on around here?"

Dawn settled down across from him and told him about that summer with Spike going missing, finding him, about his increasing fear of Willow and Buffy. How, no matter how much blood she got for him, he was steadily growing weaker, and her vow to help her friend. Dawn told Xander of taking extra classes in fighting at the mall and weaponry on-line, of how Tara was teaching her some witch things. By the time the whole story was done, Dawn had her head on Xander's lap, sobbing.

The stress of the summer now catching up to her; there was a safe haven to let down her guard down finally. He bent over the sobbing young woman, making soft chuffing grunts mixed with a growl so low and quiet that it sounded like a purr, all the while stroking the chestnut waves spilling across the grass.

After awhile, Dawn sat up, wiping her eyes "So, are you going to tell me? What's with the eyes, growls and the whole grr thing?"

So in turnabout, Xander told her everything that he found out over the summer. The spell, solider, hyena, everything. He had just finished talking when his head snapped up, and cocked to the side.
Dawn this time watched closely, and she could see the shine that filmed over his eyes that she had noticed before, along with the head tilt. But Dawn now saw what she had missed before. How the hair on the back of his head actually lifted and bristled. Also, how his hands automatically went for the weapons hidden on his person, that she had missed, they were so well hidden. Taking a couple of deep breaths, Xander relaxed.

"It's Spike."

Moving slowly, as if feeling every one of his 150 years, his arms wrapped around himself and his head down. The first time he stumbled, they were on their feet, the second had them running. The third time, Spike stumbled and went crashing but before he could hit the ground, Xander lept the remaining distance. Lifting him up, Xander carried Spike over to where they had been sitting. As he started to check for wounds or blood-whatever was making Spike so weak-but was frozen by Dawn's scared whisper.


She was staring down at the hand she had been petting Spike's face with. which was coated in silver ash.

"Shit!" Xander muttered.

Yanking a knife out of his boot, he ran it neatly along the skin of his forearm, deep enough to flow freely. Gently opening Spike's mouth, he placed his dripping arm over the cold lips, softly stroking the still throat with his other hand. When Spike took a huge convulsive swallow, grabbed Xander's arm and began to gulp the warm fluid frantically. Xander looked over to where Dawn was sitting. He could see her sliding the mask back in place, a slow hardening of her features like clay baking.

"Sit up by his head and talk to him. He trusts you, let him know he;s safe." Xander told her gently.

Dawn nodded, wiping the few remaining tears from her eyes, sitting by Spike's head. She leaned down to whisper in his ear. Xander was carefully monitoring his blood loss and Spike's intake. *That's enough, Harris. Too much more and we won't be good to anyone,* came the faint ghosting whisper across his mind from the soldier .

Looking from Spike to Dawn, he asked, "You ready to go next?" She nodded.

"OK, get ready. We'll have to make this quick or we're going to lose him."

He handing her the knife, and they quickly traded places. With Spike's head on his lap, Xander bent, placing his head on Spike's. Dawn heard the same quiet chuffs and growling purr that Xander had used on her and, to her surprise, the tension that ran through Spike eased, his body slowly going lax. After a few minutes, the vampire began to stir, pulling his mouth away and softly licked at the cut. Xander leaned back as Spike blinked up at them, still licking his lips.

"Whaaat?....who?...Whelp?" came the soft whisper. Xander leaned back into view, "May I go into your home, Spike?" he asked.

Spike just blinked up at him for a long moment.

"Yeah, mate, just let me ..." He said, as he tried to sit up. Xander pulled him into his arms and surged to his feet.

Dawn hurried over to swing the crypt door open. Spike took in a breath to argue about being carried, but just exhaled and lay his head down on the strong shoulder, too tired. Xander laid his burden down by the edge of the ladder. "OK, when I holler, give Spike a shove over," he said as he jumped down.

A faint " Oi!" could be heard.

"Alright," he called up once he was ready. Spike slumped over and was caught by strong arms.

"I'm going to heat up some more blood, all right?" Dawn called down before disappearing over the lip once again.

"Okay." Xander answered as he walked over to the bed, sitting Spike down once again. As he knelt, reaching for the laces of Spikes boots, he asked
"Can you get your coat off?"

Instead of answering, he slowly shrugged it off before hunching over.
Xander had pulled off Spike's boots and shirt, and was reaching for his belt when Spike said, "So, you gonna join in with the rest of your little gang then, mate?"

His blue eyes staring blankly up at the cracked stone. Xander started, looking up from where he had gotten the jeans down and off. He was running his hands up and down the bare legs.

"Huh?" When no reply was forthcoming, Xander went back to what he was doing, missing the tear that ran down the pale cheek as Spike turned his head to the wall, compulsively running his hands up and over thin hips, belly, chest, and shoulders.

When Dawn came down with the mugs, Xander pulled the covers over Spike. "I couldn't find any wounds or blood that could have him in that condition," he said quietly to her. Turning back to Spike, he reached over to help him sit up. But before his hands could close over his upper arms, the vampire let out a high pitched, pain filled yelp. Clutching his left hand to his chest, Xander backed away until he was leaning against the far wall, and slid into a crouch. Dawn looked at him and Spike's head whipped around, eyes wide.

"What....was....THAT?" came the harsh croak as Xander lifted his head, eyes glowing bright green. Spike and Dawn shared a look. "We don't know. I can't see anything and Spike's not allowed to talk about it."

"Huh." Xander said, stepping closer. "What do you mean not allowed to talk about it?"
Dawn sighed as she helped Spike to sit up, and handed him a mug. " The nearest I can figure is that it's a spell. Whenever he tries to talk about it, his chip goes off." Spike nodded in agreement, sipping his blood.

"A spell?" Xander reached again for Spike's arm, pausing before actually touching him. "May I?"
Startled blue eyes flashed up at him, then a slight smirk settled over his face.

"Bit late for askin', ain't it whelp? You felt everything else up, but yeah, go ahead." He snorted, shaking his head at Xander's confused look, then at the slow flush that filled his face.

"Oh." Xander looked over at Dawn, then back at Spike.

"I'm sorry, I was asking advice and I still get a distracted when I talk to them." At Spike's puzzled glance, Dawn said "I'll fill you in later."

Looking back at Spike's arm, green backlit brown as Xander ran his fingers down from the shoulder until he came to mid bicep. Hissing through clenched teeth, he pulled a pen from his pocket, marking the spot where his fingers began to burn. He repeated the process again in reverse until there was a double ring around Spikes arm. Xander stepped back, shaking his hand out slightly to relieve some of the sting.

"What is that!?" Dawn asked. Spike just shrugged and Xander looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Dawn, give me your hand for a sec, please?" Holding out her arm, Xander carefully and gently reopened the cut she had used to feed Spike outside.

"OK, wipe a bit on the marked spot."

"Now hold it right there, Whelp-" Spike started, slamming his mug down on the bedside table. Dawn interrupted him. "It'll be alright, Spike." Her eyes were calm and steady on his.

He stared at her for a long moment. "Alright, Lil' Bit, just don't want to see you hurt." he said softly

Taking a deep breath, she dipped her fingers into the pooling blood on her wrist and reached out, lightly painting a line through the marks. Dark red and black sparks shot out of the marks. They watched with shocked eyes as brilliant green and gold sparkles burst out of the blood and consumed the dark sparks before fading into Spike's skin, revealing shining gold where the blood had been.

Dawn and Spike turned stunned looks to Xander's thoughtful one


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